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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: January 2001)

Date Item
AP Online
Mari Yamaguchi reports that Japanese Airline jetliners originating in Hanedo and Pusan nearly collided in midair over Japan, the plane from Hanedo diving suddenly to avoid the other just as flight attendants were serving the soup. Injuries were sustained from soup scalding.
Copley News Service
Anne McCollam reports that rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs has taken to serving takeout broccoli soup to members of his entourage at the state supreme court in New York as jury selection begins for his "shootout" trial.
The Economist
Moroccan King Mohammed VI is trying to rise above the unfolding scandal of his father's treatment of political prisoners by staging media events of himself ladling out soup to the poor in rural communities.
AP Online
Hannah Wolfson reports from Park City, Utah, that record crowds at the Sundance Film Festival are being fed through outdoor food booths selling soup.
Chicago Tribune
Jill Zuckerman reports that the 50 Democratic Senators sat out President Bush's Education Program unveiling by dining on soup and discussing legislative and political strategy.
Associated Press
Ex-POTUS Bill Clinton and deep-pocketed Terry McAuliffe were reported to be strolling down Greeley Avenue to the Chappaqua Restaurant and Café in the new Clinton home town for bowls of matzo ball soup.
L.A. Times
Julie Cort reports from Colorado Springs that, before his arrest, Texan prison fugitive Michael Rodriguez was known at the Tres Hombres Tex-Mex Tavern for eating soup and leaving big tips.
Village Voice
James Ridgeway reports on a Weekly Standard article (!) that quotes fondled Kathleen Willey's opinion of Hillary Clinton's forthcoming memoir: "It's going to be page after page of lies. She'll write that like she wrote the book on entertaining, An Invitation to the White House. Give me a break. I worked in that social office. Hillary Clinton's expertise you could fit in the head of a thimble--she doesn't know a dessert spoon from a soup spoon."
Fortune magazine
Julia Boorstin reports on the training of young, highly paid consultants who are increasingly being sent to etiquette school to learn how, among other things, to eat messy onion soup at a business lunch.
Bill Hewitt and Rose Ellen O'Connor report on embattled Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft's wry sense of humor, as when he called a friend from his cellphone in a grocery store to announce his close defeat for a Senate seat after his opponent was killed in a plane crash two week's earlier: "Here I've just lost to a dead man and now I'm talking to the soup cans."
Agence France Presse
Former Senator Rene Saguisag rebuts charges that Philippine President Estrada was drunk on the eve of being toppled from power. He claims President Estrada was sober and had two bowls of soup for dinner.
Derby Evening Telegraph
Linda Wain, wildlife artist, reports on her efforts to save tigers, noting with outrage that Taiwanese men pay 210 British pounds (US$307) for a bowl of tiger penis soup in hopes it will boost their virility.
Agence France Press
Stephen Coates reprts that 18,000 Afghan refugees have fled to Pakistan and are being succored with soup and blankets by NGOs.
Cox News Service
Sheley Wood scoops Laura Bush's food preferences: according to Bush chef Marilyn Bellows, from the Governor's mansion, Mrs. Bush likes light foods, especially salad with Mexican Caldo (vegetable soup).
The Times (London)
An opinion poll in 7 towns and cities in England, conducted by Smethhursts Foods, determined that the average Brit pays up to 13s 2d for a meal and prefers to start it with soup and melon rather than shellfish and pâté.
New Orleans Times Picayune
Siona LaFrance reports on the chicken soup miracle cure for colds and viruses...adding other home remedies like goose grease...placing onions under your feet to draw out fevers...and spiking your honey lemon tea with cayenne. Many thanks to Judy Maclauchlan for the contribution!
Agence France Press
Shino Yuasa reports that Japan rejoices that Norway is lifting its ban on the export of whalemeat. Yoshito Umezaki, secretary-general of Group to Preserve Whale Dietary Culture, promished that Japanese everywhere would celebrate by eating the products--stomach, skin, intestine, and heart--in soup.
The Gazette (Montreal)
George Kalogerakis reports on male chauvinism in Biker Gangs, quoting one gang leader as saying about another member's wife who wanted to join, "Her place is in the kitchen making chicken noodle soup."
