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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: April 1999)

Date Item
The Birmingham (England) Post
The Department of Health reports that 6,000 cans of Organic Valley Vegetable Soup (batch numbers 2VS1 9074, 2VS2 9074, and 2VS1 9076) may be contaminated with botulism and should be removed from store shelves.
The Arizona Republic
Paola Boivin reports that Jeremy Roenick, injured star center of the Phoenix Coyotes, continues to nurse his shattered jaw with meals of cream soups...and still has lost two pounds. It was Dallas Stars' captain Derian Hatcher who put the check on Roenick that smashed his jaw.
The Moscow Times
Pensioners in Moscow, forced to live on 430 rubles ($17.20) a month and only 6 rubles a day for food, make do with a diet of cabbage soup and porridge. Poor 72-year-old Antonina Khrymova says she "hasn't bought a single gram of butter since the crisis."
The London Sunday Times
Tigers in Cambodia are hunted by locals with landmines to sell for profit--not only their skins, but also their bones, which are prized as an ingredient for sexual performance-enhancing soups. "Good for the man," shout Cambodian stallholders, as they hawk their illegal tiger parts.
Malaysian New Straits Times Press
Malaysian badminton champion Cheah Soon Kit attributes his smashing game to a good and flexible diet, including particularly sharks' fin soup.
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
New synagogue rising on the ashes of Kaliningrad's devastated Jewish population hopes to establish a soup kitchen under entrepreneurial Rabbi David Schwedik, who came to the city a year ago to coordinate the 2,000-member community.
AP Online
Gek Seg Kaliappan was sentenced to one week in jail for smuggling 105 cobras and 2,441 rat snakes from Thailand into Malaysia. The snakes, protected under the Malaysian Wildlife Protection Act, were intended for use in soup bowls of Chinese restaurants. Gek, who was tried in a Perlis state court, was also ordered to pay a $2,900 fine.
COMLINE News Service
Japan's Pokka Corporation has just produced a new soup product: Jikkuri Kotokoto Yasai de Soup ni, a retort-packaged soup, in 3 flavors--tomato, milk, and consommi.
Yomiuri Shimbun
Cheiko Fukushi reports on breakfast trends in Japanese working women, revealing that "rice and miso soup remain the two favorite breakfast foods among women."
National Public Radio
NPR unveils archive interview of Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham at the Algonquin hotel lunching on a bowl of Senegalese soup with his editor Barbara Grossman.
Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin)
Tibetan monk Palden Gyatso, 68, details the torture he underwent at the hands of the Chinese, also noting that the only food was soup: "There was so much water in the soup that you could see your face in it."
AP Online
Andrew Selsky reports on the South African crime wave, detailing how revered Soweto elementary school principal Gwendoline Jele was shot to death by thieves in her own school, then stripped of her car keys and jewelry. Mrs. Jele was described as a "tough but compasionate principal who doled out soup to the needy children."
The Atlanta Constitution
When violent tornados in Vienna, Georgia, USA, left 800 people without homes, the Mennonite Disaster Service spun into action, turning out 100 gallons of soup in under 2 hours, available at the local fire station. Ralph Edwards reports that Georgia cordinator for the Mennonite Disaster Service allowed as how, "we may have made a little too much soup."
The Kansas City Star
Jonathan Rand reports that Ebenezer Ekuban, the "Ghana pirhana" and #1 defensive NFL draft pick, prefers African corn-okra-peanut butter soup to fast food. "We had a layover in London in our way to the united States and I had a hamburger," he recalled. "I threw up. I didn't like it."
The Atlanta Constitution
Rhonda Cook reports that Janie Gibbs, 66, has been released from prison after 31 years, because she is suffering from Parkinson's disease and is very sick. Ms. Cook, who killed her husband, 3 sons, and a grandson over two years' time, from 1/66 to 10/67, put arsenic in the soup. She said at the time that she didn't know why she did it, but insurance money was apparently a motive.
The Ottawa Citizen
Tony Paterson reports from Berlin that Ibrahim Rugova, moderate leader of Kosovan Albanians (KLA), was held captive by police in his home in Pristina until he agreed to appear on television with Slobodan Milosevic and sign a joint communique stating his people wanted a peaceful "political solution." Mr. Rugova, with his wife, 3 children, and 11 family members, cut off from the world, lived on "toast and soup."
