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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: October 1999)

Date Item
Remaining month of October News service interrupted
Asahi News Service
Toshimichi Matsumoto reports that instant ramen noodle soup--invented 41 years ago in Japan by Nissin Food Product founder Momofuku Ando--has just reached an all time production high: in 1998, about 42 billion packets of the soup were eaten worldwide--with seven times as much consumed outside of Japan (in some 70 countries) as in Japan.
The Toronto Star
A recent poll of Canadian academics has ranked Canada's 20 prime ministers from best to worst, setting off a firestorm of controversy and producing three books on the subject. Turns out that Sir John Thompson was "the great might-have-been" except that at age 49 he died over his soup at Windsor Castle.
The Washington Post
The Tiger Lillies, West Yorkshire Playhouse, and Lyric Theatre Hammersmith presented Shockheaded Peter, A Junk Opera at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, to a sparse audience that nevertheless appreciated the segment on Poor Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup. Yes, of course I was there.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Channel 5 newsreader Kirsty Young was married to Nick Jones, hotelier, in a candlelit ceremony decorated with empty Campbell soup tins that were stuffed with pink roses. Mr. Jones indicated at the celebrity occasion that the motivation was "simplicity. I've been eating it for months."
South China Morning Post
A 52-year-old woman found a dead rat in a bowl of watercress soup she bought from a noodle shop in canton road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
Chicago Tribune
Chef Ted Cizma of area restaurant Grace (West Randolph Street) claims to have made and served soup from a supply of lion tails he received, describing it as similar to oxtail soup.
Africa News
Mercedes Sayagues reports on war-weary Angolan town Malange, bombed daily by Unita...with no agriculture, commerce, or business...sustained only by 40 soup kitchens scattered throughout the town.