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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: February 2003)

Date Item
Agence France Presse
Two small children died, their mother in serious condition, in the Battambang Province of Cambodia, after eating soup made with poisonous toad eggs, mistaking them for frog eggs in the wild.
Dagens Nyheter reports on Hans Blix, Swedish UN Chief Weapons Inspector, a good cook who admits to living now mostly on cups of hot liquid: "broccoli soup is good," and also detailing how to boil parsnips with salt and ginger and cream, then pureeing into a lovely soup.
The Hotline
New York Representative Jerrold Nadler (D) confesses, following stomach surgery, that soup is a "no no" for him now as it fills him up too fast.
London Evening Standard
Toby Rose reports on the suicide of master chef Bernard Loiseau, famous for creating a soup of snails and stinging nettles.
Los Angeles Times
Richard C. Paddock reports on Indonesian health remedies from endangered species, including fruit bat meat soup to cure asthma.
Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California
Artist Alfredo Rodriguez recalls his poor childhood home in Mexico, when rain used to drip through the ceiling into his soup.
Manila Standard
Film director Danny Ochoa swears "Soup No. 5" on Chinese restaurant menus--made from bull testicles--is the No. 1 aphrodisiac, and he urges elderly Filipinos to eat the soup instead of spending money on Viagra pills.
Daily Press
Mike Holtzclaw recalls the time Prime Minister Winston Churchill met with President Eisenhower at the Williamsburg Inn in Virginia and liked the soup there so much that he had the chef package extra portions he could eat on the train returning to Washington.
Detroit Free Press
Ruby L. Bailey reports on Curtis Kirkpatrick's memories of Atlanta's Morehouse College in the 1960s, when one lecture was devoted to soup and how to eat it.
The Independent
In a retrospective on recently deceased rocker Johnny Paycheck, Paul Wadey recalls the time Paycheck was sent to jail in December 1985 after a bar fight in Hillsboro, Ohio, when he shot a man in a dispute over the merits of turtle soup and deer meat.
AP Online
Jonathan Paye-Layleh reports on Liberian refugees barely subsisting on thin soups made from the leaves of nearby trees.
TASS News Agency
Leonid Vinogradov reports on the plight of 70 striking crewmembers of the trawler Tosno stuck in the North Korean port of Najin with nothing to eat but soup based on pearl barley.
Philippines Business World
Felipe F. Salvosa II reports on the concerns of police classmates of Filipino Inspector John Campos, who was shot dead on December 5 while sipping bulalo soup at a roadside restaurant in Paranaque City, and whose death has yielded no investigative clues.
Agence France Presse
Estranged husband Zhong Yongjin in Sichuan province has been accused of luring the family of his separated wife to a banquet and poisoning them with lamb soup laced with rat poison.
London Times
Garry Lloyd reports that Spanish anarchist Miguel Garcia, imprisoned for 20 years for his terroristic opposition to General Franco, celebrated his release with a bowl of pea soup at the King's Cross Hotel.
USA Today
Walter Shapiro reports that Senator Tom Harkin excited strong anti-war sentiments at the Story County Democrat's Annual Soup Supper in Ames, Iowa.
London Daily Mail
Domonic Egan reports on low-born Lord Irvine, that he would march into the clerks' room, shout "Soup!" then march back to his desk to be served by his able administrator as if he were an emperor.
Daily Yomiuri
Soichiro Nakai reports that brilliant 97-year-old joruri artist Tsunakichi Takemoto atrributes her long career to eating two bowls of udon noodle soup at a sitting.
Daily Yomiuri
Dave Hilsen reports that American author Tom Robbins claims his interest in Japan was stirred by eating 25-cent bowls of miso soup when he was a U.S. college student.
Dallas Morning News
Manuel Mendoza reports on his journey into the heart of reality TV on a set in Brazil, including the lush buffet laid out three times a day, every day, for the 400-person crew that included "a gaggle of soups" among a host of other dishes.
London Sunday Telegraph
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's German relatives recall how they regaled him with chicken soup in the past, but now disown him for his warmongering on Iraq.
Edmonton Sun
Karl-Friendrich Lentze, German artist, has applied for permission to serve goulash soups enriched with uran and cakes made with human breast milk in a restaurant in the town of Euskirchen.
Penny Wren reports that the American Academy of Family Physicians recently confirmed that eating soup is an effective way to increase fluid intake and improve hydration when you're sick.