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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2000)

Date Item
The American Prospect
Steven Dudley reports on Colombia's drug war, citing German Arenas leading unit members of Colombia's navy to a cocaine-processing lab in remote coca fields, where rice and a fresh pot of soup were discovered bubbling on the laboratory stove.
The Ottawa Citizen
Antonio Todde, world oldest man, born January 22, 1889, credits his longevity in Sicily to a daily diet of pasta, soup, and a glass and a half of red wine.
The Washington Post
Marc Fisher reports that Republican VP candidate Dick Cheney, longtime Washington insider, is known for cooking soup for his friends.
The Times-Picayune
All New Orleans is a'twitter about Grand Slam winner Tiger Woods, fresh from victory at the British Open, about to teach a youth golf clinic there. As part of the planned festivities, Tiger will start off a dinner at Kabby's Sports Edition & Grille--that will auction off his own memorabilia--with turtle soup.
London's Daily Mail
Mike Dickson reports on cricket colossus Alec Stewart's ferocious diet regimes by noting that on a tour of the Indian subcontinent he once ate nothing but chicken and potato, washed down with cups of soup, for 43 nights straight.
People Magazine
Multiple journalists reporting on the "bumpy but forever marriage" of JFK Jr. and wife Carolyn Bessette not Carolyn's devotion to JFK cousin Anthony Radziwell, dying of cancer, by bringing him miso soup during his hospitalizations.
The Korea Herald
Kim Min-hee reports that despite international disapproval, Korea's poshintang--dog meat soup--remains a popular item on summertime menus, as it is reputed to cure summer heat, improve male virility, and improve women's complexions.
Kyodo News Service
Miso soup was on the menu at the Bankoku Shinryokan summit conference hall in Nago, northern Okinawa Prefecture, for Friday's working dinner of the G-8 partners.
Washington Post
Millbank reports that the Bush campaign is ahead of Gore's in keeping reporters well fed, on the principle that "hungry reporters are cranky and aggressive; bloated reporters are docile and content." The secret to George W.'s success? The chicken soup, no doubt.
Kyodo News Service
Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, publicly denounced in Hong Kong the practice of finning sharks for the famous shark fin soup, urging people to reduce consumption in order to save the shark population from extinction: "Every bowl of shark-fin soup involves killing a living animal," he said, "The fins do not grow back. The animal inevitably dies."
The London Guardian
Alex Bellos eulogizes Antonio Moreira da Silva, Rio de Janeiro's favorite malandro and composer of sambas. Da Silva, who recently died at age 98, claimed "My bohemia is soup and eggs, sometimes accompanied with port."
AAP Newsfeed
Janine O'Neill reports on Sydney's 30th City-to-Surf fun run, which featured over 50,000 runners, including superheroes, gorillas, and cans of soup.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Marcus Warren reports that, to creatively respond to financial shortages, prison officials in Yaroslavl are sending out daily contingents of Russian prisoners to catch fish in the Volga to be made into their evening supper of fish soup.
United Press International
Martin Sieff reports that chicken soup is on the menu for Israeli diets at Camp David II negotiations.
In evaluating the 6-month long scandal over the Russian Federal Tender Commission's decision on whether a compliant or feisty tv company should be awarded rights to channel broadcasting ("compliant" won), journalists intoned that "as before, civil procedures in our country serve merely as a screttn for decisions made over a plate of soup."
The Toronto Star
Venus and Serena Williams were aglow at the Wimbleton Ball in London. After their sensational performances on the tennis court, they were glad to dip into the cold cream soup before being sent away to rest before their women's doubles final match less than 12 hours later.
AP Online
Peter Benchley, author of Jaws has joined a conservation group to call for an end to industrial practices that kill more than 100 million shark in pursuit of their fins, for the reknowned aphrodisiacal Asian soup.
Calgary Sun
Members of all five Treaty Seven tribes in Canada are meeting on the Stampede grounds of the Indian Village to watch teepee-raising contests and sample berry soup.
USA Today
Mike Dodd reports that Dodger Tommy Lasorda confesses over a bowl of chicken soup that he is first and foremost a Yankee Doodle he inches his 72 years toward Sydney to manage the U.S. Olympic baseball team.
Chicago Tribune
A 10-year-old boy abandoned by his mother on the Southeast Side was found by police preparing soup.
Associated Press
Senator Orrin Hatch held a Congressional hearing on Compensation for Bataan POWs, including the testimony of Frank Bigelow who was slave laborer in a coal mine in Japan in August 1943, being fed only tiny portions of rice and seaweed soup, so that at a height of 6'4", he weighed only 95 pounds.
Tourists from Britain, Australia, and Irleand were arrested in Phnom Pehn on marijuana charges--the first time ever in Cambodia. They were allegedly dealing and using marijuana in a restaurant. Please note that marijuana is widely available in Cambodian street markets as a seasoning for soup.