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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: October 2000)

Date Item
Richard Behar reports on Beijing's phony war against piracy crimes, citing a survey that showed enterprises marketing viagra soup and other products with ripped off versions of the new super drug.
Bangkok Post
Chinese President Jiang Zemin entertains the Queen of Thailand in Shanghai, serving "Monk jumps over the wall" soup.
Kate Pocock reports on Toronto's famous ghost at Kensington Avenue that cooks chicken soup in the basement.
Mitchell Fink and Lauren Rubin report that actor Matthew Perry has emerged from drug rehab and the hospital describing his fragility on the season's first "Friends" episode: "I was still healing. I couldn't eat more than chicken soup. By the second episode, you can see I'm better."
Peter Gianotti describes the Subway Series as "Ravioli vs. Soup Dumplings."
Irish Times
Palestinian residents of Hebron, confined to their homes, complain they are forced to feed their families on one meal a day of thick soup.
Toronto Star
The University of Nebraska Medical Center has developed scientific proof that chicken soup cures colds: laboratory tests show it stops the movement of neutrophils, which when active stimulate the release of mucous, which is possibly the cause of coughs and stuffy noses.
Jerusalem Post
Heidi Gleit reports that a neighborhood toddler was badly burned by a pot of boiling soup during a Succot celebration at a yeshiva.
The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida)
Barbara Sigsworth reports on the opening of "Soup du Jour" theater, where the audience is invited to taste the soup made on stage as well as buy cans of it in the cause of charity after the show.
Malaysian General News
NASA is reported to be developing new space foods, including miso soup, to vary the astronauts' meals in space.
Associated Press state & local
Athabascan Chief Peter John celebrates his 100th birthday in Alaska with moosehead soup.
The Evening News (Edinburgh)
Scottish actor Billy Riddoch reveals the source of Spud's soiled sheets in the film Trainspotting: "oxtail soup with bits of bread in it."
Rosie McDonnell recalls sitting in the kitchen at age 4 listening to Mom singing Streisand's "Second Hand Rose" and making chicken noodle soup.
AP Worldstream
Chinese Premier Zhu Rongi follows a tour to a Japanese robot factory dining on a bowl of shark fin soup.
Africa News
Vien Bermigbo Tetsola, Miss Nigeria, identifies carrot soup with plaintains as her favorite food.
U.S. Newswire
The U.S. Senate passed legislation to halt the practice of shark finning, used to supply providers of the fabled Asian Shark Fin soup.
The Sun
Trevor Kavanagha, in a heartfelt tribute to just deceased Scotteish secretary Donald Dewar, describes him as a man "who drank his soup at arm length" and whose shirts, accordingly, were often stained.
U.S. Newswire
Wyler's Soup is commemorating its 70th anniversary by preparing the world's biggest bowl of soup.
AAP News Feed
As Germany gets swept up in the gourmet soup craze, "Soupkultur" opens in Berlin--17 square meters of bubbling soup pots.
Calgary Sun
Ed Whalen reports that Newfoundland law once required vessels in the seal hunt to serve soup on Saturdays.
Scottish Daily Record
Joan Burnie, advice columnist, responds to woman so anxious about her husband's standoffishness that she is spiking his soup with ginseng.
NBC Today
Guests advice Al Roker that Columbus likely fed the crews of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria bean soup with prosciutto and a grated rind of cheese.
Irish Times
Declan Walsh reports from Africa on the poverty of professional diamond miners. Forty-year-old Congolese Kombazi Owesaka is depicted making soup for dinner out of thorny caterpillars.
Singapore News
A teenaged boy pleads guilty to multiple charges of assaulting and molesting his family's maid, but denies pouring hot soup on her stomach.
Daily Yomiuri
Jeremy Walker reports that Tokyo-based Olympic marathon silver medalist Eric Wainaina from Kenya revealed his pre-Olympic race meal as udon noodles--and also added that he'd eaten Miso soup everyday at the Olympic Village.
The Observer
Edward Helmore quotes popular writer Stephen King as describing Bryan Smith, the man who ran him over on a Maine Road, as a "guy who has the IQ of a tomato soup can. An empty tomato soup can."