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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: March 1999)

Date Item
The Edmonton Sun
Sun News Services details the differences between spring training for the major and minor baseball leagues--revealing that Cincinnati feeds its minor-league team peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches and soup for lunch every single day.
In this first interview with Scott MacLeod since King Hussein's funeral, Queen Noor speaks about his death and her future over a bowl of lentil soup.
The Daily Telegraph
In a heartfelt lead article, the Daily Telegraph supported Kosovars against Serbian oppression, pinpointing the beginning of Kosovar unrest a year after Tito's death when "the discovery of a cockroach in a student's soup at Pristina Univessrity led to a series of demonstrations."
Calgary Herald
The student protest against tuition hikes heightens at the University of Calgary: its "Tent Town" has been castled by 2 student union executives who are bunked in a hut of recycled plywood, with its roof shingled with Ichiban noodle soup boxes, the preferred survival food of poor students. Two weeks earlier, students threw 2,880 Ichiban soup boxes at the student union to protest the hikes.
The (London) Independent
Anne Mcelvoy reports a revealing story about dictator Slobodan Milosevic, circa 1991, in which he demonstrated his ham fisted and stubbornly bullishness at a Belgrade dinner. Turning away cocktail hour questioning on his future intentions, he announced sharply, "Let's attack the soup." And he meant it.
The Ottawa Sun
In honor of its approaching 1000-year anniversary, Hungary has proclaimed 1999 its Year of Gastronomy and Wine--to be commemorated in Ottawa by a Hungarian gala dinner that opens with chilled strawberry cream soup.
Associated Press
Jim Fitzgerald reports that Sing Sing inmate Carlos Rodriguez was sentenced to an additional 25 years-life term after stabbing another prisoner to death with a homemade knife fashioned from a soup ladle.
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
Ben Braun, coach of the California Bears, ostentatiously began his run for the NIT championship in New York City with a bowl of matzoh ball soup at the Carnegie Deli.
Doug Donovan reports on the ecological and economic plus sides of Viagra use for sexual dysfunction: "On the Asia black market a bowl of tiger penis soup goes for over $300; a dose of Viagra--used for the same purpose--costs roughly $7 wholesale." Today, only 6,000 tigers survive in the wild.
The Boston Herald
How did Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones boost spirits and get much needed rest during their nonstop 19-day odyssey around the world by balloon? Piccard, a psychologist, called a Lausanne colleague who prescribed, "extra oxygen, soup, and hypnosis."
AP Online
The Workers' Daily Newspaper in Luoyang, central China, reports that 4 people were arrested after putting nitric acid in a popular restaurant's specialty donkey meat soup, poisoning 148 people. The motive? Getting a competitive edge: the plot was hatched between a rival donkey-meat-soup restaurant and a disgruntled worker at the original Tang Palace.
Agence France Presse
Le Lion d'Or in the town of La Petite Pierre, Alsace, France, is offering a special package deal, including Cupid's Veloute Soup, for March 27 & 28--9 months before the turning to the year 2000. Those who wish to spend the new year in the maternity ward will be enticed into concupiscience by a special love soup that includes artichokes, shrimp, and cayenne pepper.
Agence France Presse
Ta Mok, one-legged, 72-year-old former Khmer Rouge military chief (known as "The Butcher," he is Pol Pot's former chief of staff), is suffering from diarrhea after contracting food poisoning from a bowl of Cambodian noodle soup. He is the first Khmer Rouge leader to face trial.
Village Voice
Jerry Saltz reports on "Mr. Wizard," aka Tim Hawkinson--inventor-tinkerer and Conceptual Artist extraordinaire, who helped launch his offbeat career by, literally, alphabetizing a bowl of alphabet soup.
South China Morning Post
Pig lung soup sickens 4 members of two Tseung Kwan O families. The smuggled pig offal--illegally slaughtered then bought from a local market stall--was found to be contaminated with the banned anti-asthma drug clenbuterol, the first episode since the new quarantine system was imposed 8 months ago.
