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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: May 2003)

Date Item
Washington Post
White House chef Walter Scheib is reported to have served gazpacho made from heirloom tomatoes at the state dinner for Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last week.
David Rooney reports on Takashi Miike's new surreal film Gozo, which shows a strategically implanted soup ladle electrocuting a Yakuza mobster.
Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina)
Sherry Youngquist reports that Marine Captain Jeff Houston, severely injured in Iraq, has fought back to health and put back some 10 of the 30 pounds he's lost by eating soups that he could only ingest through a straw.
New York Times
Sir Edmund Hillary recalls coming down from Mount Everest and meeting New Zealander George Lowe with his flask of tomato soup, saying to him, "We knocked that bastard off!"
The Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
A 116-year-old woman from Mangua, Nicaragua, attributes her longevity to eating all the beef soup she could get her hands on.
Pat Solley reports that her hardcopy manuscript has been finished and sent to Three Rivers Press for publication in 9/04...soupsong.com to return to normal operations.
The Financial Times
Michael Peel reports on his discussion of sharia law over ram's head soup with a Nigerian lawyer, Hauwa Ibrahim, who is trying to stop Nigeria's "death by stoning" penalty.
The Financial Times
Michael Peel reports on his discussion of sharia law over ram's head soup with a Nigerian lawyer, Hauwa Ibrahim, who is trying to stop Nigeria's "death by stoning" penalty.
Georgetown University
First Lady Laura Bush, in her commencement speech for graduating students in the School of Nursing and Health Services discloses that kindergarteners have described her duties as "feeding the dogs" and "cooking carrot soup for dinner."
The Journal (Newcastle, UK)
Artist Bob Budd has designed a giant soup can sculpture for the city park that will place multiple cans in the lake, all inscribed with the message "I used to be a ship."
Library Journal Reviews
Henry Carrigan reviews Josephine Ross' Companion to Jane Austen novels, noting that it helps elucidate the ingredients of the "white soup" Mr. Bingley promises his guests in Pride and Prejudice.
AP Online
Audra Ang reports from Beijing on the rumor sweeping China about a just born baby who spoke up to say SARs infections could be prevented if green bean soup (from mung beans) was prepared and eaten before midnight on May 7 and it fireworks were shot off.
The Guardian
A 1940 issue of the UK's Police Review tells the story of a teacher in England prosecuted "for spreading alarm and despondency" for telling his pupils that Germans would invade and conquer England and children would be forced to eat dogs and cats, rat soup or snail soup if they were lucky.
The Mirror
Jeremy Charles reports from Rome that two Italian sisters returned Paul McCartney's 1970 diary after his recent concert there, confessing they'd stolen it in 1980 at age 12 from his house, and showed him Linda McCartney's shopping list for "6 tins of tomato soup and a salmon" that had been stuck in one of the pages.
Orlando Sentinel
Steve Elling reports that one of Ben Hogan's unbendable practice-round habits on the golf tour was to order soup for lunch.
The New Statesman
William Skidelsky reports on the "Art and Food" exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, noting Russian artist Masha Chuykova's "Time of Soup," which features 4 vats of brightly colored soup (sorrel green, beet purple, etc.), all heavily laced with vodka.
Soupsong Newswire
Master magician Grover S. has migrated soupsong.com onto a monster Linux server. Fasten your seatbelts for a much faster ride. Search engine will be reconnected shortly.
The Advertiser
Marty Smith itemizes "pineapple upside-down soup" as one of the newspaper's Inventions That Didn't Quite Make It.
LA Times
Charles McNulty reports that actess Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal) extols Cape Edison (the "Polish Tearoom") as having the best soup in town.
The Baltic Times
Justin Petrone reports on The Soup Theater in Estonia, which has scored a big success by serving its theatergoers soup to match each of its one-act plays and comedy skits--including borshch, gumbo, and "cosmopolitan" soup. Program Director Georg Malvius credits the idea to Sweden's tradition of Soup Theaters.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
David Grimes reports on past winners of the "Darwin Award," i.e., for those who would most improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it. One recipient: a Portuguese mother whose 4-year-old son refused to eat his soup unless he could hold the family gun. When she relented, he immediately shot her in the stomach.
Winnipeg Sun
Tommy Marlowe reports on a local man who heated up a can of soup on an old stove in his yard and ended up burning his house to the ground.
P.R. Newswire
South Dakota student Rachel Peterson was honored by former NYC governor Rudy Giuliani at the DC National Award Ceremony for her volunteer work of making a 5-gallon pot of soup every week to serve to 40-50 homeless people in her town's City Park.
Daily Telegraph
Jason Barlow reports the comments of LeMans driver Derek Bell on his decision not to reconnect with his former boss Enzo Ferrari: "I never re-warm cold soup."
Associated Press
An English teacher in Maine has turned up--and is selling over e-bay--stories published back in the 60s in the Lisbon Falls High School newspaper by Stephen King, including one called "Code Name: Mousetrap" about a young man who breaks into a supermarket and is chased by a soupcan display and a giant mousetrap.
Entertainment Weekly
Dan Snierson reports on UPN 's new television pilot Newton about a family living in a community that tests futuristic products...like tomato soup truth serum.
The Glasgow Herald
Helen Duttick reports that 50-year-old Scotswoman Vicky Jack, at 21K feet up Mount Everest and losing too much weight fast, is being sustained by soup and yak meat in order to complete the ascent.
The Times Colonist (Victoria, Australia)
Alex Beam notes that First Lady Laura Bush features her Baked Potato Soup recipe on the White House Web Site. See also her recipe for vegetable soup at the same link.
The Evening Standard
Neil Norman reports that actress Marisa Tomei, during a Broadway tun of Cabaret, once propositioned Alan Comming so aggressively that she made him spill the cup of soup in his hand.
South China Morning Post
Baghdad Prisoner 809, who shared a tiny cell with 20 others in the infamous Abu Gharib prison, recalls his inhuman treatment and says his only meals were a little bit of soup in a coffee cup.