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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: April 2006)

Date Item
Atlanta Journal-Constitutiont
Orthodox Easter Sunday on 4/25 will be celebrated in Atlanta churches with mayeritsa, the traditional lamb soup.
Caterer and Hotel Keeper
Alix Young reports on the celebration of St. George's Day on 4/23 with traditional pea and ham soup in Borough Market.
Korea Times
Kim Rahn reports on researchers patenting "chongukahang"--a traditional Korean fermented soybean soup paste --for its effects in lowering blood pressure.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Volt Contreras and DJ Yap report on President Joseph Estrada's 69th birthday party, which united old foes over bowls of lomi soup.
Sunday Irish Independent
Eccentric Irish nationalist Constance Markiericz is remembered as a "snobby Countess with a posh voice" who condescendingly ladled out soup to the Dublin poor then headed off to parties in her Anglo-Irish finery.
Russian explorers at the North Pole 34 ice floe treated visiting high public officials from Moscow to solyanka, a tart shoup they traditionally cook every Sunday.
Bath Chronicle
A member of the Natural Theatre Company recalls being served chicken head soup--with beaks--during the troupe's visits to China.
Miami Herald
Linda Bladholm reports on Burmese celebrations of New Year (Thingyan) in Miami with mohinga and khaukswe soups.
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Lee Svitak Dean reports on the 1870 Christmas Day "zoo" meal in Paris when, during the Prussian siege, and out of starvation, chefs slaughtered zoo animals and served them up, including elephant soup.
China Daily
The city of Foshan in Guangdong province is nominating its earthenware soup cauldron as the world's largest: 1.8 m x 1.5 m and containing 1,000 servings of Cantonese soups.
Thai Press Reports
Outgoing, controversial Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra served shark fin soup to his ministers after chairing his last Cabinet meeting.
Sunday Mail (Australia)
James Wigney reports on "St. Bob" Geldof, who advises he would stay out all night as a young teen giving soup to hookers, druggies, and the homeless.
New York Post
Michael Starr reports that Barbara Walters is suffering from insomnia: "Sunday night I had lots on my very little sleep on Monday, so last night...I toll a sleeping pill, had my soup, and woke up at 5:30, 6 o'clock in my mind," she said.
Birmingham Evening Mail
Brindley Place patriotically celebrated St. George's Day with oxtail soup, among other British specialties.
Blacktown Advocate
This Australian town is reported to embrace newly imported Liberian cuisine, including Palm Butter soup, larded with seafood and chilies.
Herald News (Passaic, New Jersey)
Carolina Bolado reports on Passover matzo ball soup: light as air or dense as lead?
The Mirror)
Yobs in Southampton threw soup at Sharon Osbourne on her opening night, starring in the Vagina Monologues.
Charleston, SC, Post and Courier
Diette Courrégé reports on Gullah food traditions, including squirrel soup.
The UK Express
Katie Fraser reports on botanist Tom Hart Dyke's 5-year captivity in Colombia, forced by armed guards to subsist on things like armadillo soup and howler monkey.
Liverpool Daily Press
Neil Bonner reports on TV actress Jo Joyne's disgust with getting sick on the hit comedy No Angels: "It involves holding cold soup in the mouth, which is revolting."