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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: September 2002)

Date Item
AP Worldstream
Ted Anthony reports that the man arrested on 9/15 in Nanjing for poisoning his business rival's soup and sickening 57 people has been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.
Charlotte Observer
(North Carolina)
Scott Fowleur reports that Carolina Panthers had to drink hot soup on the sidelines to keep warm during their 14-17 defeat at the hands of the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Panafrican News Agency
A soldier in Gusau, Nigeria, went ballistic at the local soup shop when he couldn't get his favorite dogmeat pepper soup. Police joined the fray, leaving many people injured.
The Journal (Newcastle, U.K.)
British comic Jeremy Hardy recalls his early stints at Dave John's pioneering Comedy Cafe at the old Tyne Theater, which required by license that all performers eat soup as part of their contract.
New Straits Times
Rosnazura Idrus reports on the sucessful separation of Siamese twins in Malaysia. Twin Ahmad's first meal after 10 days of intravenous recovery was strawberry jelly and soup.
Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
Loretta Hall reports on the potbellied seahorse, famed as an aphrodisiac in Asian soups and also made into a soup to cure hangovers. It is on the slate to be voted the City of Victoria's official marine emblem.
San Jose Mercury News
Mike Antonucci reports on Native American actor Eric Sweig, who grew up disfunctionally in northern Canada, then sank into homelessness and alcoholism before miraculously rising to stardom. "That's when you really start to appreciate bowls of soup," he says. "Getting a bowl of soup during the day, a hot bowl of soup, where I was homeless in Toronto, where it's 40 below zero in the winter time, where you get a bowl of soup, that's like God."
Washington Post
In a Food & Wine online survey, 22% of participants said, in the category of adventurous eating, that they'd rather try Peruvian grilled guinea pig than Portuguese tripe soup.
The Raleigh News and Observer
University of North Carolina football coach John Bunning was heard to make fun of short-statured Georgia Tech punt returner Kelley Rhino (5'7") by saying, "Most of you could eat soup off his head."
CNN Daybreak
Catherine Calloway and Ben Wedeman report that the Israeli army has responded to complaints by Arafat's officials; they've supplied food shipments to the Palestinians's compound, including chicken soup powder.
New York Times
Michael Cooper reports that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomburg flew to Afghanistan in a cargo plane stocked with soup for U.S. troops, staying on the U.S. base and handing out FDNY and NYPD baseball caps to GIs here.
Sports Illustrated
Lars Anderson reports on Slovenian Martin Strel, who has successfully swum the length of the Mississippi River, eating pasta-vegetable soup with 2 glasses of Slovenian wine for every single lunch break during the exercise.
Daily Press
Elena Garna reports that retired US Navy Commander Paul Galanti recalls his diet of rice and pumpkin soup at the "Hanoi Hilton," where he spent 7 years as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam, often in solitary confinement. "An occasional rat falling into the pot was not such a bad thing," he said.
New Scientist
Adrian Barnett reports on inhumane bear soup traditions in Sy Montgomery's new book Search for the Golden Bear. In Cambodia today, it chronicles, bears are kept alive during their dismemberment, one paw at a time, to make a special soup, so the remaining paws stay fresh. The vocal cords of the bears are cut so they don't bother the tourists as they scream in pain walking around on their bloodied stumps.
The Times Wire
Dozens of pigeons, bought at a poultry shop, were released at a Sept. 11 anniversary ceremony in New Jersey. Some of the birds got tangled in onlookers' hair or fell into the Hudson River. Some crashed into office windows; others were found dead. Guy Catrillo of the organizing committee defended the decision, saying the city saved money and spared the pigeons the fate of being made into soup.
The University Wire
Caitlin Chanler reports on Tibetan monk Palden Gyatso, who discusses in New York the horrific treatment of Buddhist monks in Lhaso by their Chinese captors--including being fed a single bowl of soup a day for nourishment, so that 70% of them died of starvation.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mark Melko reports that British explorer David Hempleman-Adams will be stocking the straw basket of his hot air balloon with "a bit of soup" before taking off on his transatlantic voyage in search of a new world record for distance.
