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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: March 2004)

Date Item
San Jose Mercury News
Charlie McCollum reports on Sesame Street's upcoming 35th anniversary, interviewing the lovable Elmo, who identifies "Mommy" as his best friend because "she makes the best matzo ball soup ever, which makes Elmo feel better."
San Francisco Chronicle
Edward Gothman eulogizes the late Alistair Cooke, noting that this BBC Broadcaster "loved the curried soup."
South Wales Echo
A man is reported to have eaten 7-year-old soup and lived to tell about it.
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Beverly Levitt reports on "Let's Make a Deal" emcee Monty Hall's Passover service, starring among other things chicken soup and matzo balls.
Tampa Tribune
Steve Otto reports on the 1956 Toad infestation that closed schools and evacuated communities until firefighters hosed them down with cauldrons of black bean soup, which they can't tolerate.
Perth Sunday Times
John Newton reports on the exotic cuisine of Bali, including dragonfly soup, made with dragonflies that are caught by children with sticky sap sticks.
Houston Chronicle
Cay Dickson reports on Shakespeare websites, including soupsong's "Shakespeare Food Frenzies"
The Advertiser
A top English brain surgeon has been suspended from work for not paying for an extra helping of soup at his hospital's canteen.
Associated Press
Among wild animals used in Chinese cuisine, civet cat is used in Dragon, Tiger, and Phoenix soup for fighting arthritis, stimulating blood flow, and pepping up the libido.
Sunday London Times
Chris Haslam reports on a wedding in Borneo that served "jumping soup"--huge black cauldrons bubbling with 9 water buffalos, 12 bearded pigs, 300 chickens, cassava, ginger, chili, and black peppercorns, all "jumped" into the soup.
Hamilton Spectator (Canada)
Rob Faulkner hails the "Sex in the City" tv series as tops in entertainment, citing its episode of Samantha down with flu who successively calls all her lovers, and not one would bring over soup to help her get well.
The Glasgow Herald
Alison Chiesa reports that 4 Kurds, protesting the refusal to grant them asylum, ended their 4-week fast with soup.
Scripps Howard
Dan Nailen and Michael Yount report on the Iraqi Hangover Cure: goat's head soup.
New York Times
Ian Austen reports on Dutch experiments with liquid linses, including one with soup that was found to render color poorly.
Boston Herald
Mat Schaefer reports on the Persian celebration of New Year that features ash-e reshteh noodle soup.
Glasgow Evening Times
Food Online features soupsong.com, saying my soups are "guaranteed to go round your heart like a hairy worm."
The Economist
The life of recently deceased Virginia Fiennes, wife of intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is remembered, including the time she cooked soup for the adventurers in the Antarctic and it had to be hammered out of the bowls.
Christian Science Monitor
Kelly Hearn reports on the new alternative meat of iguana, with recipes now being perfected by Salvadoran businessmen to market as canned iguana soup.
Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
Husband and wife stock swindlers in Louisiana were caught by a former friend, after they'd swindled her, who agreed to wear a wire and tape incriminating conversations while taking them homemade soup.
South China Morning Post
Freda Wanm reports on Fujian Xian Yu Zhudi, just freed Bible smuggler, who recounted his time in Chinese prison as one of hard labor with just a bucket of water and rice each day to stay alive: "on good weeks," he said, "vegetable soup, but with bad ingredients."
National Public Radio
Robert Siegal reports on the suicide death of writer/actor Spalding Gray, recalling his riff on soup in the monologue "Swimming to Cambodia": "Three became a crucial magical number...snapping on my way to the supermarket to buy soup. 'Six sets of nine.' Nine times every third can was fun. The first two cans had botulism, you see, or cyanide. And I thought,, 'You know, Spalding, you're going to end up in the insane asylum before you get the role in the film [The Killing Fields]."
Agence France Presse
Mynardo Macaraig reports on a new All-Spam restaurant in the Philippines that features, inter alia, bean soup with Spam.
The Express
Kathryn Spencer et al. report on chanteuse Dame Vera Lynn's World War II experiences entertaining the troops, including a stint in Burma where she ate summer with some of the officers. Waiters brought the soup out smothered with flies. "You had to scoop it out with a quick movement of the wrist," she said, "to get a spoonful without flies."
Stephanie Elizondo Griest has just published a book on her travels through the Soviet bloc, including a time when she slurped yak penis soup in Russia.