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    Read on, snap your fingers, and please add your own entries along the way. If you just want to know who has soupy NAMES, here they are: Invisible Lead Soup; The Soup Dragons; Bowling for Soup; Gazpacho (Latin swing); Alphabet Soup (rap/hip hop); Wolf Soup (jazz with lead Bob Nieske); Soup; Scull Soup; Mock Turtle (that has a 1970 album Turtle Soup); Hot Soup! (female trio); and DJ Soup. Special thanks to Peter Barnes, presently IT college professor in Bury, England, for pinpointing the derivation of The Soup Dragons name: nothing less than a main character in the British children's television series "The Clangers," launched in 1969 and still a cult classic. The character? The Soup Dragon, of course, a she-dragon who lives inside the Clanger planet and feeds those shocking pink Clangers red, green, and purply-blue soup that she cooks in volcanic wells.

    Composer Modest Moussorgsky to Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in a letter dated 8/15/1868:
    "And another thing about German symphonic development. I tell you, our cold kvass soup is a horror to the Germans, and yet we eat it with pleasure. And their cold cherry soup is a horror to us, and yet it sends a German into ecstacy. In short, symphonic development is just like German philosophy and soup--all worked out and systematized. When a German thinks, he reasons his way to a conclusion. Our Russian brother, on the other hand, starts with a conclusion and then might amuse himself with some reasoning."

    Musical Soup

    Hear 12-year-old Michael Bannett perform "The Mock Turtle's Song"--but the Mock Turtle wasn't the ONLY one to sing about it. How about Shirley Temple...Weird Al Yanklovich...or Zimmerman poisoning his operatic soup with rat poison in Die Soldaten? And tell me if you can what opera counsels Squeak to make mischief, saying "splash his soup"? Scroll through...or click on the "B" for Benjamin Britten below.

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    Composer/Singer SoupSong
    10 CC "Life is a Minestrone" from original soundtrack
    Anon (Irish comic song) "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder", discovered by Enid Karr from Concord, Massachusetts, and with permission from Terry Kluytmans of KIDiddles. Likewise for the hilarious follow-on, "Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder"--which, however, was recorded by Bing Crosby on his Shillelaghs & Shamrocks album
    Anon (A couple French children's songs) "À la soupe"
    À la soupe soupe soupe
    Au bouillon ion ion
    La soupe à l'oseille
    Zeille zeille zeille
    C'est pour les demoiselles
    La soupe à l'oignon
    Zon zon zon
    C'est pour les garçons

    "Mange de la soupe"
    P'tit Jean est à la leçon de gymnastique,
    Il n'arrive pas à grimper à la perche,
    Ses joues sont flasques comme la pâte du boulanger,
    Elles reflètent la haute conjoncture.
    Ses muscles sont comme un pudding ou un vieil élastique,
    Il n'a pas de pep et pas de force.
    Le prof de gym commence à s'impatienter,
    S'énerve un peu et fini par lui dire :

    [Refrain :]
    Mange de la soupe mon ami !
    Mange de la soupe mon ami !
    Pour un jour être plus grand plus fort.
    Mange de la soupe mon ami !
    Mange de la soupe mon ami !
    Et tu seraaaaaaaaaaaaaas loin de la terre.

    Le vendredi, Maman fait la grande lessive,
    Papa rentre du travail à cinq heures,
    Il remplit la feuille de Toto et lit son journal,
    Il a besoin de tranquillité.
    Mais de son fauteuil, il entend Maman qui arrive
    Le linge est lavé, il faut le suspendre !
    Papa rouspète, dit que ses jambes lui font mal,
    Mais Maman ne s'en laisse pas conter :


    Une jolie secrétaire tape à la machine,
    Elle est très sexy et aguicheuse,
    Quand elle promène ses jambes dans le bureau,
    Le patron n'en croit pas ses yeux.
    Il se prend pour Tarzan, frappe sur sa poitrine
    Et il rêve de mille belles choses,
    La jolie secrétaire le regarde faire le beau,
    Puis elle lui chante cette chanson :

    [Refrain ]

