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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: September 2004)

Date Item
The Advertiser
Laura Andrerson reports on the healing of 2-year-old Terasita, burned by kangaroo soup spilled down her back several weeks ago.
Washington Mall
Celebrations on the Mall (magnificent!) coinciding wtih the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian include soups for sale: 3 Sisters Soup from the Dakotas, with squash, corn, and beans, and Incan Aguadito de Pollo, chicken soup. Fish chowder at Mashpee Cape, with whiting filets, potatoes, and corn in a cream base. Wild rice soup with beef and onions and corn soup at Shalifoe Native Foods.
London Free Press (Ontario)
Eric Bender reports that Canadian Junior Ice Dancers nailed the Grand Prix Gold in Harbin, China, fueled by granola bars and soup lest they become ill from the native food.
The Nation (Thailand)
Member of Parliament Surasak was badly injured in a local restaurant when the open flame heater under his soup bowl was refueled withoiut extinguishing the flame, causing the heater to explode in his face.
New York Sun
Eric Ormsby reports on Portuguese poet Sophia [de Mello Breyner Andresen], recently dead at age 84, who wrote in "Furies": "Banished from sin and the sacred/Now they inhabit the humble intimacy/Of daily life. They are/The leaky faucet the late bus,/The soup that boils over."
Biotech Week
Japanese scientific study at Fukuoka University shows maximum tolerable dose of hot peppers in soup decreases fat intake.
Kirkus Reviews
A new, postmodern version of Jack and the Beanstalk ends with Jack and his mother successfully selling bean-soup mix.
Calgary Herald
A recent episode of tv show Trading Spouses has Rodney put a bug in Kathy's tomato soup, making her cry.
Africa News
Nigerian band leader Baba Aru died in Ojota from heart failure after a last bowl of pepper soup.
Christian Science Monitor
Simon Montlake reports on activist "shame campaigns" in Thailand against the finning of sharks, highlighting an ad that shows a soup tureen with a Chinese tombstone lid to discourage the consumption of shark's fin soup.
AP wire
Mary Hargrove, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, reports on POW veterans' ledgers kept during Stalag imprisonments during WWII, quoting from From Out of the Blue, "You could always tell a new man by the way he ate. He would pick the worms out of his soup. It wouldn't be long before they would close their eyes and eat what was in front of them."
Jennifer Wulff and Kelly Roberts report on Austin celebrity jewelers Anthony Camago and David Nakard Armstrong, who became a team in 1996 when Camargo took chicken soup to the ailing Naks at his New York apartment...and never left.
Ottawa Citizen
Stephen Edwards reports, on the eve of former POTUS Clinton's heart bypass surgery, on the time in 1996 that he and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl had lunch in a Milwaukee diner: ribs, steak, chicken, meatloaf, meatball soup, hash browns, apple pie, and beer.
Sunday Telegraph (London)
Elizabeth Day reports on new children's author sensation Michelle Paver and her assessment of elk hoof soup. (Gluey.)
Evening Times (Glasgow)
Kathleen Manson reports on her experiences as an 8th century Viking in the Largs village summer camp, learning how to light fire with flint and prepare soup in a large cauldron.
New York Times
Somini Sengepta reports on despair in Western Sudan, where many babies are subsisting exclusively on flour-and-water soup.
New York Times
Alessandra Stanley reports on the "tv special" appearance of the Republican City in NYC, with "people of compassion" video clips featurning Republican delegates in red and blue aprons cheerily serving soup at the Bowery Mission Shelter.
Bergen County (NJ) Record
Leslie Koren reports on celebs at the Republican Convention in NYC, including Hallie Eisenberg, 12-year-old former face of Pepsi, sipping animal-friendly soups and discussing how the film Peaceable Kingdom made her into a vegan.
Baltimore Sun
Ellen Gamerman reports on General Motor's party to celebrate 7 U.S. Senators at the Republican Convention. When partiers at this lush affair ignored the shot glasses full of soup, waiters offered to spike them with Jack Daniel's bourbon.
Miami Herald
When Florida's delegates to the Republican Convention in NYC were notified the day's theme was "compassion," they fanned out for volunteer work, including serving soup on Staten Island.
New York Post
Heidi Singer reports on Texan delegates at the Republican Convention in NYC, getting into the swing of the Big Apple by eating matzo-ball soup in Hasidic Brooklyn.
Sylvia Carter reports on the cookbook How to Eat Like a Republican: Or Hold the Mayo, Muffy--I'm Feeling Miracle Whipped Tonight, noting that many bonafide recipes involve crackers, canned soup, or coca cola.
Better Nutrition
Japanese scientists have found taht hot chilies in soup suppress fat and calorie intake.
Lynn Norment reports on Manny, wife of Prince, serving that great music legend (a longtime vegetarian) roasted pepper soup, heavy on garlic and other healing spices.