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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: April 2003)

Date Item
Jill Dougherty reports that Edward Lu, the first America to go on a manned space flight since the Columbia tragedy, will be traveling from Kazakhstan on a giant Soyuz rocket--and is looking forward to eating the 5 or 6 Russian soups that will be on the menu at the Space Station.
The Guardian
In a recent BBC radio broadcast, British jazz bassist Arnie Somogyi and his friend Zsolt Bende report on their recent visit to the amusement park "Stalinworld" in Gruta, Lithuania, to sample Soviet gulag-style gruel and fish head soup.
The Express
William Hartston reports that, under the old laws of Newfoundland, seal-hunting vessels were required to serve soup on Saturdays.
The Mirror
Martha Roberts reports that supermodel Claudia Schiffer eats soup and a salad for lunch every single day.
PC Magazine
John C. Dvorak reports on the leading edges of technology, envisioning a future of soup cans with full motion video labels that will beg you to buy them as you walk by.
National Review
William F. Buckley pays tribute to statesman Daniel Patrick Moynihan, recalling the time when Moynihan came over to dinner, in an informal editorial review board, to explain Nixon's welfare policy. After dinner, Moynihan enjoyed the entertainment: two students playing the guitar and autoharp. Next day Buckley received a long telegram from Moynihan that included a forgotten detail from the welfare policy, paid a compliment to the student musicians, and requested Mrs. Buckley's recipe for oxtail soup.
Kenyan Daily Nation
President Kibaki hosted a hard-message luncheon for his MPs, opening with cream of vegetable soup.
Daily Star
Kevin Lowry reports that a Scotsman innocently traded football shirts with a rival Icelandic team fan at the Euro 2008 qualifier, and was so badly beaten up by his own countrymen, mistaking him for an Icelander, than he can only eat soup and ice cream.
Washington Post
Krissah Williams reports on the health benefits of iguana soup (garroba sopa, to El Salvadoran immigrants in the metro DC area), it reputedly helping asthma, colds, hangovers, and elderly weakness.
Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Larry Lipman, Cox wires, reports that 5 rabbis will be distributing "solo Seder kits" to Jewish U.S. soldiers in Iraq, which contain a serving of matzo ball soup for Passover.
Sports Illustrated
Kate Meyers reports that Korean golf sensation Grace Park is a sweet girl and loving daughter who walks around barefoot, slurping up homemade noodles and seaweed soup.
Sunday Express
Women's skeletons are being exhumed and stolen in the Chinese Zhejiang province to make into a "ghost soup" that is good for what ails you.
Fort Worth Star Telegram
JRay Buck reports on 13-year-old U.S. soccer prodigy Freddy Adu, born in Ghana, who still misses fufu, banku, jollof rice, and palm butter soup.
Times Union (Albany, NY)
Michael Eck reports on the Freddy Fender concert, where he took time to discuss with the audience how to make menudo soup.
Toronto Star
Elizabeth Johnston reviews Colum McCann's new novel about danseur Rudolph Nureyev, which describes him ejaculating into cream soup then serving it to his dinner guests.
Courier Mail (Australia)
Stuart Walsh reports on murderer Matthew Wales, sentenced to 30 years in prison for slaying his mother and stepfather, first inviting them to a dinner of soup laced with crushed prescription tablets, then crushing their skulls as they walked out of the house.
Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Lillian Frank reports on the so-called "Hinch diet," which stipulates a steady diet of soup and Chardonnay.
Times Colonist (Victoria)
Greg Bonnell reports from Toronto that Prime Minister Jean Chretien took several liberal MPs to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant to dine on soup and send a message of tolerance in the wake of the SARS health emergency.
The Baltic Times
A Polish television show, "You Can Fall In Love With Europe," has compiled a menu of the tastiest European dishes, with Greek bouillabaisse coming in first in the soup category, with Lithuanian saltibarschiai coming in a close second.
Associated Press
Helen Luk reports on an early survivor of the mystery SARS illness, a Hong Kong medical student who says that when he was finally released from hospital, he was met briefly at a bus stop by his mother, who handed over a container of homemade soup for him.
The London Times
Matthew Parris recalls that poet Dylan Thomas once left a dinner party in the middle of the soup course, saying "somebody's boring me, and I think it's me."
Broadcast News
After a Montreal Chinese newspaper printed a recipe for isatis root soup, said to ward off the SARS virus, suppliers of the dried medicinal root were overwhelmed with requests for it.
Centre Daily Times (State College, PA)
Chris Arbutina reports from Progresso press releases that Americans consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup a year; that 55% of canned soup is eaten for lunch or for a quick healthy meal, 49% as an ingredient in another dish; and (from Mintel Consumer Intelligence) that soup is the #2 comfort food for men because they associate it with childhood comforts.
The Ledger
Diane Lacey Allen reports that U.S. Marines discovered a cast iron pot of soup left in the Officer Quarters of an Iraqi Ammunition Center outpost.
Bart Jones reports that two Newsday journalist, who'd been captured and imprisoned by Iraqi troops, were fed bananas, boiled eggs, bread, and chicken soup.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Armand N. Nocum reports on the improved recovery of Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, sticken last week with seizures. Although doctors refused his earlier request for fish lips soup, they have now acceded to the Cardinal's request to eat Buddha Jumped Over the Wall Soup, another of his favorites.