    Barber Samuel The opening lines to his opera Vanessa: "Potage creme aux perles"--where doomed Erika is setting forth the most extravagant menu imaginable for her Aunt Vanessa's "20-year after" reunion with her former lover Anatol.
    Barenaked Ladies "I Love You" from the album Gordon (1992), which goes: "I like soup/and I like ice cream sandwiches too/I like fish sticks/but I love you."
    Many thanks to Bethany Gronberg for the contribution!
    Blind Melon Soup (1995) (last album before lead singer Shannon Hoon's death from a cocaine overdose)
    The Bobs There's a Nose-Ring in my Soup (1997)
    For full lyrics go to http://www.bobs.com/Lyrics.cgi?Nose_Ring. The refrain goes:
    There's a nose ring in my soup
    There's a nose ring in my soup
    Just the sight of it is making me sick
    Was it left behind by a careless pick?
    There's a nose ring in my soup

    Thanks for the contribution from JD Danko of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Britten, Benjamin The opera Billy Budd (1951)
    where Master-at-Arms James Claggert on the Indomitable, fatally stirred and disturbed by Billy's beauty and goodness, orders his creature Squeak to mess with Billy: "splash his soup," he says.
    Brak (aka Valdemar H. Guerta) The Brak Album's "Soup on a Stick" (2000)
    For kids: ...If I thought it'd make you love me/I'd put soup on a stick--soup on a stick....
    Buffett, Jimmy "Barometer Soup" in Barometer Soup (1995)
    "I Play for Gumbo" in Beach House on the Moon (1999), described in the reviews as "sizzling and mouth watering," and contributed by Karen Bosse, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thanks, Karen!
    Carsten Trio Dahl "Will You Make My Soup Hot and Silver" from the jazz album of the same name (1998)
    Chapin, Tom "Alphabet Soup" from Just for Kids, 1996 (many thanks for the contribution from Stewart Ridgeway of Lacey, Washington). Oh yes, and click HERE to hear some of it.
    Chapin, Tom "Stone Soup" from Mother Earth, 1979 (many thanks for the contribution from Miriam Weiss from Astoria, NY). "You could stare at the skies for the rest of your life and eat only stone soup with a pocket knife...."
    Charpentier, Gustave In the melodramatic opera "Louise", the selfish, over-loving father comes home in Act I--almost surprising the young lovers--and gruffly demands, "Est-ce que la soupe est prete?"--Is the soup, symbol of an aggressively closed family circle, ready?
    Chestnutt, Vic "Onion Soup"
    Chic "Soup for One" disco hit from Best of Dance, Dance, Dance (1991): "Soup for one/Ain't no fun/When you're by yourself/Soup for one...."
    Churchill, Frank, et al. "The Music in Your Soup" written for but cut from the 1937 Walt Disney production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After Snow White clanks the soup kettle and calls "Supper!" all the dwarves swarm to the table, fill their bowls with soup, and start rhythmic slurping. Doc sings:
    "With a spoon, with a bowl, with the music in your soul, You can hear things up, with a dup dup dup, of the music in your soup. With a gulp, with a grin, get a wiggle on your chin. You can make things hum with a dum dum dum of the music in your soup."
    Cibo Matto "Miso, miso, miso, miso soup!"
    Clark, Guy "Cold Dog Soup" is the title song/hillbilly haiku of the Texas singer-songwriter's Cold Dog Soup 1999 album,
    compilation Planet Soup, composed of 3 CDs: "Gazpacho," "Tiga Madje," and "Mulligatawny"
    Conti, Raffy "The Soupsong" (sung to the tune of "Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day")
    Oh I had some tea and soup called pea.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.
    I found a big bone and was eating minestrone.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.
    I felt good, I felt good, I felt real good today.
    I had a big banana and I went to Soup Havana
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.

    I had tomato soup and baked potato soup.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.
    I had a soup tornado and then a soup Alfredo.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.
    I felt good, I felt good, I felt real good today.
    I had a big banana and I went to soup Havana.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.

    I don't want a card but some soup with Swiss Chard.
    I want a Lamborgini and a soup with tortellini.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day.
    I felt good, I felt good, I felt real good today.
    I had a big banana and I went to soup Havana.
    I was eating chicken noodle all day!!
    I was eating chicken noodle all the day! Hey!

    Crimpshine Duct Tape Soup (1998)
    Dead Kennedys "Soup is Good Food" Frankenchrist (1985)--a truly visceral anthem for the working man in the computer age.
    Soup is good food-(We don't need you any more)
    You made a good meal-(We don't need you any more)
    Now how do you feel-(We don't need you any more)
    To be shit out our ass
    And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash
    Diamond, Neil "Porcupine Pie" (early 1960s)
    Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie
    Vanilla Soup, a double scoop please
    No, maybe I won't, maybe I won't, maybe I will
    The tutti fruit with fruity blue cheese

    Thanks to Nicole Boutin from Honolulu for the cite.

