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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: February 2001)

Date Item
Copley News Service
S. Lynn Walker reports on Mexican Zapatista leader Subcommander Marcos, who is focusing on hunger and poverty in Oaxaca, questioning that the people there are being urged to plant vegetables they don't know or like in order to use them in soup for a nutritional diet.
AP et al.
Lenten soup suppers are being held across the United States and the World this Ash Wednesday night.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Mario Lemieux and his Penguin teammates served soup and dinner for $250/plate to benefit the cause of cystic fibrosis.
Daily Telegraph (London)
Adrian Brewer reports on film food specialist Christine Greaves, now working on ideas for the upcoming Harry Potter film and Hagrid's Leaky Cauldron Soup.
Press Association
Jon Smith reports from Camp David that British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush are getting along "pretty darned good" after a bowl of corn chowder soup.
Canada News Wire
The Aliant Pioneers, a volunteer organization, has collected 18,415 cans of soup for food banks in their "Soup It Up Day" in New Brunswick.
Xinhua News Agency, via BBC
Tibetans are celebrating the approach of the Year of the Iron Snake by eating "gutuk," a thick floury soup made of dried milk, radish, peas, highland barley, wheat, Chinese cabbage, ginseng fruits, kidney beans, and dumplings.
Moscow Times
Robin Munro reports on the new tell-all book about Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin, written by their German friend Irene Pietsch, who notes that when she and her husband spent a week vacation at the Putin's Arkhangelskoye dacha, Lyudmila cooked soups for them.
Boston Herald
Steve Bulpett reports on Celt's Paul Pierce, sickened by his hotel's room service soup just before the big game with the Portland Trail Blazers.
AP State and Local Wires
FBI and local police arrest a man in Virginia, claiming to be the surgeon to the Royal family of Thailand, who sold victims a soup he said was a miracle cure for cancer and other life-threatening diseases, clearing over $300,000 in the process. One victim died as a result.
The Times (London)
Oliver August reports from Beijing on the Swiss government's protest of St. Bernard dogs being bred for the dining pleasure of Chinese President Jiang Zemin and other leaders. Among the treasured dishes is a tasty St. Bernard soup.
AAP Newsfeed
Hospital workers in Melbourne, Australia, dressed up in rat suits, walked off the job at Western Hospital to protest sanitary conditions, including a mouse that was allegedly found in the soup there.
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Jan Jarvis reports that 20 rookie members of the Texas Rangers attended etiquette school to learn, inter alia, how to eat soup: "go out like a wave and into your mouth."
The Guardian
Elisabeth Mahoney reports on a new play opening about noted libertine Casanova, noting that the real man, when he was old and ill, recognized too late the value of good Elise von der Recke, who sent him soup when he was sick.
Bangkok Post
Danish Crown Prince Frederik, devilishly handsome, drew crowds to Bangkok's Oriental Hotel, where he was dining with Thai royalty on sweet pea soup with white truffles.
Detroit News
Joe Falls reports that new Detroit Lion's football coach Marty Mornhingweg is mad for cooking soup: "Tomato sauce," he says, "a little bit of water, cut up hotdogs, and it comes out to soup-slash-stew, and my family loves it."
Sunday Business
Helen Jones reports on sea cucumber soup for Valentine's Day, noting it is prized for its aphrodisiac qualities.
Channel NewsAsia
Malaysia hopes to capture the world herbal market with "Tongkat Ali" root, a reknowned herbal aphrodisiac popularly eaten in soup that has scientific backing for its ability to enhance male energy and hormonal levels.
The Independent (London)
Phil Reeves cites an Israeli community leader's reaction to the advent of Ariel Sharon: "We don't hate Barak. I even feel a little sorry for him. He was eating soup that he didn't cook."
AP Online
Laurinda Keyes reports on the good deeds of the prince and princess of Dhrangadhra, who immediately sent trucks of food and wheat soup to the disaster area of Gujarat's earthquake zone.
AP Online
Lisa de Bourbon reports on a recent study by PC Data and Information Resources Inc. that shows greeting cards, soup, breakfast cereal, and Imodium to be among the most popular package goods bought online.
AP Online
Celebrating their Baltimore roots--hats off to the Ravens--astronauts have packed freeze-dried Chesapeake Bay crab soup on the NASA flight that is launching the critical Destiny laboratory module to its new home space station Alpha.
Agence France Presse
Capping the famous Hoogoven chess tournament, the traditional Dutch pea soup was served at the farewell dinner in Wljkaan Zee--a remembrance of the hard times during World War II years. As is typical, foreign guests gulped down the soup course, waiting for the main dish--only to find out that they'd already eaten it.
New York Times
Dianne Portie Lange reports that Sherpas in Nepal routinely recommend garlic soup to prevent and treat mountain sickness.
New York Post
Christopher Francescani and Jack Newfield report that mob wiseguy "Sonny" Franzesi just can't keep his parole bargain and stay away from the Colombo family. Last time he was caught eating spinach soup with Colombo associates (1996); this month same story...and he's back in jail again.
South Bend (Indiana) Tribune
David Rumbach reports that aerobic pioneer Dr. Kenneth Cooper keeps his health by eating soup for lunch every day.
(Edinburgh) Evening News
A survey by Dyno-Rod regarding blockages in the Edinburgh drainage systems shows the most common items flushed through toilets, besides the expected, includes tea leaves, soup, cooking fat, toilet fresheners, goldfish, porridge, and paint.