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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: April 2001)

Date Item
Vancouver Sun
Dave Stubbs reports that Canadian speed skater Catriona LeMay Doan confesses she hides her gold and bronze Olympic medals behind soupcans in her apartment's pantry.
CBS Early News
Elizabeth and Bob Dole, High Cotton Republican couple, coo on CBS News Live about who's going to be home first "to heat up the soup" for the other at the end of a long day in Washington power corridors.
Calgary Herald
Dee Hobsbawn-Smith writes elegantly on "Simple Spring Soups," highlighting SoupSong Soup Jokes.
Arizona Republic
Dave Hawkins discusses the role of Kingman, AZ, in the Oklahoma City bombing, realling the trailer where Timothy McVeigh used soup cans to demonstrate to friends how he would configure barrels of explosives to bomb the Murrah federal building.
London Sunday Times
Mark Franchetti and Tom Rhodes repoort on Dennis Tito, 60-year-old American cosmonaut who paid $20 millioin for a round trip ticket to space and enjoys business class meals of Russian soups in toothpaste tubes to sustain him during his 8-day flight.
Gloucester Echo
Curators and zookeepers at the local zoo lament the passing of a premature baby King Penguin chick, who expired after 3 feeds of squid soup.
Vancouver Sun
George Fetherling notes that Debra Lynchberg's book True Confessions of a Waitress reveal the unspeakable: yes, it is true that waitresses DO spit in your soup if you give them a hard time..
Central News Agency
Chang Jer-Shong and Deboral Kuo report that King Mswati III of Swaziland became sick after eating soup prepared by Lambikiza, one of his 8 wives, who immediately fled to Britain to live with her ambassador father.
Fort Worth (TX) STar Telegram
Beverly Bundy reports on "Nuts for Coconuts," featuring SoupSong's Cold Cruel Hearts of Palm Soup.
The Guardian (London)
Nicola Norton interviews online media mogul John Hardie, who confesses that to his mind is "the least useful site on the web." He singles out the shark fin soup scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to illustrate.