    DJ Food "Turtle Soup" from Refried Foods (1997)
    DJ Soup "Bowlasoup" from Souperloops (1999)
    Double Trouble Soup to Nuts (1996)
    Dr. Hook Wonderful Soup-Stone, from Sylvia's Mother (1971), with lyrics by children's poet Shel Silverstein. It goes like this:
    "Hanging from a string in my momma's kitchen, back in the hard-time days
    Was a little old stone 'bout the size of an apple - it was smooth and worn and grey
    There wasn't much food in my momma's kitchen, so whenever things got tight
    Momma'd boil up some water, put in the stone and say, 'Let's have some soup tonight'
    And I swear you could taste the chicken and tomato and the noodles and the marrowbone
    But it really wasn't nothin' but some water and potatoes, and the wonderful, wonderful soup-stone.
    It had been in the family for a whole lotta years so we knew it was a nourishing thing
    And I remember momma as she stirred it in the water, and we could all hear her sing
    'It's a magical stone and as long as we got it, we'll never have a hungry night
    Just add a little love to the wonderful soup-stone and everything will be all right'


    So it carried us through the darkenin' days 'til finally the sunshine came
    And the soup-stone started into gathering dust, but it hung there just the same
    And ever since then the food's been plenty, but every now and then I find That momma in the kitchen with the wonderful soup-stone drifts across my mind
    And again I can taste the chicken and tomato, and the noodles and the marrowbone
    But it really wasn’t nothin’ but some water and potatoes, and the wonderful, wonderful soup-stone."

    Great appreciation to mystery writer Jill McGown (www.jillmcgown.com), who came up with the song, the history, the lyrics, everything. Now if only I could get Dr. Hook's "She was only 16" out of my head!
    Dr. Hook chorus from "Roland the Roadie" (1976)--another great one from classic mystery writer Jill McGown (www.jillmcgown.com), who says, and I agree, it shows "Dr. Hook had a mystical attachment to the stuff":
    "Now some folks loves ham hocks
    And some folks loves pork chops
    And some folks loves vegetable soup
    And Roland the Roadie loves Gertrude the Groupie,
    But Gertrude the Groupie loves groups.
    Dylan, Bob "Wiggle, Wiggle," on Under the Red Sky (1990)
    Generally acknowledged to be his worst lyric, the verse goes,
    "Wiggle wiggle wiggle, like a bowl of soup
    Wiggle wiggle wiggle like a rolling hoop..."
    Egyptian Folksong,
    by Baheega Sidky Rasheed
    "The Lentil Soup or, transliterated,
    "Ara wan til Âds
    The lentil soup turned stiff and cold,
    The bride's mother soon fled away,
    And the father too with shameless speed,
    Did hurry off the bride-to-be.
    5 Chinese Brothers Stone Soup (1995)
    Gaillard, Slim "Bulee" (of "Flat Foot Floogie" fame in 1938) "Avocado Seed Soup Symphony"
    Goggin, Dan (author and composer of Nunsense, 1984) "Soup's On (The Dying Nun Ballet)"
    Hartford, John
    (note also that it was Glen Campbell, taping Hartford's lyrics a few months later, who popularized it)
    "Gentle on my Mind" (1967)
    Verse 4:
    I dip my cup of soup back from some gurglin', cracklin' cauldron in some train yard. My beard a rough'ning coal pile and a dirty hat pulled low across my face. Through cupped hands round a tin can, I pretend to hold you to my breast and find that you're wavin' from the backroads by the rivers of my mem'ry, Ever smilin', ever gentle on my mind.
    Hemworth, Wade
    (Canadian folk-song composer)
    "The Black Fly"
    T'was black fly, black fly everywhere,
    a'crawlin' in your whiskers,
    a'crawlin' in your hair,
    a'swimmin' in the soup,
    a'swimmin' in the tea,
    the devil take the blackfly and let it be.
    Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo Soup (MCA's release of Jimi's leftover recordings)
    Hoodoo Gurus Electric Soup (1992)
    Hot Soup! "Soup"--about winter days and even includes a recipe from grandma (2000)
    Inhouse The Beautiful Soup
    King, Carole "Chicken Soup with Rice" from Really Rosie (1975), based on Maurice Sendak's "Really Rosie Starring the Nutshell Kids"
    King Crimson "The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum" from ConstruKction of Light (2000)
    Loop Guru Amrita...All these and the Japanese Soup Warriors (1996)
    Lovett, Lyle
    (on Austin City Limits TV)
    "Cold Dog Soup," by songwriter Guy Clark (5/26/2000)
    Lyric "Lookin' on the Inside (Chocolate Soup)" (1998)
    MacColl, Kristy "Autumngirlsoup" on Tropical Brainstorm (2000)
    "I'm an Autumn girl on the endless search for summer/'Cause I need some love to cook my frozen bones"
    Marcus, Richard Chicken Soup (1997-published in The New York Times)
    Chicken soup is more than just soup.
    Chicken soup is more than a meal.
    Chicken soup is religion you eat with a spoon.
    Chicken soup is a very big deal.

