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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 2001)

Date Item
Tulsa World
Bill Sherman reports that an early slogan of the Salvation Army was "soup, soap, and salvation."
Evening Standard (London)
An unidentified journalist reports on helping to inaugurate a Huichol spirit house in Mexico by drinking a bowl of deer soup, incubated in the sun for 3 days to bring out Kauyuman, the essence of deer spirit--describing the taste as "pure animal musky, pungent, foxy, and fizzed gently on the tongue. It tasted alive."
New York Post
Robert Hardt, Jr., provides an update on the 30-day hunger strike by the Reverend Al Sharpton, Vieques protester who vowed only to eat soup to stay alive. A good friend notes, "He's lost 29 pounds, and he looks good."
USA Today
Andy Seiler reviews the life of just deceased actor Jack Lemmon, recalling his decision after graduation from Harvard to pursue acting in New York. Lemmon said about it, "The room I rented had no windows but it only cost $1.75 a week. Mostly I lived on tomato soup."
Agence France Presse
Goren Inanisevic, hunky Croatian tennis champion, is dining every night at the same restaurant and eating exclusively fish soup, lamb and chips, and ice cream with chocolate sauce during the Wimbleton matches. So far it's working.
New Straits Times (Malaysia)
Edward Durall reports on an interesting historical item: In March 1889, Tchaikovsky was hosted for lunch by Brahms in Hamburg, Gemany. They bonded when they discovered they both had the same favorite soup and proceeded to get drunk together--but they sobered up fast once the on site orchestra began to play their respective compositions. Both disliked the other's music intensely.
Business Wire
NASA-produced chicken noodle soup, minestrone, and potato soup--packaged for astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station--is now for sale at The Space Store ( for $9.95 a crack. Each has a shelf life of 5 years.
Mail on Sunday
Malcome Folley reports on Anna Kournikova, gorgeous Russian tennis powerhouse, currently dropped out of Wimbleton because of a foot injury--saying she brought soup for lunch from home to the Spartak Club in Moscow every day from age 7 to 11.
Daily Mail
Australia's infamous cricketeer Funky Miller recalls camping in an eco-village on the Amazon and swimming in waters where piranha are caught to make soup.
Indianapolis Star
S.L. Berry reports on the 9th Annual Indian Market Fair, representing 50 tribes across the U.S. and Canada, which is serving sunflower seed soup, made by a member of the Miami Nation.
Lawyer's Weekly
Gary Oakes reports that new Chief Justice of British Colombia Lance Sidney George Finch likes to cook vegetable soup in his off hours.
AP Online
Veselin Toshkov reports that former Bulgarian King Simeon III, long an exile and now hoping to become Bulgarian Prime Minister, is known for digging enthusiastically into a bowl of traditional Bulagarian white bean soup.
Los Angeles Times
Henry Chu reports on China's new emphasis on middle class etiquette, including a rash of new books on the correct way to sip soup and eat other edibles.
Indianapolis Star
Myrta Pulliam reports that U.S. tourists currently touring Iran are served barley soup at every meal.
New York Times
Jonathan Kaplan reports on the sport of cycling, noting that illegal drug use by cyclists is not a modern phenomenon: in the 1920s, cyclists used cocaine, which they called "eagle soup" because it made them fly.
Calgary Herald
Pushta Nishin reports on the "air soup" of starving Afghan refugees--that is, parents who sprinkle a little flour into water and serve it to their children to fool them into thinking they've had a proper meal.
Palm Beach Post
A 101-year-old golfer who shot a hole-in-one at Deerfield Country Club in Florida (his 6th in his lifetime) described his success as stemming from rigid habits, to include playing golf 4 times every week and eating a bowl of soup and drinking warm beer for lunch on each of those 4 days.
BPI Entertainment News
U.S. actor Aiden Quinn recalls being a student at Trinity College, Dublin, and acting in "lunch-time theaters," where for 50 pence onlookers got to eat soup, a sandwich, a hunk of cheese, and watch a play.