Washington Times
Corinna Lother reports on inaugural soups around town: Dominique's giving away cans of Senate Navy Bean Soup as favors; the Occidental Grill serving smoked acorn squash soup; Vidalia, "Texas Tea," a $12.50-a-bowl confection of black trumpet mushroom bisque that "looks like crude oil"; and Timothy Dean's salsify and black truffle soup.
Agence France Press
Peter Lim reports on Hong Kong commemorations of the new Year of the Snake, saying "Young and old alike still like to consume a bowl of shredded snake meat soup" despite growing environmental concerns....
AP Online
The two women out for a record in skiing to the South Pole gratefully shared a cup of spaghetti soup for dinner before the last 900-mile push. They've been on the open ice for 2 months and have to make their destination by Feb. 22 in order to be removed safely.
Houston Chronicle
Jody Goldstein reports on Giant receiver Amani Toomer unexpectedly being attacked after returning a punt during the Philadelphia game: a fan hurled a cup of hot chicken soup at him, burning his leg.
Beaufort Gazette
The annual "Souper Bowl" charity blitz began today, warming up for the collection of donations at churches across the country on Super Bowl Sunday.
PR Newswire
AFC and NFC championship games will cater chicken noodle soup in collector's "Match Up" mugs that sport Raider-Viking and Raven-Giant logos.
Jakarta Post
The IFC subsidiary of the World Bank might lose its bankruptcy petition against PT Ranca Overseas Finance because of fraudulent voting by fictitious creditors, including the documented example of a so-called Director who was actually a chicken soup seller (soto mie) in Kalapa Gading.
Yomiuri Shimbun
Senior Editor Yauo Shinomiya reports on the advent of the Chinese Year of the Snake, noting its sacred associations and recalling a childhood experience when he and a friend caught snakes on a camping trip and added them to their miso soup "just for fun." When they were immediately soaked by a heavy downpour, they agreed the rain had been conjured by the injured snakes.
BBC excerpt from Spanish National Radio
The Spanish government is in a stew over the question of mad cow disease. When its Health Minister advocated that citizens make soup with pork bones instead of beef bones, the Agriculture Ministry objected.
FFE/PL South Slavic Service
Croatian President Stipe Mesic joined homeless people for luncheon soup at St. Francis' soup kitchen in Zagreb.
L.A. Times
Claudia Kulker reports on different Presidential styles in advance of George Dubya's inauguration, recalling Jimmy Carter's preference for peanut soup and rusticity.
The Mirror
Lucy Knox and Keith Richmond report that Elton John's chef Brian Baker swears by Thermonix to make smooth soups.
Birmingham Post
Irish actor Ardal O'Hanlon, tv comedy star, claims the only way he can write novels is to pack "tins of soup in the car boot" and head for the mountains to achieve complete concentration.
The Guardian is reported to be the ultra latest in teen marketing gimmicks, featuring "Splattt Attack"--where you use a spoon to splatt flies that are trying to fly into your soupbowl.
Press Association Ltd.
This day is noted as the 201st anniversary of the first soup kitchens for the poor opening in London.
The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Chris Parker reports that Ukrainian Christians are celebrating Christmas today (according to the Julian calendar) with traditional soup made with dried mushrooms and kutya.
Baltic News Service
Estonian and Finnish Prime Ministers met in Helsinki, and then in Virmajarvi over Salmon Soup, to discuss their future relations with Russia.
The Guardian
Former model Christy Turlington confesses her Ayurvedic vata/pitta disposition that gives her cravings for soup.
Japan Economic Newswire
Six elderly people in Tokyo, in separate incidents, choked to death from eating Ozoni, the traditional New Years soup, a meat and vegetable soup with sticky boiled mochi rice cakes.
Birmingham (England) Post
Swimmers at this year's annual Loony Dork Charity Swim in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, on New Year's day were sustained with hot soup and toddies from the Queensferry Arms.
International Herald Tribune
John Pomfret reports that Taiwanese organized crime kingpin Chang An-lo feasted on shark fin soup with angel hair noodles and other delicacies with impunity in Shenzhen, China, protected from the law by the Communist Party.
The Sun
Dominic Mohan reports that British television beauty Penny Smith claims her fake-looking tan is due to her addiction to carrot soup and all things carrot.