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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: August 2001)

Date Item
Straits Times (Singapore)
Lawrence Chung reports on Taiwan prison laxity, where inmates routinely smuggle illegal drugs for their own use in their take-out soup orders, among other devices.
AP Worldstream
Busaba Sivasomboon reports from Bangkok that Thai shark fin soupmakers plan to sue the U.S.-based environmental/conservation group WildAid for 110,000,000 baht for its claim that shark fin soup contains high levels of poisonous mercury.
AAP Newsfeed
FARC guerillas fled their jungle camp in Colombia, leaving behind a bowl of lentil soup, when kfir jets let loose bombs overhead.
Associated Press
Janet McConnaughey reports that Louisiana refuses to classify its celebrated soup turtle--the alligator snapping turtle, or loggerhead--as endangered, though the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding it to the international list of species that can't be exported.
Associated Press
Bankruptcy judge Barry Schermer thew out ex-Beatle George Harrison's suit in his bid to stop his former partner's bankruptcy case--wishing satisfaction for the huge money losses the partner incurred in making the film Cold Dog Soup.
Daily Star
Covent Garden Soup factory supervisor Zacharia Conteh died when a vat of boiling soup exploded over him as he was trying to add milk and cream to the industrial pressure cooker.
Agence France Presse
Two Japanese and 1 South Korean agreed to plead guilty to price fixing in the sale of nucleotides, used in commercial soups to enhance their flavor.
Scripps Howard News Service
Paula Parrish reports from Lake Placid on Olympic ice hockey team member Julie Chu, brilliant student whose belief in service to mankind is expressed by her volunteer activities in soup kitchens.
Denver Post
John Moore repoorts on country music's darling, Neko Case, who posed as February's "Pinkie Valentina" in a tongue-in-cheek "Sympathy for the Record Industry" calendar...listing her turn ons as "soup and large pajamas."
New York Times
Donald G. McNeil, Jr., reports on pigeon racing in Belgian, citing Mr. Arnhem, Bird Protection Society, on the coldness of racing pigeon owners. Arnhem describes how when pigeons are lost enroute during the race, he picks them up and finds their owners...who then reject them, saying, "It lost; it's no good; we don't need it. You can just wring its neck and make a soup...with petits pois."
Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Rebecca Carr and Ron Martz report on a new public awareness campaign on childhood hunger that shows hungry children eating soup that their mother made with water and plastic packets of ketchup.
Vacationing President Vladimir Putin has been honored at Kizhi Island in Karelia with its traditional lunch of ukha, a fish soup, made of Onega pike, perches, and sigas.
Kennebec Journal (Maine)
Michael Reagan reports on the success of relaxation breathing exercises at an Asthma Health! camp for kids, where the children pretend to cool imaginary spoonsful of hot soup to get their breathing normalized.
African News
Achagie Mbye, a senior reporter for The Independent, was arrested and detained in Banjul, Gambia, then held incommunicado for 3 days in a dark cell and fed only rice and inedible soup.
AP State and Local
Iowa basketball coach Lisa Bluder, assistant on the U.S. women's team that will play in the World University Games in China, is having trouble with local cuisine: "they are traditional Chinese dishes with soup and rice," she says, Some of the noodle dishes don't look too appetizing."
St. Petersburg Times
Kenyatta Walker, rookie tackle for the Tampa Bucs, sat on a 12-foot spoon and weighed in at 312 soup cans, in a promotion that benefits a food bank.
Calgary Herald
A traditional feast of mint tea, berry soup, and bannock was served after a Native American "closing ceremony" (burying a sage ball, offering prayers and smoke from a pipe) at Fish Creek Provincial Park to put to rest any spirits disturbed during the summer's archeological excavations.
South Wales Echo
Greg Truscott reports on Cardiff climber Mark Lewis' satellite phone accounts of how he boiled ice to make soup during his climb of "Killer Mountain" K2.
Business Wire
A deleted soup scene from the 1937 Disney production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been restored to the DVD, about to be released and ready for viewing at or at Soupsong's Musical Soup under the letter "C."
Slovak Spectator
A young female bear has been reported stealing goulash soup from the Rysy Cottage storage shed, a tourist haven in the High Tatra mountains.
AP Online
North Korea's leader Kim Jong II has traveled by rail through Siberia during late July, opting for kharcho soup in Novosibirsk (which his retinue also instantly favored) and toasting "the beauty of Siberian women" with vodka.
Birmingham Evening Mail
The Igpo people of eastern Nigeria are preparing to celebrate their annual harvest of yams in the Iwa-ji ("new yam") festival by making this all purpose vegetable into soups and other food stuffs.
Calgary Sun
Bill Kaufmann reports that city garbage collector Darren Hunter, who blew the whistle on his fellow garbage collectors driving their trucks while under the influence of drugs, had hot soup thrown on him, inter alia, by way of retaliation.
Oscar winner Angelina Jolie extols the room service tortilla soup in Campeche, Mexico, while talking about her upcoming film Original Sin
The Express
John Wragg reports that British Olympic champion Denise Lewis is struggling with an all soup diet to recover from a stomach ailment in time to qualify in Edmonton's World Athletic Championship heptathlon on Saturday.
The Independent
Julia Llewelyn Smith reports that 71-year-old Sir Stirling Moss--long famous as an international race car driver and playboy--is currently on the cabbage soup diet with new wife Susie.
AP Worldstream
Jasbant Singh reports from Kuala Lumpur that triad gangsters are beseiging Malaysia's biggest center for producing the swift birds' birds used in making the fabled soup of noodly bird saliva. Triads are extorting protection money from breeders and attacking those who refuse to pay up.
Agence France Press
Deborah Cole reports from Berlin on Germany's first legally married lesbian couple--Angelika gracefully yielding to partner Gudrun's favorite specialty of potato soup.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Melynda Dovel Wilcox reports that new "female friendly" soups are on their way--designed for "multitasking mothers who eat on the run," with XX-ratings and with extra doses of B vitamins, calcium, folic acid, and iron.