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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: August 1999)

Date Item
8/25-31/99 On vacation!
The New York Times
Jennifer Steinhauer reports on the decline of "designer soup" establishments in New York City, where "the soup fad is fading" with the imminent demise of Soup Nutsy, Souperman, Souperdog, Zoop Soup, and Daily Soup. Mr. Drevet of Souperman says, "This is probably the end of the fashionable soup. we are putting our minds to something else. Maybe breakfast."
Agence France Presse
Ouerdya Ait-Abdelmalek reports from Yalova, Turkey, that some 12,000 refugees from last week's earthquake are getting well organized in a tent city close to the Mamara Sea--with 12 cooks from nearby Afyon's soup kitchens feeding substantial meals of soup, vegetables, and fruit to some 4,000 people at a sitting. The chefs cook the soup in huge pots on fires under an awning set up next to a small mosque that stores the food.
Agence France Presse
Some 250 hungry people attended the opening of Côte d'Ivoires first soup kitchen, located in Abidjan. Lunches are by invitation only, issued by the city's social services department. Nine other soup kitchens are slated for opening before the end of the year.
The Gazette (Montreal)
Dan Le Batard reports on his interview with Expos manager Felipe Alou. Q: Why have you never told your son Moises, the Astros outfielder, you love him? A: I tell him every day with my actions. My mother and father never told me they loved me, but they killed themselves to support me. ...My mother still burns her hands making me soup at 89 years old."
The Guardian (London)
According to the Korean Food and Drugs Administration, 6,464 restaurants in Korea sell poshintang (dog soup), using 8,428 tonnes of dog meat annually.
London Daily and the New York Post
Steven Seagal is getting an award from PETA animal rights activists on 9/18/99 for campaigning to save tens of thousands of dogs in Taiwan that have been condemned to death by starvation, drowning, being buried alive or consigned to the soup pot. The award, sponsored by Paul McCartney, will be held in Los Angeles on the underwater set of "The Titanic" at Paramount Studios.
Associated Press State and Local Wire
Nine of the world's greatest chefs vied with each other at the $750/plate fundraiser in New York on behalf of the Dalai Lama and the Tibet Fund, producing a carrot soup with lobster, lime, and coriander cream as well as cucumber soup with yoghurt, dill, smoked salmon, and caviar.
The Orlando Sentinel
Cuban dissident Martha Beatriz Roque, member of the so-called Group of Four, threatened to begin a full hunger strike to protest her 2-year imprisonment. Ms. Roque has consumed only liquids such as water and soup since mid July.
Yulanda Chung reports from Hong Kong on the tender loving care offered by Hong Kong's small stockbrokerage houses, which will even bring hot soup to favored clients who are feeling a tad under the weather.
The Birmingham Post
Alan Marshall reports that 8 conservationist organizations in the U.K. are fighing to save local giant sharks--harmless plankton eaters that can weight up to 5 tons--from being "finned" for the soup pot. Its numbers in U.K. waters have declined 90% in the past 20 years as commercial fishers have harvested this East Asian delicacy to make Shark's Fin Soup.
The San Francisco Chronicle
In a charitable promotion, Raider defensive lineman Darrell Russell was weighed in a gigantic spoon scale at 264 cans of soup by a representative of Campbell's Chunky Soup. The company will donate a total of 1,449 cans of soup to the Napa Food Bank--the combined weight of Russell and the weight in cans he estimated his teammates to be.
The Sunday Telegraph (London)
Marcus Warren reports from St. Petersburg, Russia, that tourists are being invited in to visit the horrific Kresty prison (for a price--6.25 pounds per person)--now operating on a budget of 14 pence a day for each inmate's diet of pearl barley soup. Although the space was designed in Tsarist Russian to handle 2000 prisoners, it now holds over 10,000.
The Calgary Herald
Sam Kiley reports on the ruthlessness of Sierra Leone rebels, since the country's civil war began in 1991. One faction, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (formerly the Sierra Leone Army), continues to live in the bush, where it has been accused of cannibalism and cooking "rebel soup," using severed hands as the main ingredient.
The New York Times
The Swedish Cottage Marionnette Theater in Central Park is currently staging a production of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels that depicts Lilliputians who live on popcorn sandwiches and bubble-gum soup.
The Financial Times
Susanna Voyle reports that Air Partner continues to vie for patronage by the jet set--witness executive chairman Tony Mack publicizing the story of when former media magnate Robert Maxwell insisted his guests be served soup on an Air Partner charter.To accommodate Maxwell, the pilot flew higher to reduce turbulence and the possibility of soup spillage...and the soup was served to Mr. Maxwell and his fellow front row passengers only.
Hartford Courant
Linda Giuca reports on the new Penn State University study that indicates soup may help people reduce their weight. Participants who ate a cup of soup before a meal consumed 27% fewer calories during the meal. The study also found that drinking water with a meal doesn't have the same effect. The water has to be in the soup so the body processes it as a food, not a drink.
The New York Daily News
The New York Fire Department brought temporary respite to a financially strapped Ukranian freighter Banner of October, whose crew has been stranded and starving off Brooklyn for 4 months, down to only soup and potatoes. Lujdmila Getman, one of the three women on board, has tried to make supplies last by serving dish after dish of clear broth. NYFD arrived with 400 pounds of meat and 40 cases of fruits and vegetables--enough for 2 weeks, anyway.
AP Online
Kyong-Hwa Seok reports from Dongduchon, South Korea, that citizens displaced from their homes by the heavy flooding have taken shelter in schools and government buildings, sleeping on mats and surviving on donated rice and soup.
Fort Lauderdale (Florida) Sun Sentinel
Matt Schudel reports on the amazing life of boxing commentator and man about town Ferdie Pacheco, who as a Columbia restaurant waiter once spilled a bowl of garbanzo soup of Tampa mafia don Santo Trafficante--who "grabbed him by the collar, pulled his face close and said, 'You have something against me, kid?'"