    Chicken soup was created when the first hen
    Walked by the first mom with a ladle.
    From that encounter came this life giving broth.
    (Of course, for the bird it was fatal).

    It is comfort and warmth,
    "Home," in a bowl;
    The bouillon of Gods, poultry scented.
    The manna from heaven would have been chicken soup,
    But matzoth balls had not been invented.

    Chicken soup's made with kreplach, udon
    Alphabets, egg drop and rice.
    It's even made with no chicken at all,
    In those cubes which can double as dice.

    It's served with wontons, noodles and flanken,
    From China to Chile to Thailand.
    From Delhi to delis, it fills the world's bellies,
    In Paris, Bombay and Long Island.

    It's been called an elixir, the poultry Prozac,
    And of course: Jewish penicillin.
    But it transcends all persuasions,
    When viral invasions
    And bacilli are evil villains.

    It's usually best when it is brought to your sick bed,
    Straight from a steamy warm kitchen.
    Nose runny, bones shaking, your body all aching,
    Eyes teary and red rimmed from itching.

    It helps to first hear "The Chicken soup prayer:"Be careful, don't burn your lips."
    And you bow your head and gratefully slurp
    And you're healed with just the first sips.

    So now, if asked why that chicken crossed that road,
    You won't be thrown for a loop.
    You can answer with the faith of the miraculously cured:
    It did it to make chicken soup.

    Many thanks to Mr.Marcus for the contribution!

