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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: March 2002)

Date Item
Africa News
Three brothers were lynched in Kenya yesterday by an angry crowd tired of their many crimes, including scalding the local butcher with hot soup.
L. A. Times
A retrospective of movie director Billy Wilder's life notes that when he arrived in Hollywood in 1934, he could not speak English: "I kind of starved for a little bit," he'd said, "I shared a room with Peter Lorre, and we lived on a can of soup a day."
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Contractor Gregory Tyson, accused of bribing Congressman James Traficante, testified in court that Traficante was okay, but not his own partners who tried to steal his business: "If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, they'd want to kill it and make chicken soup."
AP Worldstream
Chelsea Carter reports that British rock star Elton John pulled out all the stops at his post-Oscars AIDs foundation party, including a meal that opened with roasted pepper soup with lobster.
Business Line
Purobi Menon reports on a New Delhi food festival that accompanied a local museum exhibit of Pablo Picasso's works--not only Picasso's portrait in squid sauce, but also creamy asparagus and tomato soup.
The Nelson Mail
A recent New Zealand survey shows that citizens approved of Prime Minister Helen Clark wearing trousers to greet Queen Elizabeth, but disapproved of her taking "the first sip of soup" at the following state dinner.
AP State and Local
Joshua Akers reports on 10,000 Kansas fans welcoming home the victorious Jayhawks and demanding turtle soup...which they want their team to make of the University of Maryland Terrapins in the NCAA finals.
New York Observer
Rex Reed exposes Liza Minelli's wedding frenzy through her unnamed oldest friend: "Four soup tureens at $4600. a piece? I have never seen Liza eat, order, cook, or serve a bowl of soup!"
Washington Post
Paul Richard reports on the Renwick Gallery's soup bowl exhibit that features "bowls with holes": "One wonders why they bothered...."
AP Worldstream
The world's oldest man--now 113 years of age--celebrates his birthday in Ogori with rice, miso soup, and a little meat.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
David Rennie reports on China under Mao Tse Tung, recalling that his agricultural experiments caused a famine so severe from 1959 to 1962 that people filled their stomachs with a soup made of water and soy sauce.
The Age (Melbourne)
Necia Wilden, et al. report on preparations for Iranian New Year celebrations, stocking up on items like reshteh for the traditional Red Wednesday noodle soup.
Washington Post
Linda Hales reports on Dutch artist Marcel Wanders who sells hundreds of tins of soup for $200/each (it's deductible). These works of art are emptied to feed the homeless with the contents; gilded, signed, numbered, and labeled "Can of Gold"; then sold for $200 with the money going to the D.C. Food Bank.
Sports Illustrated
Franz Lidz reports on the the ferocious sport of Royal Shrovetide Football, played on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday throughout England after a pregame meal of tomato soup, roast beef, and boiled potatoes.
The People
Sean O'Brien reports that actor Jude Law keeps his toe-nail clippings in a soup bowl.
Irish Times
Dermot Gilleece reports that when British Open champion David Duval was asked what he expected in return for allowing his club to display the Claret Jug, he replied, "Maybe I'll get a free bowl of soup."
Los Angeles Times
Kenneth Weiss reports on conservationists asking Pope John Paul II to declare sea turtles "meat" so they will no longer be eaten in traditional Lenten soups in Mexico. Throughout history, turtles have been eaten during Lent because the Catholic Church has not classified them as forbidden meat.
Birmingham Post
Strathclyde University researchers at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary have found organic vegetable soups to contain 6 times as much natural salicylic acid (that healps combat bowel cancer and hardening arteries) as in non-organic soups.
USA Today
Judy Keen reports that Vice President Dick Cheney feasted with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek on soup with pasta before digging into the lamb.
UK Newsquest
Uri Geller recalls in this interview that "when I was four I was eating soup and the spoon bent in my hand as I lifted it to my mouth. I thought it was normal. Later I realized I had something special."
Borneo Bulletin
Azaraimy H. Hasib reports that restauranteus and big supermarkets in Brunei are selling pirated products such as faked abalone and bird's nest soups.
Associated Press
Joan Brunskill reports than any restaurant worth its salt will be serving leek and potato soup on St. Patrick's Day, and that includes Gallagher's Steak House.
Entertainment Weekly
Clarissa Cruz reports that Ghost World's Scarlett Johansson has given up matzo ball soup for Lent--"too many carbohydrates."
Press Association
Hugh Dougherty reports that a new study shows 2 servings of tomato soup a week can cut the risk of developing prostrate cancer by up to 36%.
Bulletin's Frontrunner
Former Vice President Al Gore served black bean soup to Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliff at his Arlington home as an opening shot for staging a political comeback.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Tom Wheatley interviews Reinhold Henningsen, friend of pool great Minnesota Fats, who recalls the time Fats' wife Evelyn sent him home one night with chicken soup, in appreciation for bringing Fats home.
First time Olympic skier from Iran Bagher Kalhor reflects on his experience at Salt Lake City, admitting he loved American soups and other foods.
Business Wire
A patent approval has been given for a new bulk "beverage carafe," which will permit the safe transportation of 96-fluid ounce quantities of soup without any loss of quality.
Baltimore Sun
Peter Hermann reports Rachel Theler, West Bank teenager and victim of a suicide blast, is most remembered for making soup and delivering it to the soldiers guarding the entrance gate to her settlement.
Glasgow Herald
Suki Urquhard reports on old Scottish curling (or kuting) traditions, including half time feasts of grilled sausages and great pans of soup washed down with whiskey.
Miami Herald
Actress Julia Roberts has been sighted in Miami with new man Danny Moder, "holding hands, kissing, and sharing a bowl of chicken soup" at the Purto Sagua restaurant.