African News
Former financial journalist Nigel Bruce is forced to apologize publicly for an editorial he wrote 8 years ago, stating then that it was pleasant to be served in restaurants by white teenagers from rich families rather than a "surly tribesman with his thumb in the soup and his eye on the clock." His intent at the time, he states, was to be satirical and provocative, with no intent to offend.
Associated Press
When Spyros Kyprianou, former Cyprus president, showed up in Belgrade to obtain the release of the 3 American POWs, he was met with an ostentatious motorcade and a luxury dinner of cauliflower soup, spicy boiled beef, and Montenegrin wine. So far, though, no movement on the negotiations.
The Evening Herald (Plymouth, England)
1999 Shark Convention notes "Shark fish soup is the biggest threat as we go into the Millennium. Well over a 100 million sharks are being killed each year fo their fins." The Shark Trust seeks to list the basking shark under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.
The Singapore Straits Times
Pig-innards soup vendors suffer when Singapore governments ban pig imports. Mr. Hoong, of Mum Chee Kee Pig's Organ Soup optimistically notes, "I've not switched to selling chicken or duck soup because I'm confident what we are going through now is just temporary."
The Ottawa Citizen
When Spyros Kyprianou, former Cyprus president, showed up in Belgrade to obtain the release of the 3 American POWs, he was met with an ostentatious motorcade and a luxury dinner of cauliflower soup, spicy boiled beef, and Montenegrin wine. So far, though, no movement on the negotiations.
The Chicago Tribune
Kornel David, the "Michael Jordan of Hungary," is adjusting to life in America and life as a forward for the Chicago Bulls. "My home [in Hungary] much more comfortable. Everything here different. Food different, basketball different.... I like the soup here. It's different. I have found some good places to eat. I like Mexican places."
the Vancouver Sun
Anchalee Koetsawang reports from Bangkok that jobless bankers have opened a restaurant that names soups after figures in the current fiscal crisis--such as Tom Yam Tarrin, a spicy-sour seafood soup named after Finance Minister Tarrin Nimmanahaeminda. The cheapest soup in the house is IMF Soup, with chicken bones and green melon--a hard commentary on International Monetary Fund policies.
The Montreal Gazette
Cartoons highlight the concerns of Expos' manager Felipe Alou about Claude Brochu: Felipe is shown lunching on chicken soup in his office during spring training in Jupiter, Florida, thinking, "If I could send Brochu down to Ottawa...."
Russian Public Television features a special on the insufficient training of Russian military helicopter pilots, leading to unprecedented crashes. Focusing on the Syzran Military Aviation Institute in the Samara Region, the special interviewed a cadet who complained about more than reduced flying hours: lack of food. "...pea soup, we got pea soup with tinned meat. The cadets' diet is not a varied one."
The Washington Post
Peter Finn reports on the Albanians' kindness to Kosovan refugees streaming into their country. In Tirana, ethnic Albanian children from Kosova line up to receive soup at mess tents in the refugee camps.
The Workers' Daily (Beijing)
Restaurant owner Chi Jianguo was sentenced to death for hiring people to poison the donkey soup of his business competitor. The sentence was suspended for 2 years, to give time for repentence. The poisoned soup sickened 148 people.
CNN Live
In the course of coverage on the politics and policies of the NATO strikes against Yugoslavia, reporters document one of many Kosovar Albanian refugee families who are keeping themselves and their children alive by making soup of roots and weeds.
The Buffalo News
Lou Michel updates the investigation of Dr. Barnett Slepian's murder, noting that Dr. Slepian was allegedly slain by an anti-abortion activist as he was preparing a bowl of soup in the kitchen of his Roxbury Park home in East Amherst after returning from an evening religious service.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Pat Wohler reports that children from St. Paul School, grades 1 to 7, celebrated the entire Lenten season by making 45 quarts of soup each week for distribution to the elderly of St. Paul parish. They were inspired by the story of "Stone Soup" and made different kinds of soup each week.