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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 2002)

Date Item
CNNfn The Biz
Susan Lisovicz reports on the TV reality show "I Bet You Will" that a person agreed to drink soup out of a stranger's armpit for money.
Korea Times
The owner of Yonggum-ok, a famous restaurant specializing in chuo-tang" or mudfish soup, notes that sales fell off catastrophically in June, but he was philosophical, being infected with World Cup fever himself.
Copy News Service
Laura Byrd reports on a mature cat, Jerry, that kept healthy well into his 18th year from a diet of vegetable soup.
The Record (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Alex Nussbaum reports on Newark airport inspectors, including one who turned up a suitcase stuffed with a dozen cow eyeballs, destined for an ethnic soup pot.
Novak, Hunt, & Shields report that House Speaker Dennis Hastert responded to House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt's outspoken upset over the trade bill: "He must have had some bad bean soup that day."
ABC's Good Morning America
Diane Sawyer, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, suggests that an all-soup channel on the cable network be created.
New York Times
Steve Lohr reports on Internet/Netscape pioneer Marc Andreessen, now 30 and euphoria, that he has changed his diet from pizza and shakes to creamless mushroom soup, diet cokes, and salads with no dressing.
Maine Sunday Telegram
Ray Routhier reports on a group of Down East weavers, all grandmothers, who have raised money by making and selling a calendar of themselves in the buff along with their favorite soup recipes.
Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
In Canberra, an 88-year-old woman died after poisoning herself with poisonous mushrooms that she picked in her back yard and made into soup.
Associated Press
Amir Shah reports from Kabul on Afghan fears in 1979 about the Soviet incursions, a neighborhood mullah at the time telling people that all the women would be taken to Moscow and that when people died there "they burn you and make soup out of you."
The Christchurch Press
New Zealanders will celebrate Soup Week from June 17-23 this year, a time period that includes the longest day of the year.
Douglas Cruikshank reviews Brian Preston's book Pot Planet, which notes that old people in Cambodia traditionally have made a soup out fo marijuana to use as an appetite enhancer.
New York Post
Mark Cannizzaro reports that Earl Woods, father of Tiger, admits himself a humiliating round at Bethpage Black in 1974: "When it was over...I cried in my soup."
Seattle Times
Sherry Gindeland reports on the roots of folk musician Bob Antone, whose parental grandfather raised him with stories of the old logging days when he and his fellow loggers lived on horse bone soup.
USA Today
A. S. Berman reports on as an "Oddity" in The Net: New and Notable.
Asahi Shimbun
A practical joke in a Tokyo Adachi Ward Junior High School directed "Add to the Soup" on a bottle of paint thinner. One boy complied...and sickened three students.
The Guardian
British journalist Engel identifies 50 reasons to love America, with the 25th being Matzo ball soup at Wagshal's Deli.
Washington Post
Michael Grunwald and Amy Goldstein report on the background of Juan Padilla, aka dirty-bomb-conspirer Abdullah al Muhajir, interviewing a former neighbor at the Lake Park Gardens condo who recalls that his stepfather was so kind that he once offered her soup.
Africa News
In Zambia, a young woman was sent packing by her mother-in-law, who accused her of putting love potions in the soup.
Daily Mail
Ben Taylor reports on a lewd and drunken anti-drug charity ball attended by local police and constables who began the dinner by bitterly claiming that the cold soup first course was cold.
New Statesman
Zoe Williams reports on the BBC Documentary on Paul McCartney that recalls the Simpson episode where he and Linda revealed, tongue in cheek, that if you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards, you get a recipe for lentil soup.
The Observer
David Hills reports on the World Cup 2002 Quote of the Week by Nigerian President Olusegon Obasanjo on the eve of his team's match with England: "The soup wey go sweet go need plently fire" (no sweat, no win).
Calgary Herald
Tabloid headline spotted: "Maid puts panties in actor's soup to make him fall in love with her."
USA Today Online featured as "Hot Site" on its webguide: "Who knew there was soup in the news ever?"
New York Times
Janet Maslin reviews journalist Elizabeth Gilbert's The Last American Man about mountain man Eustace Conway, recalling his yellow-jacket larvae soup made from an ancient Cherokee recipe.
U. S. News & World Report
Paul Bedard, etc. report on Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil, revealed by Irish rock group U2's Bono as taking one tie only on their joint "poverty tour" through Africa...and it covered in soup stains.
Los Angeles Times
Renee Tawa reports on L.A. restaurant Epicentre's 'San Andreas Soup," featuring two kinds of bean puree separated by a jagged line of sour cream.
Inter TV highlights the plight of Ukrainian regiments waiting to be demobbed in Kiev, with soldiers lighting fires outside the barracks in Kiev to make meals of soup and porridge.