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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: December 2000)

Date Item
Miami Herald
Miami Heat forward Cedric Ceballos has been warned by his coach that he can't play until he reduces from 252 to 230 pounds. On a largely soup diet, he says he is making good progress.
News of the World
Dave Goddard reports that an elderly woman and middle aged man in Manchester, England, beat off 4 armed robbers at a Somerfield supermarket by pelting them with heavy cans of soup, pineapple, and beans.
AP Worldstream
"Hello Kitty" producers are protesting plans for two movies to be made that are based on a true story of a gruesome murder that ended with a human skull hidden in a Hello Kitty doll. The name of the movie? "There's a Secret in My Soup."
Canberra Times
Guardian staff writer Margaret Busby reports on the death of writer Gwendolyn Brooks, at 83, recalling that the poet agreed her story Maud Martha was based in part on her own life, saying "There's fact-meat in the soup, among the chunks of fancy."
Associated Press
Sidney Schaer memorializes the death of Rabbi Irving Koslow, who served as Jewish Chaplain at New York's Sing Sing prison. Schaer recalls how Koslow often brought matzoh ball soup to the prisoners. Over his 50-year tenure, Koslow witnessed 17 executions, including Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
Lucknow police seized over 800 turtles from a gang suspected of trying to smuggle them to Southeast Asia for turtle soup.
Agence France Presse
President Clinton signs into law the act forbidding the practice of shark finning, an industry that supplies the famous Asian speciality shark fin soup.
Associated Press State & Local Wire
85-year-old Nello Coccrelli kept his annual 3-day vigil ouside Fairfield, CT, Town Hall's Nativity Scene, warmed only by the hot chicken soup brought by his friend on Christmas day.
Agence France Presse
Evacuees from tbe Mexican villages in danger of Popocatapetl's eruption are being fed a meal of chicken and soup on Christmas night.
Los Angles Times
Cambodian Christians are reported to be holding special services that include songs, dramas, and curry soup or crab.
The Scottish Herald
Madonna is reported to celebrate her Scottish wedding by ignoring the medieval feast and eating only a high energy soup.
Entertainment Weekly
NBC Comic Conan O'Brien mocks Dan Rather's election coverage in this article, saying "He's like a man in the park. Someone should get him a coat and some soup."
Daily Telegraph
PowerGen CEO and Chairman "Big Ed" Wallis is reported to be on The Cabbage Soup Diet.
Business World
Hong Kong continues its tradition of cure-alls by recommending 5-snake soup to keep away winter colds.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach
Afefe Tyehimba reports that California researchers confim that women with fertility problems are more likely to become pregant after drinking soup from the vitamin-rich leaves of the baobab tree.
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Mr. Ha Hai, deputy of outlawed Vietnamese Buddhist sect Hoa Hao and currently under police detention, is reported to be eating rice soup, not fasting as has been feared by the general population.
New York Times
Sophia Kishkovsky reports from Moscow that the Moscow Symphony Orchestra is about to go on tour, with a $5./day budget, prompting members to stock up on dried soups to supplement meals on the road.
Baltimore Sun
Susan Baer reports that President-elect George W. Bush met with President Clinton over bowls of curried squash soup to discuss international matters, including Korea's missile program.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Mazen Al-Najjar, University of Southern Florida professor, has been freed from a Tampa prison after nearly 4 years of being held without being charged. He joined some 250 family and friends to celebrate at the Al-Qassar Mosque, breaking the Ramadan fast with hot lentil soup.
Associated Press state and regional wire
Bert Herman reports on the physical condition of Edmond Pope, U.S. businessman and convicted Russian spy who was pardoned by Putin and released: he is ailing after losing 25 pounds in Lefortovo prison from a low vitamin diet of soup, potatoes, fish, and porridge.
BBC via Polish news agency PAP
Some 400 nurses--who are on strike and have occupied the Ministry of Health in Warsaw, Poland--are being supplied daily on the picket lines with buckets of hot soup.
Chicago Tribune
Cheryl Lavin reports on habits of The Three Tenors, saying Placido Domingo's ritual before every performance is to "have a little clear soup and then grilled chicken or veal."
PR Newswire
The ban against shark soup finning practices was upheld as the U.S. Senate passes a key bill against it--which awaits endorsement by President Clinton to become law.
Associated Press state and local
Heidi B. Perlman reports that USS Cole bombing victim Petty Officer 3rd Class Rochester Santiago was remembered at a memorial service both for his humanity and for his "mean cream of broccoli soup."
Washington Post
Lloyd Grove reports on Senator Hillary Clinton testing out the Senate Bean Soup at retiring Senator Moynihan's dinner party. "I liked it very much," she said.
Japan Economic Wire
Empress Michiko presented sweet adzuki bean soup to over 500 children evacuated from Miyakejima Island in September, due to the eruption of Mount Oyama, saying, "I'm worried about your prolonged evacuation life. Please warm yourself with shiruko soup as it is getting cold."
Ottawa Citizen
Christopher Guly reports on the recovery of a lost photo album that shows Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, posing in a bikini, striking a sexy pose, and serving soup as a faux model in a commercial.
Associated Press State and Local Wire
John Nadel reports that L.A. Laker star Kobe Bryant fought through the sniffles to score 38 points against Dallas to take the lead in the NBA scoring race with a 28.4-point average. "I'm going home, eat some soup, go right to bed," he said.