The Advertiser
Elizabeth Rowe reports that Cowley's Pie Cart--revered worldwide for its tradition of making and putting meat pies ("pie floaters") into pea soup--is on the selling block for $100K in Adelaide, Australia.
Los Angeles Times
Anne-Marie O'Connor reports on the tearing down of Mexico's infamous La Mesa prison, longtime home to prostitution, drugs, and shops, including activities of entrepreneurial inmates cooking pails of soup and selling it for a dollar a pop throughout the night.
The London Times
Antonio Lloyd Jones clarifies the record about sainted Polish Countess Karolina Lanckoronska, recently deceased: she was not arrested by the Nazis in 1942 for her activities in the Polish resistance. Rather she was arrested for the charity work she performed, organizing deliveries of soup and medical supplies to prisons throughout occupied Poland.
Daily Telegraph
Janie Lawrence interviews Nia Vardalos, star and author of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who recalls a letter Tom Hanks wrote after seeing her original stage production that said, "we all laughed till Greek soup came out of our noses." Hanks then called to say his company would make the film.
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Chris Tesch reports on 9/11 memories, including a friendship born when the New York Fire Department, during clean up last year, invited the Safety Harbor crew to its firehouse for homemade onion soup.
BBC--The Star, Johannesburg
South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in a plea to America to work for peace instead of war, describes its generous character by recalling his Jewish neighbors in Atlanta bringing him chicken soup following his surgery to hasten recovery.
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Notable website of the week: www.soupsong.com
A Kiev newspaper opening derided Ukrainian reformist leader Viktor Yushchenko for his unimipressive press conference, describing him as "a 'little Ukrainian' shuddering in tents under the protection of Berkut riot police and warming himself with soup from Maggi cubes...in no condition to change anything in the country."
Global News Wire
Lev Kreft, Slovenian United List of Social Democrats presidential candidate, gives his view of relations with Croatia: "I know from my experience that no soup, even fish soup, is eaten very hot. This is why I support government's endeavors to establish a dialogue, prevent incident, and calm down the situation."
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Croatian police have seized half a ton of endangered "date shells," a local shell fish highly prized in soup.
India Today
Amarnath Menon, Sandeep Unnithan, and Neelam Mathews report on the fate of smuggled star-shelled tortoises, confiscated in Singapore before they could end up in Chinese soup pots to fuel aphrodisiac dreams. The protected tortoises go for 2,500 rupees each.
Sunday Mirror
Ian Hyland reports that exotic cook Nigella has gone "off the boil" with her bright yellow "happiness soup" ("Look at this--sunshine in a bowl!!") in her first season episode.
Associated Press
Alison Mutler reports on a Romanian ship captain stranded for 2 years in the Dominican Republic for unpaid fees, finally returning home to his wife, who immediately made his fave foods: chocolate cake and tripe soup.
Phoenix Times
Dave Hepborn reports on a Dr. Hepburn making a speech at a major sports awards banquet, warning "apparently steroids and soup cause Polident to lose its grip."
Daily Mail
Bill Mouland reports on Prince William of England's receding hairline, recalling when his grandfather was diagnosed with pattern baldness at 37 and offered nettle soup to reverse the process.
Canada's policy of "controlled engagement" with Iran is described as being so similar to U.S. policy as to recall the old Persian saying "The plate is trying to be hotter than the soup."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bob Wolfley reports on John Madden's unexpected food-habit revelation about his Monday Night Football sportscasting colleague Al Michaels: "I learned you can order onion soup without the onions. I've never heard anyone do that. That was in Green Bay. I not only heard it, but I saw it." Michael's riposte: "All you need is the broth and the croutons and the cheese, John. It's as simple as that."
Los Angeles Times
Bernadette Murphy reviews Tim Cahill's Hold the Enlightenment, which discusses, inter alia, rooster head soup from the Peruvian Andes.
The Mirror
The Vegetable Soup Orchestra, a new Viennese ensemble, uses carrots, leks, eggplant, and squashes as musical instruments...then, at the end of the performance, a cook makes them into soup and serves it to the musicians and audience.