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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: September 2000)

Date Item
Bangkok Post
A Thai businessman is arrested and 1,700 bottles of bogus birdnest soup are seized in Bangkok. The fake concoction was made with tree sap and sugar instead of bird saliva.
Los Angeles Times
Mike Downey reports that his readers are unhappy with NBC Olympic coverage, suggesting that he "rip NBC to shreds...pluck at it until that peacock is ready to be placed in a pot and make soup."
Washington Post
William Rasberry reports, tongue in cheek, on Whitewater Soup.
Associated Press
David Letterman nails 3 reasons why Gore visited New York City, including "picking up a decent matzoh ball soup for running mate Joe Lieberman."
Miami Herald
Michelle Kaufman reports on the amenities of the Olympic Athletes Village, including a soup cart next to the Czech Residence.
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Vahe Gregorian reports that Dan O'Keeffe, Guam 100-meter butterfly champ, got ill from Olympic Village coconut-crab soup, almost not making opening ceremonies.
USA Today
Andrea Stone and Marin Kasindorf, report that Joe Lieberman, on NBC Late Night, suggests "A matzoh ball in every soup" as a new campaign slogan.
The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida)
Joan Monahan reports that Native Americans met Christopher Columbus with popcorn, using it for jewelry and popcorn soup.
Dmitry Rogozin, Chariman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, is quoted as saying "I will be eating cabbage soup with them [the delegation of European MPs returning from Chechnya] in the State Duma dining my own expense."
Andrew Phillips reports on the pleasures of Sydney during the Olympics, including the traditional Australian "pie floater"--a meat pie in a bowl of thick pea soup/
The Daily Princetonian
A University of Hong Kong professor cites "snake soup tours" (equivalent of White House Coffees or other fundraisers) as the key to success in Hong Kong politics.
Washington Times
Jabeen Bhatti and Ben Barber cite cilled pea soup with cilantro chutney as possibly the last State Dinner soup of Clinton's presidency
News of the World
Vanessa Large and Douglas Thompson report that in his last days, arch British criminal Reggie Kray kept a tin of oxtail beside him, at the ready for eating, on his bedside cabinet.
Sunday Telegraph (London)
Philip Sherwell reports on the brutal treatment of kidnapped British troops in Sierra Leone by a "ganga (marijuana) soup"-fed Small Boys Unit of the West Side Boys gang.
The Hindu
It's reported that the top choice of foods in the Olympic Athletes' Village includ asparagus and potato-leek soups.
Jerusalem Post
Rosalyn Harari reports that the Picasso restaurant manager in Herzliya Pituah was stabbed by customers because of a hair discovered in a bowl of served soup.
Hideko Takayama reports on Japan's "strange objects" epidemic, questioning "Are the famously fastidious Japanese just imagining flies in their soup cans?" Opinions vary, from "no" (Sec-Gen of the Consumers Union) to "yes--obsession with cleanliness is threatening immune systems" (medical professor).
Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)
P. Douglas Filaroski reports on naturalist David George Gordon's lectures "From Soup to Gnats: The Essentials of Bug Cookery," noting in particular a recipe for curried termite stew.
Associated Newspaper's Mail on Sunday
Barbara Jones reports on 6 Royal Irish Regiment military hostages in Sierra Leone, captured by the West Side Boys. The hostages have been split up and are being fed a monotonous diet of groundnut soup and stewed vegetables. Negotiations appear to be proceeding well.
The Irish Times
Conor O'Clery reports from Beijing on legendary sports coach Ma Junren, who has been thrown off the Olympic team with 7 of his runners for allegedly pumping his athletes full of performance enhancing drugs...not to mention donkey hide soup, which was a staple of his training regimen.
Ottawa Citizen
Chris Lambie reports that 39 Russian sailors who abandoned their rusing factory-freezer trawler Bizon in Halifax Harbor have been put up in local homes, pending approval of their refugee status, and are making themselves useful by making their own soups.
AP Online
Brendan Schurr reports on Campbell Soup revisiting its core business, given the slump in its sales, and reinstituting its old slogan: "M'm! M'm! Good!"
Illinois researchers conducted a survey of 1,005 people on their preferred comfort foods. The results? Women like chocolate and cookies. Men like soup, pizza, and pasta.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila breakfasted with Japanese Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko, and other government officials on miso soup and appetizers, followed by fish, beef, and wine--while an orchestra played Japanese composers, Borodin, and Tchaikovsky in the background.
Associated Newspaper's Mail on Sunday
Peter Dobbie reports that PM Tony Blair and wife Cherie returned from a holiday in Italy to be hosted to an uncomfortable meal of "Brown Windsor soup and well hung game" at Balmoral by Queen Elizabeth and family members.
AP State and Local
The inaugural "Borscht Belt Cookoff" was held in Ellenville, NY, this week, center of the famed Catskill "Borscht Belt" resort area--so named because of the fondness for it by its Jewish clientele. Micky Lanza won the award for her thick variety of borscht, with beets, onions, celery, onions, garlic, and basil, topped with sour cream and horseradish.
The Independent (London)
Imre Karacs reports from Berlin that former leftist urban guerrilla Horst Mahler last week joined with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party to endorse xenophobia in Germany: he says,"Foreigners are salt in the soup. Too many foreigners spoil the broth."