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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 2000)

Date Item
U.S. Newswire
Senators Kerry and Hollings of the U.S. Senate have introduced the Shark Conservation Act of 2000 to initiate action that will bring to Conference a bill to prohibit shark finning processes that feed the international market for shark's fin soup. This act follows a recent landside vote (390 to 1) on the U.S. House of Representatives' Shark Finning Prohibition Act (HR 3535).
The San Francisco Chronicle
Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" are all set to feature Anna Madrigal--the mysterious transsexual landlady--having a torrid affair with a man who runs a soup kitchen.
PR Newswire
The White Castle Crave Time Cook-Off recipe contest is ready to just have to beat the standard set last year by Carol Miller, Northumberland, NY, who won with "White Castle Spicy Cheeseburger Soup," which included 10 WC hamburgers, potatoes, carrots, onions, jalapeno, and cayenne pepper, inter alia.
Airline Industry Information
Thai International Airways has officially decided to remove shark fin soup from its in-flight menu, following expressed passenger concern about depleting shark populations.
At the death of Mary Langston, cook to Elvis at Graceland, People magazine recalls its interview of her in 1996, when she said Elvis "loved my homemade vegetable beef soup with cornbread."
The Nikkei Weekly
Hot soup stands are springing up all over Tokyo "and business is bubbling." Their clientele include female customers, middle-aged male customers, and students.
James Regan reports from Suva on the lingering Fiji government hostage taking by Fijian nationalists. On the grounds of the compound, he saw a giant dead tortoise, the size of a refrigerator, ready to be cut up and cooked in soup for the hostages and their captors.
The Ottawa Citizen
Canadian aboriginals stage federal fight on whether First Nation's members are exempt from taxes on goods bought abroad--stemming from 1988 when Mohowk Grand Chief Michael Mitchell was charged duty on goods he bought in the U.S., including 12 cans of soup. To date, the Supreme Court has reserved judgment.
The Ottawa Sun
CBS-TV "Survivor" B.B. Andersen--who did yeoman work for team Pagong--gets voted off the island by teammates after washing his dirty shirt in the camp's soup kettle.
The Ottawa Sun
CBS-TV "Survivor" B.B. Andersen--who did yeoman work for team Pagong--gets voted off the island by teammates after washing his dirty shirt in the camp's soup kettle.
The London Financial Times
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori has noodle soup named after him to commemorate his many slips of the tongue: "Mori's Excuse Noodles"--with buckwheat pasta, spring onions, and shoyu--sells for Y125 in mirror his current 12.5% standing in the polls.
The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)
Douglas Brinkley's new biography of Rosa Parks chronicles her reputation for taking chicken soup to the sick, long before her memorable day in 1955 as a modest civil rights activist when she refused to move to the back of the bus.
Copley News Service
Marisa Taylor reports on an FBI case, where a corrupt Mexican police officer confided to the undercover agent that he'd murdered people, ground up the bodies, and turned them into Pozole soup.
The Irish Times
Brendan Glackman reports on The Royal Breakthrough: Queen Elizabeth finally agreeing to meet Prince Charles longtime mistress Camilla Parker Bowles at a tony luncheon barbeque at Highgrove in honor of King Constantine's birthday. Prince Charles himself prepared and served gazpacho as the first course (with ingredients from his own organic garden)--the choice itself apparently signalled that the House of Windsor has forgotten its recent displeasure with the Spanish monarchy, itself signalled by the Duke of Edinburgh "innocently describing all Spaniards as 'greasy dagoes'." Queen Elizabeth's sally? Asking Charles if this was to be the "new Windsor soup."
The Independent (London)
Charles Arthur and Fred Bridgland report on the gritty story of mountaineer Jamie Andrew, beginning a climb of the tourist footpath up Ben Nevis as a charity drive on behalf of victims of landmines. Andrew had earlier been trapped with a companion for a week on an Alpine ridge, losing his friend, his hands, and his feet to the ice storm. His recovery has been understandably slow, but he had a breakthrough in feeding when a physiotherapist strapped a spoon to his right arm stump: "Soon I could feed myself soup, an achievement which almost brought tears to my eyes."
The Advocate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Jim Abrams reports that the U.S. House of Representatives voted 390-1 to ban shark finning in all U.S. federal waters extending 200 miles from American shorelines. Fisherman kill some 60,000 Pacific sharks every year to satisfy the appetite for shark's fin soup--excising the fin, then tossing the dying bodies back into the sea. Sportsman Ron Paul (R-TX) was the lone no vote.
Sarasota Herald Tribune
A jury has been selected in the trial of Drake Pritchett, from Venice, Florida. Mr. Pritchett was provoked into a fight when his wife's admirer threw scalding ramen soup on him, then allegedly bit off part of the man's ear and beat him to death in a Sarasota home the day after Christmas.
The Ottawa Citizen
Giles Whittell reports on the dinner summit between POTUS Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin in London. The two men talked for nearly 3 hours over an informal dinner of cabbage soup (shchi) and wild boar.
The Daily Oklahoman
Mike Baldwin reports that Ruben Mateo, rookie center fielder for the Rangers, who broke his leg on 6/2, is out for the season but may be ready for next year's spring training. Manager Johnny Oates was quoted as saying, "His momma brought him some Puerto Rican homemade soup. That made him feel a whole lot better."
The Columbus Dispatch
Eileen Dempsey reports that 14-year-old spelling whiz Steve Arnold dropped out of the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee when he mispelled the soup "avgolemeno."
The Boston Herald
Jose Martinez reports on the arrests of a pickpocket ring in Boston that preyed on elderly supermarket shoppers by using a soup can ruse.