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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: November 2000)

Date Item
PR Newswire
BBC1 is turning Spike Milligan's beloved classic BadJelly the Witch into a cartoon for a Christmas showing. The book features a witch who turns children into boy-girl soup.
Associated Press
Recently demised George Page, philanthropist and founder of the La Brea Tar Pit Museum, is remembered for his meager start in life when, at age 16, he subsisted on 10-cent bowls of bean soup spiced with crackers and ketchup.
Agence France Presse
Catherine Hours reports that Israeli roadblocks of food deliveries to the Gaza strip mean traditional Ramdan shorba will likely have to be made without pasta this year.
Washington Post
Guy Gugliotta reports on English historian Colin Jones' article on dentistry in 18th century Paris, noting that Louis XIV had such severe teeth pulling from an overzealous dentist that when he tried to drink his soup, it cascaded out of his nose.
Providence (Rhode Island) Journal
Carolyn Thornton reports that Boston Celtic point guard Kenny Anderson is out of the lineup with wired-up jaws, subsisting entirely on soup and protein shakes.
The Sun
John Troup reports on 911 emergency telephone call abuses, citing a woman who called for an ambulance because she spilled her chicken soup.
Agence France Presse
Benedicte Manier reports that the mad cow crisis in Europe has speeded up a new French food trend: soup and vegetable bakes as the most frequently consumed dishes in French homes.
In the face of unremitting food fights, cafeteria workers at Paul V. Moore High School in Syracuse, NY, have gone on strike, refusing to serve anything but soup and cold sandwiches.
Associated Press State and Regional
Jim Fitzgerald reports on Hillary Clinton serving soup to HIV and AIDS victims at a Manhattan church.
Scottish Daily Record
Prison guards in Lanarkshire are understandably furious about the fancy Christmas menu, including cream of tomato soup, set out for the inmates this year. "It makes us sick having to serve lovely food to criminals while we miss our Christmas meals at home with our families."
The Guardian (London)
On the last day of his swing through Vietnam, President Clinton elects not to visit the controversial spots like Binh Soup Shop, the Viet Cong's secret wartime headquarters in Hanoi.
Bangkok Post
Thai menus are notorious for their blooper offerings, including "Crap Soup" and "Assholed Sea Food soup," available at Bang Saen Restaurant.
New York Times
Tara Bahrampour reports on U.S. election psychologizing, citing Dr. Gold's dream analysis of a woman who supported Ralph Nader but dreamed she invited neighbor George W. to her home and made soup for him. (Interpretation? she was inviting the enemy into her territory to control him.)
Agence France Presse
Le Thanh Long reports from Hanoi that President Clinton snatched a quick bowl of phó and a banana milkshake while sightseeing in the city.
ABC World News
David Northfield reports on a very special soup can contributed to a Utah food bank: this one had $6K worth of pearls and gold jewelry concealed in a false bottom.
Orlando Sentinel
Stephanie Erikson reports that Florida Circuit Judge Singeltary hid behind his bean soup at Ben's Bread Shop to avoid commenting on the status of the U.S. Presidential election.
Agence France Presse
Jitendra Joshi reports from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Jamboree in Brunei that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah treated high officials to cream of quail soup at its gala dinner.
The Irish Times
Dick Hogan reports that teachers on strike in Cork--in miserable weather--were succoured by the local and sympathetic population with bowls of soup.
The Prague Post
James Pitkin reports that 15 squatters in a Prague communal residence were kicked out by police; now are reduced to living outside and feeding themselves from a bubbling tub of soup over a campfire.
/AP Worldstream
Georgia Republic drought victims are barely surviving on so-called "empty soup"--a clear soup made of 1 potato, 2 tomatoes, water, and salt.
Ottawa Sun
Mark Dorn reports that former Canadian PM Joe Clark has helped solidified his MP run against Eric Lowther in Calgary Centre by eating barley soup with constituents.
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
A half-naked Italian "Tarzan" has been spotted in the trees of a park in Rome. Former Turin nurse Antonio Mollo--who left his career to become free--subsists largely on nettle soup that he cooks on a campstove.
The Glasgow Herald
Cameron Simpson reports on a new film being shot in Scotland. Fly Me To Dunoon, by Director Michael Normand, will feature a New York magazine artist who drowns his exotic fish in chicken soup.
Boston Herald
Judith Wynn reports on the Swiss "Chalet Suzanne" inn in South Florida that sells cans of "Moon Soup," a vegetable blend that is served aboard space shuttles out of Cape Canaveral.
AP Online
Sandra Sobieraj reports that the George W. Bushes and the Dick Cheneys sat down with reporters today at a chilled squash soup lunch to discuss their reactions to the U.S. roller coaster Presidential election.
AP State and Regional
Denise Lavoie reports on how VP hopeful Joe Lieberman's neighbors followed the election results: gathered around the television nervously consuming bowls of specially homemade kosher chicken soup.
PR Newswire
The world's first eRestaurant issued a press release to capitalize on today's election, staging its 2000 Soup Election, with soup candidates running on either the meat ticket, independent seafood ticket, or veggie ticket, piously intoning, May the Best Soup Win.
Economic News
A taxicab is reported to be bombed in Budennovsk, southern Russia, using a blasting assembly camouflaged in a soup powder package.
CBS Early News
In an interview with Senator Lieberman's mother Marcia, Jon Frankel ascertained that, if asked, she would serve chicken soup and matzoh balls to all visiting heads of state at official state dinners.
New York Post
Former Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations Dietgo Arria confides that his most challenging gastronomic experience was a bowl of camel hoof soup in China.
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee)
Stephen D. Price reports that traditional corn soup is on the menu for the scheduled Powwow of the American Indian Association this year.
New York Times
Geeta Shama reports on the reissued 1917 story of Arctic survival White Death, where navigator Valerian Ivanovitch Albanov of the Russian ship Saint Anna describes being trapped in the Kara Sea's ice for two years, and recalls heating sea water and floating dried vegetables in it for soup.
The Hollywood Reporter
Michele Greppi pens an appreciation of the recently deceased entertainer Steve Allen, recalling that he wrote and often sang "Matzoh Ball Soup" at clubs and benefits.