Worcester Telegram and Gazette
Manny Ramirez, Red Sox slugger, returned to the line up on the 13th thanks to his mom, who travelled all the way from Miami to make the chicken soup that cured him.
Washington Post
Philip P. Pan reports on the appalling conditions of China's prisons, citing the plight of prison laborers who are fed only tiny meals of dirty vegetables and seaweed soup.
Wilmington Star-News
Amanda Greene reports on cold soups, noting the Cold Cruel Hearts of Palm soup recipe located at
Anne-Marie O'Neill et al. report that actress Brook Shields and groom Chris Henchy celebrated their wedding with carrot and ginger soup.
CNN World Report
Otavia Nasr and Katinka Nowotny report on 9 Viennese musicians who buy fresh vegetables for each concert and play them (e.g., a cucumberophone), then cook them into soup at the end of the concert.
CTK National News Wire
Czech Premier Milos Zeman admitted that the first case of mad cow disease had been discovered , but assured the press that there was no need to panic, ostentatiously eating beef soup and sirloin with Czech KFOR troops in Kosovo to prove his point.
Calgary Herald
Bill Deters, retired with his Thai-born wife from Lockheed Martin in the U.S. to a remote NW Thailand farm, has created a refuge for damaged rare animals, including an Asiatic black bear that he rescued from a Bangkok restaurant that was going to use it to make bear paw soup.
Financial Times (London)
Yassir Arafat hangs tough in Israeli negotiations over a bowl of vegetable soup, declaring the fragile ceasefire will not hold unless Israel meets existing agreements.
AP State and Local Wire
Firefighters outside Seattle report their soup was stolen from their station during a medical emergency. The culprit: a neighborhood dog.
Miami Herald
Patty Shillington reports that 115-year-old his Holiness Sri Swami Buaji Maharaj, teaching Hatha yoga in South Beach, Florida, loves to serve his students lentil soup.
The Times (London)
Robert Whymant in Tokyo reports that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi maintains the traditional practices of slurping his noodle soup.
Chicago Sun Times
Michael Sneed reports that Jimmy Buffett, dining on Thai soup at Big Bowl in Chicago, responded to his server's remark "Wow, I really like your music," by saying, "Wow, I really like your food."
Fox News
Al Sharpton's lawyers claim that their client has been eating soup throughout his 90-day incarceration at a Brooklyn jail for his protest on Vieques Island, despite Sharpton's claims that he has been fasting.
Somluck Srimalee reports on Thai entrepreneur and food science expert Wanchai Somchit, who has made a small fortune marketing crocodile soup to China, Taiwan, and South Korea.
Boston Herald
Laurel J. Sweet reports on the death of film legend Anthony Quinn, who in his last days ate almost exclusively soup and house salad at Hotpoint, a restaurant in Bristol, Rhode Island.
St. Petersberg Times (Florida)
Ed Ouioco reports that Mayor Beverland of Pinellas, Florida, outraged constituents when he took an anti-environmental position on water policy issues, saying, "My solution is to tap into some of these natural springs. Tap into something. Somebody's going to get upset at me. That's fine. But if I'm the last man on Earth and there are two turtles out there, they are soup."
New York Times
Susan Saulny reports on Al Sharpton's fast at the Brooklyn jail, where he is serving 90 days time for his protest activities over the Navy's presence on Vieques island. Mom Ada could not persuade him to eat the bowl of soup he wanted and needed because, he said, he was strengthened in his fast by Coretta Scott King's note of support for it.
Jennifer Wulff and Johnny Dodd report on how Animal House star Stephen Furst ("Flounder" Dorfman) weaned himself away from his beloved Kung pau soup so that he could adjust to the onset of diabetes.
Daily Telegraph (London)
Angus "Statto" Loughran, notorious betting guru, accidentally swallowed his false teeth while eating soup in a pub. X-rays showed them gleaming in his stomach "like a glow worm." So far, no movement to recover them.
Straits Times (Singapore)
A Hong Kong tv show has outraged viewers by its tastelessness, showcasing in particular a Superwoman Competition that featured babes in bikinis drinking boiled lizard soup, among other things.