New York Times
Tom Cahill, author of "How the Irish Saved Civilization" excoriates the "sham" of American St. Paddy's Day celebrations with corned beef. "Ireland was too poor for beef. It was boiled bacon and cabbage and then seven days of soup."
New York Times
Mike Allen reports from Middletown, Connecticut, that Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT), advocating Y2K preparations, admits to stockpiling extra soup at his home in East Haddam and says he's likely to celebrate New Year's Eve by renting a movie.
The Fresno Bee
Cathy and Phil Thomas go public with recipe for rich homemade chicken soup for their 14-year old pooch, to get him over his cough--served with "one or two slivers of chicken and a few vegetables for garnish." It's so good, they couldn't help sharing the meal with him.
Calgary Herald
Asa Purdy reports that student leaders at the University of Calgary protested a tuition hike at that school by tossing 2,880 packs of Ichiban noodle soup--staple of struggling students--at the MacEwan Hall food court. The $300 semester hike brings the tuition up to $3,700 a year--and is being assessed to help defray anticipated expenses for research, equipment upgrades, and salaries.
Associated Press
Cathy and Richard Burke, on the death of their friend Joe DiMaggio, recall: When DiMaggio came to Atlantic City for an autograph show or a boxing match he would stay in their apartment above The Irish Pub, eating homemade chicken soup with garbanzo beans and drinking root beer. "He loved Atlantic City. He liked to go up on the Boardwalk and he loved the fights."
The Toronto Star
In a taped interview, babe biographer Andrew Morton reveals that Monica Lewinsky sought redemption last Thanksgiving by offering to dole out food at a soup kitchen in Los Angeles...but was turned down. Morton conjectures, "I think they were afraid they'd lose their funding or something."
Baltic News Service
Humanitarian food sent to Latvia from Germany contained 700 kilograms of stale soup powder. It was caught by the Sanitary Border Inspectorate--and is being prepared for return.
African News Service
In an exclusive interview at the Nigerian Potsikum prison, a day before his release, General Olapido Diya discussed the circumstances of his failed coup in 1997--and the harrowing aftermath when his subjection to death threats and interrogations was relieved only by the unexpected kindness of two military officers who used their own money to buy pepper soup for him.
Congressional Record
In prepared testimony before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson supported a bill to reimburse attorneys fees for acquitted subjects of independent counsel investigations--commenting on the acquittal of former SecAg Mike Espy following indictment by Independent Counsel Donald Smalz, "I cannot express to you the outpouring of support and sympathy Mr. Espy has received in Mississippi over the last few months--even as he has had to put his plans for a new life on hold in order to attend $25-a-bowl soup rallies organized to help him raise legal defense funds."
The Irish Times
Permanent Defense soldiers on security duty on the Border suffered when their rations arrived inedible--and they were given no subsistence pay to make up for it. One Cpl Martyn claims he's owed 450 pounds for buying soup and other supplies out of his own pocket.
The Nelson Mail
New Zealander Eric Amedro, 88, bequeathed a great part of his unexpected inheritance to the Salvation Army, saying he likes the "Sallies" because they fed him with hot tinned food and hot soup when he was on the march in France during World War II. He's never forgotten their kindness to a foot-sore soldier far from home." Mr. Amedro, who lives in a one-room shack on Waipapa Bay, is the youngest son of a convicted American bootlegger and has lived the last 50 years as a fisherman.
Associated Press
Libby Quaid reports that Congressman Skelton (D-MO) responded effectively to a constituent's outrage in the House cafeteria that no pork was on the menu. Following complaints and phone calls by Rep. Skelton on behalf of Missouri pig farmers, the House's food services director assured him in writing, "The famous Capitol Bean Soup, prepared with ham hocks, will of course remain the signature soup."
The San Diego Union-Tribune
The Encinitas Sheriff's Department reports that Richard Lecureaux, 45, attempted to kidnap a 45-year-old woman who was jogging down the street. When she was rescued by a passing motorist, who took her into his van, Mr. Lecureaux set upon a 21-year-old man and stole soup from him.