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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2001)

Date Item
The London Sunday Times
Michael Sheridan reports from Bangkok on the results of a 2-year investigation of stock-trading fraud by Thai police, the FBI, and Australian police, which rounded up 34 Britons into a detention center, pending deportation, where they were fed a sour peppery soup of fish, cabbage, and roe.
Hong Kong Mail
Chinese teenager Agnes Tam Nga-yin, who cried when she was told she had no "right of abode" in Hong Kong to stay with her adopted family, stayed strong with her adopted mother's ginseng chicken soup while hoping for a reprieve on humanitarian grounds. The reprieve came through.
Orange County Register
Julio Ganzalez, contender for the U.S. light-heavyweight boxing championship crown, is marking the time until Saturday's match with Roy Jones, Jr., with Mexican chicken soup.
The Guardian (London)
Rory Carroll et al. report that the German Freeworkers' Union--an anarcho-syndicalist trade union and part of the anti-globalization "Black Block"--advocated violent confrontation at the Genoa World Trade Conference, threatening on its website: "The Lords of the World are set to be protected by 18,000 police and 3,000 soldiers. At least 100,000 people, though, will try to spice up their soup."
Sports Illustrated
Tim Layden reports on this year's 117 runners in the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run, a 100-mile ultramarathon that goes up and down 55,000 feet in elevation through Colorado's mountain mining towns, and where runners "alternately sip and throw up chicken soup" trying to sustain themselves on the way to the finish.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Alison Smith reports on dreadful conditions in Moscow women's prisons, where guards ladle soup through slots into crowded cells to women charge with crimes, but not tried or convicted of them.
Dallas Morning News
Bob Trimble reviews Helene Stapinski's biography Five-Fingered Discount, which recalls that her great-grandfather murdered his wife when his nightly soup wasn't ready on time.
The People
Colin Murray reports on Northern Irish dug-reggae star Lee "Scratch" Perry, who wears soup ladles as earrings.
The Daily Telegraph
Sam Leith reviews Humphrey McQueen's The Essence of Capitalism, which explores the profit motive of Coca Cola, citing one executive so paranoid that he considered not just Pepsi, but also water, wine, and soup as a threat to Coke's profitmaking success.
Sacramento Bee
Cynthia Hubert reports on the unfolding sensational story of Chandra Levy's disappearance, noting that Chandra's mother Susan has endeared members of the press to the cause by serving soup to them outside her front door in Modesto, California.
New York Daily News
Helen Peterson reports on an ongoing lawsuit over the abuse and neglect of millionaire artist Hans Hoffman's wideow, who died in filth, eathing only soup from cans, while her lawyers pocketed their hefty guardian fees.
Daily Variety
Cathy Miels reports that Uyen Luu's autobiographical Vietnamese/U.K. film "Pho" ("Noodle Soup") took short docu prize in the 36th Karlovy Vary film fest--all about a Vietnamese woman's return to her homeland from London.
AP Online
Indian and Pakistani Premiers talked constructively on nuclear issues with their cabinets over a working lunch of soup and kebabs prepared by Chef Singh in Agra. Singh dropped crushed pearl, coral, iron, mica, and lichens into the meal to achieve peacefulness in the diners through the elixir of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine. Dinner later that night began with a spicy lentil and tomato soup from the Kerala area of Southern India.
The Deseret News
Dennis Romboy reports that the 13-year-old boy scout rescued by actor Harrison Ford fully recovered his strength after his ordeal in the mountains by eating a bowl of bean soup.
Houston Chronicle
Poppy Mitchell-Rose reports on a Thai bug farmer who is raising bamboo worms to market them as a variation of the popular Thai Tom Yam soup called Tom Worm soup. Only 30 baht for a bag of the worms.
Sunday London Times
A 78-year-old holidaymaker was forced to eat soup and ice cream for 3 days after his false teeth were stolen from his hotel windowsill in Llandudno. The man observed, "I had to keep my mouth shut in case I frightened the other guests."
Bangkok Post
Bangkok restaurants are coping with WildAid Conservationist allegations of mercury poisoning in shark fins by serving the soup delicacy with the fins of spiny dogfish instead.
Scottish Daily Record
When a 91-year-old Romanian man refused to give his jobless grandson Gheorghe a bowl of soup, Gheorghe retaliated by killing him with an axe blow to the head
AP State & Local
Three people were burned by scalding soup when a deck collapsed in St. Paul, Minnesota, plunging the boiling caldron to the earth, where it erupted on passersby.
AP Online
Climbers Parnell and Cool set a record climbing Alaska's Mt. McKinley in a 46-hour single push round trip, stopping only to brew and eat a meal of soup.
AP Worldstream
Daniel Woolls reports from Madrid on Spain's Health Minister Celia Lovos' 2nd major gaffe: first warning citizens not to use beef bones for soup during the mad cow scare, now suspending sales of low-grade olive oil because of an alleged insignificant and known level of carcinogens in them.
The Gazette (Montreal)
Actor James Woods says his role as exorcism priest in the Scary Movie 2 spoof of The Exorcist was the most fun he's ever had as an actor--including getting drenched "in like 50 gallons of pea soup."
Africa News
People in the Lagos State of Nigeria are reported to be celebrating Nigeria's evolution away from a police state and into democratic practices: "they love and enjoy their freedom. They want to be able to gather at parties and pepper soup joints to express themselves freely."
Daily Mail
Tony bonnici and Nadia Coleen report that opera great Luciano Pavarotti has ordered a monstrous feast to prepare for his Picnic in the Park performance, including vegetable broth served in glass soup bowls.
New York Daily News
Comedian Chris Tucker recounts the time, recently, when actor Jackie Chan took him for "special soup" in Hong Kong during the filming of Rush Hour 2. The soup? Turned out to be Frog Spit Soup.
Agence France Presse
Protestors of the practice of shark finning are stepping up their campaign, demonstrating that the fins sold in Thailand for shark fin soup not only contain very little nutrition but also contain high levels of poisonous mercury.
Hong Kong Mail
Journalists in Taipei who were arrested trying to crash President Chen Shui-bians engagement party for his daughter report that oyster soup was served at the party instead of traditional shark fin soup on environmental grounds.
Warsaw Business Journal
Celia Barnes reports on shootist Grzegorz Wronko, who defends gun possession and use by comparing it to telling children they shouldn't eat soup with a spoon "because a spoon can be dangerous."
London Mail on Sunday
Kevin Pilley reports on a Stone Age holiday/boot camp in Spain, where visitors learn how to eat nettle and sphagnum moss soup and other ancient survival skills.
Providence Journal
Steve Krasner reports on Boston Red Sox player Troy O'Leary, who downed large amounts of chicken soup with rice to recover from the flue and get back on the starting lineup.