    British progressive rock group, named after J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion
    "Gazpacho" on Afraid of Sunlight (1990s)
    Is it love or is it surgery
    Makes he seem so ill at ease
    As she's begging you to please calm down
    In her silk Armani on her knees
    Did you carry out those threats I heard?
    Or were you only playing macho?
    And the stains on her Versace scarf
    Were they really just Gazpacho?
    Martin, Dean "That's Amore," where he extols Pasta e Fagiole soup
    Massenet, Jules Manon, Act II (1984): Mezzo Giulietta Simionato recalls a production with Gigli and Favero--"I had to carry on a tureen of soup in the second act. One evening, the rug on the floor had not been nailed down properly, and I slipped and almost fell. I avoided spilling the soup but completely missed my line ("E la cena, signor.") It was real soup, by the way, prepared in the biffi Scala restaurant. The comprimari often ended up eating food that had been prepared for the performance. I never did, though, for I was always a very frugal eater."
    McCutcheon, John "Soup" from Wintersong (1995), that tells about his grandmother making soup on cold winter days.
    Meat Beat Manifesto The Matrix soundtrack (1998)--"Prime Audio Soup" electronic rock
    Mephiskapheles "Turtle Soup" on its Maximum Perversion ska album (1997).
    Minty Fresh Swoop Soup (1997)
    Moxy Fruvous, Canadian Band "The Present Tense Tureen" from Wood and "Johnny Saucep'n" from B(which latter mentions goat's head soup and vichyssoise among about a thousand other food dishes). Thanks for the contribution to Amanda Eisen of Silver Spring, Maryland!
    Mulford, Zoe "Stock," which is all about using leftovers to make soup but on another level about second chances in life:
    "This cabbage has seen better days,
    The side that's been cut is turning gray.
    The mushrooms are all brown and dry,
    The potatoes have reached for the sky."
    Mumbo Gumbo Deep Soup (1994)
    Nikander, K.A.
    (Swedish songwriter,
    King Erik, or "Kung Erik," whose brother Johan poisoned him with Pea Soup to get the throne in 1550
    King Erik heard in dreams that night
    The sound of churchmen singing.
    Nils Sture came then in his dream,
    In black, his friend came singing,
    And kissed the thorny crown of good King Erik.
    Oh Johan spent that tragic night
    In evil, so they say.
    "My brother must not live," he said,
    "To see the coming day!"
    How death came that night,
    Who will ever tell?
    Nirvana posthumous Seattle sound "You Know You're Right" (2002)
    I will never bother you/I will never promise you/I will never follow you/I will never bother you/Never speak a word again/I will crawl away for good/I will move away from here/You don't be afraid of fear/No thought was put into this/I alway knew it would come to this/Things have never been so swell/I have never failed to feel/Pain.
    You know you're right/I'm so warm and calm inside/I no longer have to hide/Let's talk about someone else/Steaming soup against her mouth/Nothing really bothers her/She just wants to love herself/I will move away from here/You don't be afraid of fear/No thought was put into this/I alway knew it would come to this/Things have never been so swell/I have never failed to feel/Pain.
    You know you're right/Pain.
    Nuclear Rabbit ska-punk-funk-jazz Vicuna's "Soup" (1997)
    Olu Dara "Strange Things Happen Every Day" from his Neighborhoods album evoke memories of his grandmother rocking him and singing to him (2000):
    Alabama cornbread dipped in Georgia buttermilk. Bought my woman a hat made from tapeworm silk. Uh-huh. Oh no, drink my soup with pride and fried...Yeah. Drink that soup, strange things happen every day.
    Osbourne, Ozzie A tribute album, entitled Bathead Soup, with cuts by Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb, Vince Neil, Jason Bonham, and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister (2000)
    Patterson, Bobby "I'd Rather Eat Soup" from the R&B album of the same name (1998)
    Phoetus techno "Sparkling Soup"
    Porter, Cole "At Long Last Love" (1937), where he compares good turtle soup and the mock:
    Is it an earthquake or simply a shock?
    Is it the good turtle soup or merely the mock?
    Is it a fancy not worth thinking of?
    Or is it at long last love?"
    Pothead Dessicated Soup (1995)
    Prokofiev, Sergei "The Love for Three Oranges" (1924), based on Carlo Gozzi's ridiculous 1761 comedy, features in its surreal, fairytale land a monstrously big cook wielding a knife and a deadly soup ladle, not to mention an evil Prime Minister Leandre and nasty royal niece Clarice plotting to do in the melancholy Prince to get the throne. Take-no-prisoners Clarice counsels opium or a bullet, but the more politically correct Leandre suggests he will feed the Prince a mixture of super-tragic prose that he'll chop up in his soup and slather on his bread so he'll die of hypochondria.
    Rea, Chris Soup of the Day from espresso logic (1996)
    Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup (1972)
    Rossini, Gioachino
    (Italian composer,
    The Barber of Seville, where Figaro, in Act 2, gets Dr. Bartolo's house keys, supposedly to fetch shaving utensils in the pantry--but actually to help acomplish the willing abduction of Rosina. When he crashes into the crockery and the sounds of breaking china are heard, Dr. Bartolo wails in distress over his broken tureen, drawing out the vowels painfully t-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-r-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!
    Satie Erik
    (French composer,
    "Peccadillos," part of his idiosyncratic "Children's Pieces for Piano," features a complete song that goes like this:
    "I love cabbage soup, but I love my darling mummy more
    Hush, let's whisper, my doll has a headache
    She fell from the third floor
    The doctor says it's nothing.
    Sebadoh "Poop Soup"
    Seeger, Pete "Soup Song," on his Carry it On: Songs of America's Working People (1987). See entry under Maurice Sugar for the lyrics.

