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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: March 2001)

Date Item
Soupsong Express
Pat Solley reports that Angi Solley has delivered a beautiful baby granddaughter in Yokosuka, Japan, requiring Pat's immediate absence from all soupsong activities until April 25, when she will return from the Land of the Rising Sun with pictures of Willa and a hatful of Japanese soup recipes.
Toronto Sun
John Downing reports that a National Geographic article describes how Slovakian gypsies scrape lard directly from the skin of freshly slaughtered dog to make into a restorative soup.
Tampa Tribune
Michael Stroh reports that Atlantis astronauts, newly returned from attaching the Destiny Science Lab to the International Space Station, regaled students with space tales, including their diet of freeze-dried crab soup.
Edmonton Sun
Youth Sunday magazine notes that over 3 tons of rats have been caught in Vietnam's Mekong Delta and brought to market at Bac Lieu to be made into rat sour soup and other delicacies.
London Sunday Telegraph
Christina Lamb reports from South Nigeria on "fattening rooms" that help bride wannabees methodically stuff themselves into extreme obesity with food, including pepper soup, in order to become desirable to men. The soup is made with special "fattening" peppers.
U.S. Newswire
Dave Kraus' "Hot Soup for All" photograph won honorable mention in the Food/Fashion/Illustration category of the "Northern Short Course" photojournalism competition.
Benjamin Fulford reports on a loophole regulation that permits powerful psychoactive mushrooms like amanita muscaria to be packaged and sold in the Japanese countryside for use in traditional New Year soups.
Associated Press State & Local Wire
Colt's owner Jim Irsay toasts newlyweb Peyton Manning, Colt's Quarterback, saying "I guess now he'll get his soup opened, at least." Manning was portrayed as "domestically challenged" when he called his bride to be for directions on how to open a can of soup.
Sun Sentinal (Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jon Borstein reports on a South Florida man who claims his reaction to a cup of Shoney's buffet soup in 1995 left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Did he eat potato soup, as the restaurant claims, or seafood, to which he's allergic? Only the jury can decide.
New York Daily News
Helen Kennedy reports that frail 98-year-old Senator Strom Thurmond amazed onlookers this weekend when he polished off 30 oysters and soup before attacking the entree and dessert.
News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Pam Beck reports that true Irish shamrocks (European Oxalis) was valued in the olden days for its acrid taste as a soup green (don't try this at home, folks--oxalic acid can cause severe illness and even death).
Birmingham Post
Chris Upton chronicles the renewal of this English town, recalling earlier times when the drink dispensers at its public baths used to dispense instant coffee made with chicken soup.
The Guardian (London)
Amelia Gentleman reports that former Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev, who spent 748 days on board the Russian space station Mir, reminisced on the unending diet of reconstituted cabbage broth, borscht, porridge, and buckwheat on he reflected sadly on Mir's final destructive descent into Earth's atmosphere.
The Press (Christchurch, NZ)
Paul Madgwick reports that stinging nettle soup was featured at this year's Hkitika Wild Foods Festival.
Jill Smolowe and others report on Matthew Perry bailing from his television and movie contracts to check himself into another rehab clinic. Perry explained, "I couldn't eat more than chicken soup," about his fluctuating weight and moods.
AAP Newsfeed
A Port Lincoln, Australia, couple is reported to have grown a 630 pound pumpkin and donated it to be made into soup (for 1,200 people!).
Samantha Miller and others report on actress Drew Barrymore's animal activism, including her rescue of three turtles being sold for soup at a Los Angeles Chinatown market.
CNN World Report
Asieh Namdar reports that new training and technology has succeeded in taking away the risk and cost of fugu soup, made from the deadly poisonous fish of the same name--now only $35/bowl instead of $130/bowl...and hardly ever killing anyone.
New York Times
Seth Kugel repoorts on Rabbi Manny Vinas, who grew up as a Cuban-American in Miami eating matzo ball soup with plaintains, now completing the painstaking restoration of a 150-year-old Torah that had nearly been destroyed during the 1998 hurricane Mitch in Honduras.
Scottish Daily Record
Keith Chalkley reports that a Berlin restaurant ownder who poured hot soup over a diner for refusing to pay his bill is facing both assault charges and a bill for 300 £ to replace the victim's damaged wig.
Associated Press
Another George W. Bush soup sighting! This time tomato soup at Camp David.
Canberra Times
The Colombian Embassy in Australia has announced a cultural exhibit that showcases a national treasure--a handmade whimsical soup tureen shaped like a chicken and burnished to a glow with polishing stones.
Agency WPS
Konstantin Remchukov reports on unscrupulous Russian business practices that picture business rivals as crooks who lure hungry children into pornographic trade by offering them bowls of pea soup. Remchukov notes that pea soup is relatively unknown in Russia and its part in the scam is obviously designed to outrage American and other western audiences.
Agence France Presse
One hundred Shanghai primary school children were hospitalized after they spiced their soup during lunch with sugar that had been deliberately mixed with rat poison.