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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 1999)

Date Item
AP Online
Krishnan Guruswamy reports that India is feeding its soldiers lentil soup to fortify them along the cease-fire line that divides Kashmir between the hostile nations of India and Pakistan.
CNN Morning News
FBI Fugitive Task Force Leader says his team is looking for "Railway Killer" Ramirez in area soup kitchens. Ramirez was recently added to the FBI's Top Ten List.
NBC News at Sunrise
Ten years after running the Exxon Valdez aground in Alaska and unleashing 11 million gallons of oil in Prince William Sound, Captain Joseph Hazelwood has started his community service at Bean's cafe, an Anchorage soup kitchen. After 9 years of appeals, Hazelwood took leave from his job as a paralegal and maritime expert at his attorney's New York law firm to begin his sentence of 1,000 hours of community service.
The Independent (London)
Euan Cameron reports on a new book by Sorbonne history professor Alain Corbin which analyzes the meaning of bells in 19th century French, noting that in Sarralbe in the Moselle, a bell was rung whenever soup was distributed to the poor.
Business Week
Mohamad Ramli, 17-year-old who sells chicken noodle soup on a 2-wheel cart owned by his parents, expresses Indonesia's extravagant hopes for the election of Megawati Sukarnoputri, daughter of Sukarno, when he says, "When she becomes president, I'll be able to afford my own noodle cart."
AP Online
Forbes List of the World's 465 Billionaires (excluding dictators and royalty) include four inheritors of the Campbell Soup fortune--#205 at $2.4 billion; #232 at $2.1 billion; #303 at 1.6 billion; and #368 at $1.4 billion.
AP Online
Lisa Adams reports on the earthquake in San Mateo Ozolco, Mexico, that soldiers hoisted bags of potatoes and chicken through the wreckage and made chicken soup to feed to the dispossessed.
Agence France Presse
China's Health Ministry in Beijing has vowed to crack down on a trend by restauranteurs of mixing highly addictive opium poppy seeds into their beef soup. This action follows a survey of 45 hot-pot restaurants in Shanghai last January that found a quarter of them added ingredients derived from poppies that served to addict their customers.
Sydney Morning Herald
Labor politicians in Australia ridiculed efforts to tax pre-prepared foods by waving soup packets in parliament. As a result, GST legislation will be significantly narrowed to include a description of the difference between pre-prepared and other foods.
The (Vancouver, WA) Columbian
Tom Vogt reports that a local elementary school teacher kept his promise to students for reading a total of over 4,000 books during the Spring Book Drive. Sunset School principal Chuck Whittey made and ate "goop soup"--puréeing together spinach, sardines, snails, caviar, and ketchup, with a few crackers, vegetables, and vanilla wafers. After the first few spoonfuls, he poured it in a glass and chugged it down, saying it was "the most incredibly awful stuff I've eaten in my life."
The Irish Times
Katie Donovan reports on the channelling healer João Teixeira de Faria, "The Entity" in Abadiania, Brasil, who ministers to thousands of ill pilgrims (including Shirley MacLaine), healing them of pain and terminal diseases and, every morning at 11 am, feeding them "a bowl of stodgy vegetable soup" that tastes "like manna from heaven."
India Today
Manish Malhotra and others object to fashion show trends in Bangalore that allow patrons to sip mulligatawny soup as models display the newest creations. They say the food diminishes the seriousness of the event--and "if Bangalore is to boost itself as a fashion centre, it preferably should not mix soups with silhouettes."
Deutsch Presse-Agentur
Jim Anderson reports that, to tide over starving, hidden Kosovars during the cease-fire, USAID is airdropping lentil soup and other protein rich foods in bright yellow plastic bags. To date, 20,000 2-kilogram packets have been shoved out of an aging cargo craft that's piloted by a fearless crew from Moldova.
The Christian Science Monitor
Michael Baker reports from Seoul that a Mr. Lim (who refused to give his full name) is opening a restaurant specializing in dog soup, which by custom is believed to cool one off on hot summer days. Although animal rights activists are protesting, one Korean lawmaker is hoping to introduce legislation that would re-legalize the eating of dog meat--an initiative that may be killed for political reasons--the 2002 World Cup Korea is co-hosting with Japan.
