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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: January 2003)

Date Item
Japan Economic Wire
Yasumitsu Hashiba, reported kidnapped in the Philippines' Mindanao island, was fed only noodle soup during his five days' captivity while details of his ransom were being worked out.
Associated Press
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) opined on the State of the Union address that "President Bush offered strong medicine on war and weak soup on the economy."
Associated Press State & Local Wire
Diane Scarponi reports that Mashantucket Pequot Native Americans are reviving their dormant language in elementary schools through a storybook, using the ancient words, about foxes making soup for a chief (author Charlene Jones).
New York Times
Rita Reif reports on self-absorbed artist Cindy Sherman's latest creation: a copy of an 18th century French rococco soup tureen, only hot pink in color and with Mme. Pompadour's face removed from the cameos and replaced by Cindy in low decollatage and a silver wig.
The Economist
Its book review of Amos Elon's Give Sorrow Words notes that Heinrich Heine described reform Judaism as "mock turtle soup--turtle soup without the turtle."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
In anticipation of Super Bowl XXXVII, Dale Hoffman describes Oakland Raider wide receiver Jerry Rice as "the strawberry floating in the pea soup, Gandhi riding with Jesse James."
David Letterman Late Show
How cold is it? Top Ten reason #10: So cold, Saddam Hussein has begun stockpiling weapons-grade tomato soup.
Columbus Dispatch
Doral Chenoweth recalls the visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to the Ohio State University campus, ordering his favorite meal--potato soup.
Miami Herald
Fred Tasker recalls the Lewis and Clark expedition on its 200th anniversary, noting that they carried 193 pounds of "portable soup" into their 8,200 mile trek into the American West.
Japan Economic Wire
Emperor Akihito is reported to be recovering nicely from prostrate surgery, dining on juice and soup only.
The Sporting News
Sean Deveney reports that NBA Rocket rookie Yao Ming's favorite foods are his mother's low calorie soups...which are not helping him gain needed weight.
Edmonton Sun
Journalists report that a classified FBI report indicates Canadian al-Quaida operative Mohammed Jabarah has revealed code words used in South East Asian terrorist circles, including "Soup," which stands for "Singapore."
Entertainment Weekly
Jessica Shaw reports that lentil soup is OUT; chicken soup was OK FIVE MINUTES AGO; and artichoke soup is IN now.
New Statesman
Benjamin Wegg-Prosser reports on courageous Elene Nemirovskaya, founder of the Moscow School of Political Studies, who began her quest for democracy in Russia in August 1991 when she walked across the Moscow River from her home to the Russian White House to serve soup to the protestors supporting Boris Yeltsin.
LA Times
John Danicszewki reports on savagely cold conditions in Russia, with no heating in apartments, where people are chipping ice blocks of chicken stock on their kitchen counters to make soup.
New York Times
Claudia Rowe reports that in the public TV production of "Freedom: A History of the United States," Brad Pitt plays a doctor at Valley Forge who laments, "I can't endure it. Here comes a bowl of beef soup full of burnt leaves and dirt."
Charlotte Observer
Ken Garfield reports on the annual "Souper Bowl Sunday," when people contribute money after church services to charity before going home to watch the 1/26 football extravaganza. In honor of my brother: Go Bucs!
London Free Press
Norman Lockman describes President Bush's current positions on foreign policy as "the U.S. clinging to the edge of a pot of very hot soup."
Mainichi Daily News
A 70-year-old Japanese man is reported to have poisoned himself with fugu soup, making it from the liver of the deadly puffer fish.
IPR Strategic Business Information Database
Members of an Austrian environmental group launched a hunger strike in Friestadt to protest the nearby Czech nuclear plant, taking a break on the 4th day to eat vegetable soup before resuming the fast.
Bradenton Herald
Staff members recall the 1979 Cotton Bowl when ailing Notre Dame quarterback Joe Montana gulped down chicken soup at halftime and roared back in the last quarter to defeat Houston and its 18-point lead.
Northern Echo
Chris Lloyd reports that during the depression of January 1879 in New Zealand, local Darlington families, new to the new world of New Zealand, received 1,361 pints of soup and 708 pounds of bread daily to relieve their hunger.
Edmonton Journal
Mairie Maclean reports on www.soupsong.com.
Sunday Independent (London)
Edward Gibbs reports on Himalayan guide Kalsang Sherpa, who swears by garlic soup as the best sovereign means to prevent altitude sickness.
Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Don Bostrom reports on Willie Stargell's assessment of batting against pitcher Bruce Sutter: "It's like eating soup with a fork."
Tim Russert interviews Andy Rooney and outs all the "60 Minutes" commentator's food preferences, discovering along the way that he makes his own chicken soup to take and eat in a thermos, all by himself, at football games in Giant Stadium.
Daily Yomiuri
A record 6 deaths resulted from Japanese people choking on the traditional New Year's soup with glutinous mochi rice cakes this year.
Het Financielei Daglad
Robin Pasco reports from Amsterdam that liberal leader Gerrit Zalm doled out soup on camera in his bid for election against his rival LPF Mat Herven, both electing not to take part in the traditional freezing North Sea swim on New Year's Day.