    Then there was his "A little a' this 'n' that," copyright 1991:

    My grandma, she can make a soup,
    with a little a' this 'n' that.
    She can feed the whole sloop group,
    with a little a' this 'n' that.
    Stone soup! You know the story.
    Stone soup! Who needs the glory?
    But with grandma cooking, no need to worry.
    Just a little a' this 'n' that.
    Thanks to Miriam Weiss of Astoria, New York, for this last contribution.
    Sherman, Allan "Strangers in my Soup"...sung to "Strangers in the Night...which goes like this:
    "Strangers in my soup, that I can see there
    Strangers in my soup, that shouldn’t be there
    Looking down I see/Them looking up at me
    Green things in my soup are scattered sparsely
    Green things in my soup that aren’t parsley
    In my soup they've made/Their little aquacade
    Soup was meant to be
    Completely free of such extraneous debris
    Except for now and then a noodle, or some rice
    But these things are not nice
    See them swimming, thrashing, thriving
    Oh, my God, they're scuba diving
    In my bouillabaisse I looked and then I
    Saw a tiny face with two antennae
    And thought I heard him say
    ‘The soup is good today.’
    I let out a whoop
    I hollered, ‘Waiter, there are strangers in my soup,’
    And when he came I said, ‘Now I’m a connoisseur
    I ordered soupe du jour.’
    He said, ‘You don’t need a waiter
    You need an exterminator.
    ‘You ordered soupe du jour, I knew you dug soup
    This is soupe du jour--today it’s bug soup
    That explains the group
    Of strangers in your soup."

    Many many thanks to mystery writer Jill McGown for this classic. You can visit her site at www.jillmcgown.com.

    Shakira (Mebarek) "Poem to a Horse" in Laundry Services (2001):
    "I'd rather eat my soup with a fork
    Or drive a cab in New York,
    Cause to talk to you is harder work."
    Shudder to Think First Love, Last Rite's pop/rock "Automatic Soup" (1998)
    Small Town Heroes Human Soup (1996)
    Snuff Numb Nuts' punk "Soup of the Day" (2000)
    Somogyi, Arnie
    Cold Cherry Soup jazz album, celebrating Somogyi's Transylvanian roots (2001). This great double-bass player says about himself: "Apart from occasionally making bizarre radio programmes for the BBC, I work as a jazz musician. Visitors to your site may be interested in my CD 'Cold Cherry Soup.'. It is available through jazzcds.co uk, or my own website forgedrecords.com, where you can listen to streamed samples of the music and an find an authentic Hungarian recipe for meggyleves - cold cherry soup!"
    Sondheim, Stephen On Airway Food (to the tune, "Do I hear a waltz?"
    The shiny stuff is tomatoes.
    The salad lies in a group.
    The curly stuff is potatoes.
    The stuff that moves is soup."
    Soul, David (of the 70s Starsky and Hutch fame) and Gardner McKay "Black Bean Soup"
    All I want is black bean soup
    And you to make it with me
    Honey won't you
    Be my love while love will stay
    And wear your ribbons for me

    Boil those black beans, honey
    Mash them up real well
    One big soft tomato
    Just a handful of sorrel, well
    Cut up your chilly pepper
    Squeeze that garlic smell
    One mouthful of drippings
    A grandaddy onion and well, well, well

    All I want...

    Well I've been kicked in the head a few times
    But that just made me high
    I believe in the good things now
    You know black bean soup don't lie, lie, lie....

    Many thanks to Mandy Giles, from Kirkland, Washington, for the contribution!
    Strauss, Jr., Johann Die Fledermaus (1874), where in the first act Rosalinde's maid Adele tries to get the evening off by pleading a sick aunt, to whom she must take soup--but is put off by Eisenstein who calls for his own soup with the trimmings from the Golden Lion:
    Eisenstein: Also geh, lauf ruber zum Goldenen Lowen und hol uns ein opulentes Abschiedsdiner! (Then go and run over to the Golden Lion and bring us a lavish good-bye dinner)
    Adele: Was darf's denn sein? (What should it be?)
    E: Na, also auerst hatt' ma gern eine Schöberlsuppe...(Well, then we would like a Schöberlsuppe...)
    A: ...eine Schöberlsuppe... (one Schöberlsuppe... E: Und dann bringst uns einen Tafelspitz mit ein bisserl einem Fettranderl dran... (And then bring a "Tafelspitz" with a bit of the fat around it--a Tafelspitz is a prime boneless cut of beef, boiled with vegetables and herbs)
    A: ...Tafelspitz mit Fettranderl.. (boiled fillet of beef).
    E: ...mit Apfelkren und Schnittlauchsoße. (with apple horseradish and chive sauce)
    A: Selbstverstandlich... (Of course...)

