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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 2003)

Date Item
Agence France Presse
Nineteen workers at a Vietnamese seafood factory were poisoned by pork noodle soup served at the factory canteen.
National Post (Canada)
Francine Dube reports on the close of the St-Jean Baptiste (Newfoundland) hike with francophone walkers met at the finish line with the traditional warm rabbit soup.
Press Association
Chris Parkin reports on James Joyce scholars celebrating Joyce's birthday with the "thick giblet soup" mentioned in his novel Ulysses.
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Lorrie Lykins reports on Pat Hitchcock's new book about her parents Alfred and Alma, which recounts the birthday dinner with turtle soup that Alma made for Tippi Hedren in 1963.
Sunday Times (London)
Paul Donovan reports on Hillary Clinton's revelation that Boris Yeltsin once served her moose lips in soup ("They looked like rubber bands that had lost their stretch"). No, she didn't eat them, "great Russian delicacy" notwithstanding.
Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK)
In medieval times, strawberries were considered an aphrodisiac and were served to newlyweds in England at their wedding breakfast in a soup with borage and soured cream.
Sydney Morning Herald
Lee Glandinning reports that scoundrel Eddy Elferkh, accused of murdering his 83-year-old paramour, millionairess Doris Mabel Batty, with poisoned soup in hopes of inheriting her estate, has gotten off scott free as there is not enough evidence to charge him with the crime.
People magazine
Pam Lambert reports on Olympic gold medal ice skater Oksana Baiul, skating back form the brink of alcoholism with her love for her Ukrainian-American husband and making his favorite cold cucumber soup for him.
Chicago Tribune
Annemarie Mannion reports on Esther Hershenhorn publicizing her new children's book "Chicken Soup By Heart" by making pretend chicken soup at a Book Fair with a rubber chicken.
Straits Times (Singapore)
Crocodile meat, commonly made into a tonic soup for people with respiratory problems, is about to be marketed in Singapore as a "light, tasty snack."