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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: November 2002)

Date Item
Hamilton Spectator
Colin Hunter reports that Marc Strange of the TV show The Beachcombers began his career plahing folk music in Toronto clubs "for ten bucks a night and a bowl of bean soup."
AP State and Local Wire
Former groundbreaking White House photographer Marion Carpenter, recently dead in destitute circumstances at age 82, is remembered for, among other things, drenching columnist Tris Coffin of the old Washington Times-Herald with a bowl of navy bean soup when he accused her of using her female charms to get politicians to pose for her.
Agence Presse France
Korean golf star Se Ri Pak is reported to have eaten soup throughout her 18-hole round to recover from an infected tooth...which succeeded, as she leaped into the lead with Anika Sorenstam at the LPGA ADT championship.
The Independent (London)
David Usborne reports on the activist Peta group protests, including dropping a dead racooninto the soup of anna Wintour, editor of U.S. Vogue, in a downtown NYC restaurant.
The Independent (London)
Steven Castle reports that the 19 leaders of NATO dined on fish soup with saffron at Prague Castle at the opening dinner of NATO meetings.
London Times
Richard Cleroux reports on multimillionaire Lord thomson of Fleet donating his rich art collection to an Ontario gallery, noting the eccentric is known for tucking his tie into his pocket when eating soup.
Associated Press State & Local Wire
In a jailhouse confession, extreme anti-abortionist James Kopp described how he planed his murder of Dr. Bernard Slepian: "I saw my target perfectly crystal clear. I saw him put the soup in the microwave and set the timer. Then he moved away. I said to myself, he'll be returning to that exact spot in maybe 30 or 45 seconds...."
Deutsche Press Agentur
Dirk Radermacher, head of the DSI German Soup Institute, notes that as the economy is souring, soup sales are skyrocketing, with a record sales volume of $550M expected for fiscal year 2002--with the average German consuming 100 bowls of soup per year.
San Francisco Chronicle
Leah Garchik reports on the Rolling Stones eating soup in Boudin bread bowls between SF concerts...and notes in passing that former Senator Bill Bradley (D-NJ) ate a bowl of cheddar and beer soup at the Leopard Cafe while expressing his disappointment over the recent national election.
BPI Entertainment News Wire
Angela Dawson reports that Barbara Broccoli, producer of the new James Bond film, brought under-the-weather Halle Berry chicken soup on the set of "Die Another Day."
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
German actress Kaete Jaenicke, recently dead at age 79, is reembered for her nickname "Suppenhuhn" (Scrawny chicken soup), from a role she once played.
Calgary Herald
David Bly reports on the reunion of Canadian POWs from WWII on Veterans Day, recalling being fed soup at Stalag IVB...with a horse's eyeball in it.
Daily Telegraph
Rosie Murray-West reports on Jonathon Compton of the controversial Bedlam fund management company, who brags of its success, saying that his impromptu survey of the launch guests indicates "67% felt their (non Bedlam) fund manager was a turtle 'who should be made into soup as soon as possible.'"
National Post
Kim Willsher reports on a Belgian pensioner who killed himself by inadvertently setting of one of his 19 booby-trap bombs that he'd set for other family members. How'd he do it? By moving the soup tureen in the family china cabinet and getting a face full of shot as a result.
San Jose Mercury News
Ann Killian reports on the success of '49er tight end Julian Peterson, in an emotional football game against the Raiders, saying he credits his FBI parents and especially his Mom's "magic pot of chicken soup" for helping him to reach all his goals.
Western Morning News (Plymouth)
The Gigg Lane soccer stadium was evacuated 75 minutes before game time when a suspicious package turned up in the main stand...though it turned out to be a flask of soup.
Sunday Telegraph (London)
Anthony Daniels reports on 17th pioneer of blood transfusions Jean-Baptiste Denis, who was ultimately held accountable for killing his subject Mauroy, though it turned out to be the wife who poisoned Mauroy's soup with arsenic in mid experiment.
Many assorted articles, across the world
On the occasion of Veterans' Day, veterans of World War II, etc., across the world joined together to remember the travails of war, most especially POWs who for many years endured near starvation in prisons, relieved only by thin and disgusting soups served irregularly.
Korea Herald
Kang So-young reports that Kim Ki-jaes' "Knowledge of Wine Leads to Happier Life" unhesitatingly recommends serving Chateauneuf-du-Pape with bosintang, or dog meat soup.
San Francisco Chronicle
Vicky Elliot reports on Tom Weidlinger's film "A Dream in Hanoi: A True Tale of Love, Stage Fright, and Noodle soup," which hilariously chronicles the disastrous cross-cultural U.S./Vietnamese making of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Agence France Presse
Faruk Shukri reports from Bagdad on Iraqis shopping for lentils to put in the Ramadan fast-breaking Iftar soup and expressing extreme unease about a potential U.S. strike against them.
Associated Press
Wayne Parry reports on the start of Ramadan, still celebrated with unease by Muslim-Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks--noting that each day of fasting commonly ends with dates, juice, and/or soup.
Associated Press Worldstream
Satirical New Zealand Website announces, tongue in cheek, that the United States was invading tiny Kirbati, saying its president "is in the process of developing weapons of mass destruction. And some pretty damn fine crab soup"--which ending in creating widespread fear and panic on the small Pacific island.
Sun Herald (Sidney)
Miranda Devine reports on Beyond Bad, a new book about the real life abbatoir worker Katherine Knight, who stabbed her lover 37 times, expertly skinned him, cooked him with vegetables and gravy, boiled his head in a pot for soup, and served him as a meal for two of his children.
Washington Post
Alona Wartofsky reports on Fiona Shaw's extraordinary performances on stage as Medea, noting that she relieves the stress and hungers from performances late in the dat with wonton soup.