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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2002)

Date Item
BBC Monitoring
China has invested huge sums to improve living conditions of its border guards, including servings of soup at every meal year round.
The Independent
Declan Walsh reports from Nairobi that ragged diamond miners, coerced to work without pay by Ugandan soldiers, are making do by boiling caterpillars into soup for lunch.
The Mirror
Sharon, the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, is battling her newly diagnosed colon cancer with a soft food diet of "jelly and chicken soup--with no chicken."
AP State and Local Wire
After 77 hours trapped underground, rescued miners in Somerset, Pennsylvania, arrived famished at the hospital, devouring donuts first, then chicken soup...but were refused rations of beer on the grounds of dehydration.
Japan Times
Tomoko Otake reports on planetary science professor Sho Sasaki, who won a TV ramen contest and is now recognized as a guru on the subject, consuming some 600 bowls per year and hosting 2 websites on ramen.
Toronto Sun
Bill Lankhof reports on classic Olympic athlete excuses for failing to pass the drug tests, including track coach Ma Junren claiming, "The only thing we're taking is dried caterpillars and turtle soup."
Los Angeles Times
Scott Gold repoorts ont he pampered runners in the Badwater Marathon, across 135 miles of Death Valley, with support teams making them chicken soup on the side of the road.
Broadcast News
The Nova Scotia Health Department is investigating a summer camp poisoning that suggests either the donairs or the chicken soup is the culprit.
Tempo (Nigeria)
Actor and radio/tv presenter Yemi Sodimu cites 3 things he cares about most: the music of the Ebenezer Obey Group; his wife; and his plate of amala and ewedu soup.
Gold Coast Bulletin
Three polar besars on a rampage on the Isle of Spitsbergen--shot dead by Norwegian police--were found to have undigested soup packets in their stomachs.
Press Association
TV presenter Vanessa Feltz is quoted as saying "I come from the school of female behavior which involves making a man soup and praying you've seasoned it just right."
Tampa Tribune
Mary D. Scourtes quotes chef Paul Prudhomme as saying "Soups are emotional foods."
Economic Times of India
Rakhi Chakraborty reports on the new TV channel Bangla Akhon that plans to tell all, including that "soup" originates in the Bengali word Supokar.
The Weekend
Barry Oakley reviews Anthony Bevor's book on the 1945 downfall of Berlin that recounts the fearful Russian bombardment on April 16th of that year preceded by, as recalled by a Russian officer, "the rattle of pots in the trenches" as soup was being ladled out to the troops, laced with a ration of vodka."
Scottish Daily Record
The British "Wudja Cudja" television game show tonight offers 1000 pounds to the woman who will eat tripe-and-custard trifle, a fish-chip-and-mushy-pea soup, and a burger-and-beer smoothie.
AP State & Local Wire
Inmates at the Maine Correctional Center have elected not to eat the prison cafeteria food since an inmate found a small piece of razor blade in his clam chowder.
Herald Sun (Victoria, Australia)
Philip Cullen reports that 15,000 Victorians will take part in "Soupa Day" next week to raise money for asthma research and education.
Japan Economic Wire
"Ramen Stadium" in Fukuoka has succeeded in drawing a million soup devotees in 7 months to slurp up the diverse regional specialties in this huge structure filled exclusively with noodle shops.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Karen Herzog reports that a fave food poll of its readers showed cheese soup or beer-cheese soup getting the most mentions in the "best loved dish" category, with the accent on native Wisconsin cheese.
San Francisco Chronicle
Robert Hurwitt reports on True Fiction Magazine, the improv group that bases its skits on news items. In this case, a hilarious riff on the stories (below) that follow up on the case of the walking snakehead fish that was sent to America by a man in Hong Kong to be made into soup for his ailing sister in New York City.
The Weekly Standard
In this tongue-in-cheek "lost holiday letter" from Osama bin Laden, allegedly written last December, bin Laden complains bitterly about being holed up in a cave with an imbecilic one-eyed mullah with body odor who says, "I used to run this country, now I'm eating camel fur soup in a wet rock pit with bats!"
AP Worldstream
The Japanese imperial couple, on a state visit to Vienna, stayed at the Imperial Hotel, which changed its breakfast menu to include miso soup in honor of the couple.
The Express
Paul Callan reports on BBC1's documentary on Antonio Vivaldi, priest and composer, who died penniless and wracked by asthma in 1741 in Vienna at the age of 63, nursed by his faithful friend (maybe lover?) Anna Giraud, who fed him thin soup to the end to try to keep up his strength.
New York Daily News
Luis Perez reports on the predatory saw-toothed monster snakehead fish that walks from pond to pond on land, destroying fish habitats in its wake. He reports that it arrived in in New York City's Chinatown when a solicitous brother sent some live ones from Hong Kong so his ailing sister could make it into the traditional healthy soup with ginger, garlic, watercress, and scallions. By the time they arrived, so this story goes, she was well, so the fish were released into New York streams.
Washington Post
Anita Huslin tells a different variation on the snakehead story. Here, a Crofton, Maryland, man ordered the live fish from an Asian market in New York to make into soup for his ailing sister, then when she had recovered by the time they arrived, he kept them in an aquarium for a while, feeding them goldfish, then released them into a pond behind a Crofton shopping center.
Daily Telegraph (Sidney)
Damon Johnston and Michael Beach report on Australian Anton King, held hostage for 7 months by kidnappers in Colombia. Upon his recent release, he feasted on vegetable soup, rice, meatballs, and salad at the Medellin police station.
National Post
Noodle shop owner Weng Changwei was arrested in southern China for lacing rat poison into his rival's soup, poisoning 57 customers.
Scripps Howard News Service
John McGrath recalls that the late great Ted Williams refused to wear ties because he didn't trust any article of clothing "that gets in your soup."
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
John Eligon reports on Slovenian Martin Stiel, just beginning his 66-day, 2,340-mile challenge to swim the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, taking soup breaks at 11 am and 4pm.
Joanna Hynes and Matt Masera report on the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, where kids can become "wild things" and slide into a giant bowl of chicken soup.
UK Newsquest Regional Press
As Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh finish up the final leg of their Golden Jubilee tour, the role of the soup Dilligrout is recalled in English history, when it was created in 1067 by the Norman cook Tezelin to celebrate William the Conqueror's coronation on Christmas Day, 1066.
Xinhua General News Service
Filipino elementary school children fell ill in Manila after being fed apparently poisonous sandwiches and milk noodle soup in the school canteen.