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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: April 2002)

Date Item
Asahi News Service
Japan mourns the death of a 14-year-old student who imitated one of Tokyo's "fast eating" shows, where a winner walked away with 10 million yen for gulping down 2 bowls of ramen in 60 seconds on a television show.
Joshua Hammer reports on a 13-year-old boy under seige in Bethlehem, shot by an Israeli sniper while he was trying to gather wild lettuce and fiddlehead ferns to make soup for his fellow captives.
The People
A restauranteur was fined 800 £ for pouring hot soup over a diner who refused to pay his bill in Berlin...and ruining his new wig.
Korea Times
World Cup visitors will be offered free samples of dog soup in paper cups, accompanied by brochures detailing its nutritional contents.
Fresh Air
In an interview with Terry Gross, actor Billy Bob Thornton recalls his grandfather catching turtles and making soup with them in rural Alpine, Arkansas, when he lived with him as a child.
Daily News of Los Angeles
A local message to Colin Powell on the Mideast mentality advises: "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken soup."
Edmonton Journal
Damien McElroy reports from Bama, China, land of 73 centarians, that their secret of longevity is rice wine, drunk all day long; snake wine, in moderation; and houmayou soup, made from the oily seeds of the marijuana plant, eaten twice a day.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Volt Contreras reports that President Joseph Estrada celibrated his 65th birthday in prison with many friends and a huge buffet, including molo soup.
News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)
Chip Alexander reports that New Jersey Devil captain Scott Stevens' pregame meal before heading to the ice rink is always, always pasta, chicken, or soup.
Africa News
"King of World Beat" King Sunny Ade and 5 members of his band sickened on poisoned fish pepper soup at Epe in Nigeria and had to be hospitalized in Lagos for treatment.
Agence France Presse
Hiroshi Hiyama reports on Nisshin Food Products working with Japan's National Space Development Agency to produce a perfect nonspillable instant ramen soup for astronauts participating in the International Space Station Project.
Baltimore Sun
Jamie Stiehm reports on the traveling exhibit that documents British and American Quakers in postwar Germany feeding a million starving children afterschool meals, including chocolate soup...which soup is being offered for tasting at the exhibit.
Press Association
Mark Sage reports on the families of fallen IRA terrorists dining on vegetable soup at a memorial weekend in County Dublin to honor their dead.
Socialist candidate Sandor Magda is reported to have deliberately violated Hungarian election laws by serving goulash soup to voters in Gyoengyoes and neighboring villages.
Economic Times
Prakash Kamat reports on Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee celebrating the Gudi Padwa festival with almond soup.
Sunday Telegraph (London)
John McEwen reports on the Van Gogh/Gauguin exhibit in Amsterdam that recalls the fracas in 10/23/1888 when Gauguin firstarrived at the yellow house, was treated to Van Gogh's "disastrous" effort at soup, and immediately took over the finances and cooking of the household.
New York Times
Matthew Wald reports on John Magaw, current U.S. undersecretary for transportation, saying "Terrorists are not in any hurry. For them, the soup of revenge is best served cold."
The Evening Standard (London)
Tom Lubbock reviews Julia Blackburn's fanciful biography of extraordinary Spanish artist Old Man Goya, which he says endlessly imagines Goya eating soup...and in goyaesque detail.
The Daily Yomiuri
Brian Heagney reports on gonzo journalist/satirist Will Self's collection of articles in Feeding Frenzy, including his description of socio-economic movements that reduce ethnic diversity to the bland and ephemeral, neither black nor white, but "a restful shade of beige...not so much...a melting pot as...a Cup-a-soup."
The Sunday Telegraph (London)
Robin Gauldie reports on snail soup bubbling in aluminum pots in the Tala al-Kebir souq of Fez, grey in colour but good for keeping out the cold.
The Age (Melbourne)
Megan Backhouse reports on artist Kate Daw capturing on canvas in a "text painting" the last meal of James Jean Clarke, executed in Arizona: "chicken noodle soup with crackers, three grilled pork chops with bacon, beef rice-a-roni."
Boston Herald
Jonathan Bloom reports on performance troupe Kaiju Big Battel that pits 30 characters in a wrestling ring, including Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, a can of soup with arms and legs.
Financial Times (London)
Michael Ignatieff reviews Carole Angier's The Double Bond, her biography of Primo Levi that recalls how he was saved from starvation, as an industrial chemist in Auschwitz, by an Italian contract worker Lorenzo, who left him a pot of soup every day for 6 months. Levi's short story "Canto of Ulysses" is also recalled, which tells of his experience while being a deliverer of soup in the camp of finding grit and comfort in citing Odysseus' affirmation of life.
New Straits Times (Malaysia)
Sabariah Salleh reports on local radio station Mix FM's "Workday Challenge" in Jalan Telawi that included drinking a bowl of centipede soup for cash.
China Post
Fugitive Chan Lung-lan was transferred back to Tapei from mainland China to serve out his sentence after he'd escaped from Tapei by slicing knock-out drugs into cans of peanut soup and offering them to the Tapei prison guards.
Denver Westward
Japanese miso soup is reported to be called "smoker's soup" because the soy and ginger in it is thought to counteract the harmful effect of cigarettes.
South Wales Echo
Richard Haxlewood reports on Welsh contenders for the 2002 Quote of the Year, including First Minister Rhodri Morgan warning of 'trying to cut up chicken soup and serve it in slices" in discussions about the north-south divide.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Clive Aslet reports on 19th century American landscape painter Frederic Church's extraordinary Persian-style home in the Catskills "Olana." "I can say, as the good woman did, about the mock turtle soup," he said. "I made it out of my head."
The Independent
In honor of the Queen Mother's death at age 101, Geoffrey Myers quotes from Noel Coward's diary on thetime she'd lunched at his Jamaican hideaway: he'd served her iced pea soup because the mousse had melted.
Coventry Evening Telegram
The Queen Mother is remembered with love for her wartime visits to cities under siege, including a memorable photo of her inspecting a vat of soup prepared by the Women's Voluntary Service.
Hamilton Spectator (Canada)
Sarah Lyall reports on the Queen Mother's charm, quoting Lord Wooten on her wartime efforts: "Your majesty, don't you now what you mean to all of us? It isn't only your high position; it is the fact that the vast majority think of you as a person who would speak the kindly word and, if it fell within your power, would take a cup of soup to the needy person."
Miami Herald
Tere Figueras reports on the closing of Wolfie's, a landmark delicatessen, where mobster Meyer Lansky used to post a bodyguard at the door and order matzo ball soup and corned beef.