    [Thanks to the wonderful perseverance of my dear friend Julia Donchi, I can be quite precise about the definition of Schöberlsuppe, an Austrian broth with dumplings stuffed with with assorted things. The mother of Julia's student was gracious enough to provide the following: "there are several kinds of schöberl--e.g. with brain, with ham, cabbage, semolina or spleen (don't the austrians have a funny taste?:-( !), but the basic dumpling is sort of a biscuit made of butter, eggs (the egg-white is mixed until it's stiff), milk and salt, which is baked in the oven in a cake form, then cut into square stripes or cubes and re-heated. In homes, schöberl are usually served on a seperate plate together with a beef soup, whereas in a restaurant you will get them served in the soup itself.]

    Later Rosalinde laments Eisentstein departure for prison so:

    Gone will be the happy scene/When luncheon-time arrives!/With no husband to partake of/Soup or steak or joint!
    Sugar, Maurice
    --see also
    Pete Seeger
    Robert Wyatt
    "Soup Song"--from working man's songs during the Depression era. The lyrics go:
    1. I'm spending my nights in the flop house. I spending my days on the street. I'm looking for work but I find none. I wish I had something to eat. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup, soup, soup. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup.
    2. I spent twenty years in the factory. I did everything I was told. They said I was loyal and faithful, now even before I am old. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup, soup, soup. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup.
    3. I saved 15 bucks with my banker, to buy me a car and a yacht. I went down to draw out my money, and this is the answer I got. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup, soup, soup. Soup, soup, they gave me a bowl of soup.
    Temple, Shirley (composer Ray Henderson; lyricists Irving Caesar and Ted Koehler) "Animal Crackers in my Soup" (from the film Curly Top, 1935)
    Animal crackers in my soup, Monkeys & rabbits, loop da loop
    Gosh, oh gee, but I have fun, Swallowing animals one by one.
    In every bowl of soup I see, Lions & tigers watching me.
    I make 'em jump right through a hoop, Those animal crackers in my soup.
    When I get hold of the big bad wolf, I just push him under the zebra hoof,
    Then I bite him in a million bits And I gobble him right down.
    The Turtles Turtle Soup (1970)
    Turtle, Mock "Soup of the Evening, Beautiful Soup"
    The Twelve Caesars (I'm Gonna) Kick You Out (1999), where they sing "I am what I am.../A man with a fork in a world of soup"
    van Tol, Jacques Wie heeft er suiker in de erwtensoep gedaan? (Who Put Sugar in the Pea Soup) is a popular Dutch song, written in 1939 by Jacques van Tol (lyrics) and Lou Bandy (music), and performed by Lou Bandy. For full lyrics (Dutch) and some nice pictures, see http://www.leger1939-1940.nl/Liedjes/wieheeft.htm . Many thanks to Gerrit de Blaauw for the contribution and free translation of the first few lines:
    Who put sugar in the pea soup?
    WHO done it? WHO done it?
    The soldiers wouldn't touch their food.
    Who put sugar in the pea soup?
    Verdi, Giuseppe "La Forza del Destino" (1862), where the nasty friar Melitone at the convent Madonna degli Angeli, instead of feeding his soup to the poor in Act IV, Scene 1, abuses them--threatens them with his ladle--and finally kicks over the whole kettle and chases them from the courtyard.
    Vibert, Luke Big Soup
    Webb, Jimmy (songwriter/singer) "Red Soup" from the soundtrack of The Last Unicorn (1982)
    Weird Al (Yanklovich) The TV Show's "Talk Soup" (1995)
    Williams (Sr.), Hank "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)":
    "Jamabalaya and a crawfish pie and file gumbo/ 'Cause tonight I'm gonna see ma cheramio/ Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o/ Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the Bayou."
    Wyatt, Robert "Soup Song," on his Ruth is Stranger than Richard (1975). See entry under Maurice Sugar for the lyrics. Many thanks to Peter A. Barnes, Rochdale, England, for this contribution.
    Yo La Tengo "Turtle Soup," on the soundtrack of Book of Life (1999).
    Zappa, Frank "The Girl Wants to Fix Him Some Broth" (1971, 200 Motels); "Won Ton On" (1984, Thing Fish); and "Soup 'N Old Clothes" (1981, Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar--the last entry thanks to Peter Barnes who had to persuade me that it wasn't SOAP 'N Old Clothes)
    Zimmerman, Bernd Alois Die Soldaten opera, where in scene II of Act IV the lead takes his revenge on the officer who has stolen his love by slipping rat poison into his soup. (1965)