KCNA news agency, Pyongyang
President Kim Il-sung served officials a stark lunch of dried radish leave soup with bean paste. When these officials questioned why the simple meal was served when it was niether the time of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle nor wartime, the leader replied that he was recalling the past arduous days and sharing the frugal lives of his subjects.
The Calgary Sun
Anne Dawson reports from Ottawa that Health Minister Allan Rock is expected to announce the establishment of a government-controlled marijuana farm that will conduct clinical trials with a British firm that makes marijuana soup for distribution to patients who eat it for medical reasons.
Scottish Daily Record
Two Scottish mothers are launching legal battles after their children (6 and 7 years old) were scalded with hot soup at their schools. Little Corey slipped while carrying a plate of minestrone; little Marisa was burned by potato soup.
Chicago Tribune
Chicago's "Dmitri Shostokovich" festival/"Russian Revelation" served "fish eggs, cold soup, and music" to raise money for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The soup was borscht.
North Korean soldiers were rewarded by villagers near Pyongyang with hot soup and rice after they spent 4 hours saving a small boy who had fallen into a deep well.
AP Worldstream
Pope John Paul II celebrated his possibly last return to his homeland of Poland with a meal of beet and sour milk soup at the chapel of the Holy Mary of Czestochowa.
Orlando Sentinel
Jim Abbott reports that a re-broadcast of the old "Leave It To Beaver" television series features an episode when the Beav and his buddies get stuck in a huge soup cup on a billboard.
Sacramento Bee
The 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled that a diner who had an allergic reaction to monosodium glutamate in a bowl of vegetable soup is entitled to a trial on whether the restaurant should have warned him that MSG was an ingredient in the soup. Mr. David Lingston claimed he suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage following the soup course at Marie Callender's restaurant in Toluca Lake in July 1993.
The London Daily Telegraph
Reflections upon the death of British Captain Sir Anthony Thorold, at age 95, include his memoirs of being torpedoed by a Japanese midget submarine while onboard the battleship Ramillies. "We had got as far as the soup" in the wardroom, he recalled,"when there was a huge explosion. That was the end of our dinner."
Central Broadcasting Station, Pyongyang
Kim Chong-il has paid an inspection visit to a North Korean army unit, advocating that commanding officers should take care of their troops "with parental affection." Comrade Kim Chong-il appreciated the rigors of military training and said that "warm rice and soup should always be supplied to the soldiers" even if it meant using a carriage to carry cooking kettles.
Africa News
Primarashni Pillay reports that, in response to South Africa's national election, the governing body of Malelane Primary School, near Kaapmuiden, used its voting station status as an opportunity to raise funds by selling boerewors rolls, soup, and vetkoek to voters.
Bristol Evening Post
Baptist minister Keith Clements, of Bristol, England, left his goulash soup in Budapest to meet with Slobodan Milosevic, the day he was indicted for war crimes, to confront the Yugoslav leader with evidence of Serb ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.
The Newcastle Journal
87-year-old pensioner John Chapman, who lived 30 years in Newcastle, UK, by dining on a bowl of tinned soup every day and carrying his possessions in plastic shopping bags, has died and left an estate of over 1.2 million pounds--all to unsuspecting friends.
The Washington Post
Keith Richburg reports from Indonesia on an interview over fish ball soup with Megawati Sukarnoputri, 52-year-old daughter of Sukarno who is currently running for the office of President. Political commentators are optimistic about her chances, saying "we need a president who...doesn't talk to much, doesn't say too much."
Deutsche Press Agentur
Kai Portmann reports from Shanghai on a woman who found a long hair among the wontons of the soup she was ceremonially ladling out to friends in a fancy restaurant--and, getting no satisfaction from the restaurant, took her complaint to the East Radio Shanghai Hotline. This new venue of consumer protection works: Wang got an on-the-air apology from the restaurant owner, who then blamed everything on the waitress.
The Ladies Home Journal
Kathryn Casey reports that the Dilley Sextuplets celebrate their 6th year modestly, while Dad works 10-hour shifts at United Airlines and Mom works from home as a part time telephone practical nursing consultant and feeds the family with "a lot of soup and casseroles."
John Jeansonne reports that Knicks guard Chris Childs is nursing himself back to health from the flu for his team's stretch run by ordering "some soup."