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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: May 2000)

Date Item
Associated Press
Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his 5 team members celebrated the end of their 2,170 mile Arctic dogsled trek in Greenland with mushroom soup.
USA Today
Traci Watson reports on a bear-poaching ring that was convicted for hunting bears on federal lands then selling their paws to be made into soup that costs hundreds of dollars per bowl.
The London Daily Telegraph
Hugh Davies reports that British adventurer David Hempleman-Adams has exhausted his soup supplies enroute to the North Pole by balloon and is now subsisting on biscuits and dried food in olive oil.
Sports Illustrated
Jack McCallum attributes Knick's Coach Jeff Van Gundy's success for the season and in the Eastern Conference semifinals to following the unwritten NBA dictum that "the players are the steak; coaches, the soup."
Philippine Daily Inquirer
21 hostages held by the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu since last month are reported to be miserable as negotiations continue to break down. Rebels agreed to slaughter a cow to satisfy an ill German hostage who wanted some soup, while provincial government doctor Nelsa Amin contributed cabbage, onions, and potatoes for it.
Chicago Tribune
Steve Johnson covers Texas TV's live performance program "Austin City Limits," reporting on musician Lyle Lovett's performance of songwriter Guy Clark's "Cold Dog Soup."
The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand
The city of Nelson, New Zealand, prepared, cooked, and doled out 1000 litres of seafood chowder as part of its national Seafood Week celebration--producing the world's biggest bowl of soup while it was at it. The 1-metre high stainless steel bowl, with a capacity of 1200 litres, contained 360 kg of mussels and 100 kg of hoki, among other things.
The Washington Post
In the wake of the U.S. House of Representative's historic agreement to grant China permanent Most Favored Nation status, China watcher Richard H. Solomon cautions "China is not going to be duck soup for us." Currently president of the U.S. Institute for Peace, Solomon has served as Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador to the Philippines.
The Bangkok Post
Thai-Holland Trading Company announced that it plans to turn Thailand into the world's major supplier of soft-shell turtle soup, then expand into crocodile and duck soups. It will be upgrading its soft-shell turtle farm in Chon Buri to cater to domestic and world markets.
The London Times
Royal Marine Charlie Paton and Corporal Alan Chambers returned successfully from their 70-day, 700-mile trek on ice through the Arctic to the North Pole--the first British team to walk there unsupported. Each lost about 3 stone and cannot eat anything richer than soup because their stomachs are so shrunken. Unfortunately, the triumph is marred by Paton's failure to notify his superior officers that he'd been convicted in February of assaulting a nightclub doorman, an admission that would likely have dropped him from the expedition.
Chicago Tribune
Chris Petrakos reports on the poor medical care of sweatshop workers in the Chicago area, citing the case of one worker who had been dropped off outside a hospital to make his way to its trauma center. The man had fallen into a vat of hot soup.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Elizabeth Grice reports on her interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, infamous drug addict and manager of The Rolling Stones, who finally beat his 30-year habit in 1995 when he was frightened by the animals he saw in his soup. Oldham has just published his memoirs in Stoned, published by Secker and Warburg.
The Scotsman
Matt Rees reports from Gaza that some 1,200 Palestinian prisoners, held in two Israeli jails, have been fasting in a "holy war of the empty stomach" to force their release, eating no solid food--only soup and milk.
USA Today
Antoaneta Bezlova reports that Islamic Chinese farmers in the Ningxia province, in their anxiety to provide the basics for their families, are destroying the grassland ecosystem by raking up all vegetation to secure the highly prized "facai"--a moss that is traditionally given as a gift throughout China and Southeast Asia to be made into a lucky soup. The dried, black fibrous moss sells for up to $25/lb.
Denver Westword
Bill Gallo extends sympathy to distraught Canadians, who face their 7th straight year without the Stanley Cup, saying that if the Colorado Avalanche win it, they should have the decency to return to their original home in Quebec and let the locals fill it with onion soup.
New York Newsday
Dan Janison and Robert Polner report that Mayor Giuliani dined on minestrone soup in New York City while pondering if he would withdraw from his senatorial race against Hillary Clinton.
The London Daily Telegraph
Members of Pathfinder, the British Army airborne reconnaissance unit, dined on snail soup in the Sierra Leone jungle while positioning themselves to spot any advance by rebel troops on the Army's main positions at the airport. One officer commented, "This snail tastes fine, but I am struggling to disconnect what I am eating and what's crawling up that tree," pinting to a nearby snail who's shell was the size of a large egg.
Associated Press
Campbell's Soup reported a 14% drop in profits this quarter, blaming it on a sharp decline in U.S. soup consumption.
Federal News Service
In testimony before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Michael Jandreau supported S1658, introduced by Sen. Daschle, to construct a Reconciliation Place in South Dakota, which will feature an historical museum of the Sioux with artifacts that include buffalo bone soup utensils.
Associated Press
Pachter & Associates, a Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based business communications consultancy, has published its findings on proper business etiquette, to include: do not use ice cubes to cool off a bowl of soup...and blowing on it is another no-no.
60 Minutes
Christiane Amanpour interviews Father Richard Albert, a New York born, whiskey drinking, saintly Catholic priest in Jamaica. Ministering to the poorest in Kingston, Father Albert also provides food: "We got all sorts of soup and porridge and rice and oil and everything."
Federal Document Clearing House
U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, warming up his audience at the Asia Society of Washington, described the experience of standing next to the banquet sake drum as follows: "I was thinking about the history involved in all of this, and I was thinking about something like oxtail soup--it's almost going too far back to get a good thing." That's okay, I don't get it either.
Christian Science Monitor
Corinna Schuler reports on the devastating famine in Ethiopa, citing the resolve of the nomadic pastoralists to survive by using all available resources, including the making of tree root soup.
The New York Times
Among the many memories recalled at the death of Cardinal John O'Connor, Jewish friend Sandi Merle tells of taking him chicken soup following his bout with pneumonia. "I brought the chicken soup you love for your pneumonia," she said. "Oh really," he replied, "and what did you bring for me?"
Bangkok Post
The Thai Food and Drug Administration has suspended television advertisements in which a prominent scientist claims Brand's Chicken Soup Essence is good for brain development.
The Straits Times (Singapore)
Arti Mulchand reports on the explosive marriage of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, quoting Baldwin in Vanity Fair as describing how he keeps the marriage together: "It's 20 degrees below zero, but if Kim wants vegetable soup from the blah blah diner, I put on my boots and go get it because I love Kim."
Los Angeles Times
In an analytic article on the detention of L.A. sex criminals after they have served out their terms, Beth Shuster notes the privileges they are accorded while in detention, including access to hot water to make soup.