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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: August 2002)

Date Item
The Wilkes Barre Times Leader (Pennsylvania)
Kimberly Davis notes that chicken soup will be on Rosh Hashana menus in homes across the country.
Agence France Presse
Pierre Ausseill reports from Johannesburg that, between twice daily soup handouts, squatters from surrounding villages have joined foreign land-rights and anti-globalization activists to protest at the UN Earth Summit.
The Scotsman
Simon Pia recalls St. Trinian "heidie" (head mistress) Catherine Fraser Lee, radical educationist, who was renowned for conducting eurythmics on the law and serving meals in reverse order, starting with pudding and ending with soup.
Daily Telegraph (London)
State of Indiana prison records indicate that Mike Tyson used his prison wages to buy 48 packets of dry shrimp soup over a 15-day period in December 1994.
Sarasota Herald Tribune
A shoeless burglar in North Port, Florida, helped himself to soup cooking on the stove in between robbing the house.
The Oregonian
In Indonesia, a maid tried to put a spell on her employer by boiling her under- wear in his soup. She was caught when the man installed a security camera in his kitchen.
The Leader-Post (Regina)
Doug Cuthand reports on Prime Minister Jean Chretien, on the occasion of his retirement announcement, that Quebequois have always disliked his "pea soup" image.
Associated Press
John Heinz reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong II capped his second visit in a year with Russian President Putin with beet and cabbage soup in Vladivostok.
Asociated Press
Kenji Hall reports from Tokyo that Japanese prison inmates, who are fed rice, miso soup, and boiled fish, highly resent their fellow American G.I. inmates, who are fed steak, potatoes, dessert, and fruit.
ABC World News Now
Correspondent Julia Caesar reports on the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, ordering 6 McDonald's restaurants in Minsk to close and be replaced with a fast food chain that will serve cabbage soup.
International Product Alert
China is preparing to launch two ready-to-eat shark's fin soups under the Gang Hai label.
Los Angeles Times
21 North Korean defectors were rescued at sea by South Korean police and taken to a naval vessel where they were served instant noodle soup.
New Straits Times
Former Miss Malaysia beauty queens were treated to zesty peri soup at Kuala Lumpur's Nando restaurant.
Providence Journal
Jessica Resnick-Ault reports on Lizzie Borden's possible motivation for chopping up her parents with an axe: parsimonious Dad had fed her mutton soup three days running.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
In a local domestic violence case, Sabrina Napue testified that she and the defendant drank vodka and smoked cocaine, then, when he was upset to find she'd stolen money to buy the drugs, she threw soup at him and pulled a knife on him to keep him from leaving.
Chanel NewsAsia
Singapore athlete survey reveals 75% have taken dietary supplements during their careers, though many are content with traditional preparations like frog legs and turtle soup.
AP State & Local
Jerry Hall of Bluff City, Tennessee, claims the world record for longest open-water scuba dive after staying submerged in South Holstan Lake for 72 hours this week. He was fed water, soup, and applesauce through a squirt bottle to keep up his strength.
San Francisco Chronicle
Leah Gorchik reports that after a grueling day of shooting on the set of "Moonlight Mile," Dustin Hoffman had lentil soup brought in for everyone on the crew.
The Stage
Stories about London's old Lewisham theatre (now Broadway) include jazz great Buddy Rich feeling ill and asking for soup...after all the shops had closed. The night manager of Tesco, however, agreed to open back up if he could personally give Rich the soup.
Windsor Star
Grande dame of the kitchen Julia Child, approaching her 90th birthday, is coddled into describing her fave meal: oysters, a good soup, roast lamb or chicken, nice vegetables, a small salad, good cheese, and either fresh fruit or a chocolate dessert.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Paul Greenberg lists 50 ways to beat the heat, with #17 "take a thimble-sized cup of hot soup before dinner to whet the appetite."
AP Worldstream
Yun Kageyama reports that McDonald's in Japan is offering hugely cheap burgers and soup to customers to lure them back after losing them to fears of mad cow disease.
The Australian
Catherine Armitage reports from Beijing that Chinese are drinking green bean soup during the heat wave, it being a traditional cure for overheating.
Sunday Telegraph (London)
Lucy Jones reports on sorcery in the Central African Republic, recounting the imminent trial of 13-year-old "witch" Stephanie who says she was tricked into becoming a witch by a neighbor who fed her soup then revealed it was made out of a human heart and would give her supernatural powers.
Scientists have developed a way of genetically testing shark-fin soup. They hope the technique will show which species are being exploited most by the trade...and from which ocean they were caught.
BBC Monitoring
Uruguay's worsening economic crisis has reduced families in Montevideo to making and eating grass soup.
National Journal CongressDaily
April Fulton reports that U.S. Senator Jeff Bingamon (D-N.M.) has defended against House criticism of the Senate taking recess without taking acting on its pension protection bill by calling the House pension protection bill "weak soup."
UK Newsquest
David Higgerson reports that soup will be served at every single meal for the 5000 athletes participating in the 17th Commonwealth Games in Bolton and Manchester this year.