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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: January 2004)

Date Item
Africa News
Colonel Umar of Nigeria is described as ungrateful for his attack on President Obasanjo after drinking the presidential pepper soup.
The Express
Ruth Hilton reports on former Sex Pistol John Lydon bragging about his "killer watercress soup," adding "when you make soup you should only use chicken stock you've made yourself."
Knight Ridder
Tom Lasseter reports that horse racing is back on track in Baghdad--and chickpea soup is back on the menu in the clubhouse.
Washington Post
Patricia Sullivan reports on KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin, who defected in 1992 and just died on 1/23, recalling that he was a simple man who preferred his own vegetable soup to fancy foods.
Associated Press
A jury rejected a registered sex offender's $55K suit that clam chowder served to him in 1995 at Shoney's restaurant, when he ordered potato soup, caused psychological and sleep disorders.
Associated Press State & Local Wire
Sheila Hardwell Byrd reports that Mississippi State Senator David Jordan is sponsoring "fingernail" legislation to prevent waitresses from wearing fake fingernails, all based on a constituent complaining of finding a false fingernail in her soup.
Associated Press Online
Irina Titova reports on an interview with Vera Lyudyno, a survivor of the 90-day Naze seige of St. Petersburg, who recalls that starving people boiled glue, leather belts, and potato peels into soup just to stay alive.
Brockville Recorder & Times (Ontario, Canada)
Derek Gordanier reports on the fundraising efforts of Portland's soccer tearm, including making and selling snet, a Dutch pea soup that is traditionally served at the January 31st "skate the lake" race there.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Leala Salaverria and Tarva Quismudo report on noodle soup being served to the thousands left homeless by a fire at Tondo.
The case of the Condom-in-soup lawsuit has been settled by the McCormick & Schmick's restaurant (see 11/12/03 soup in the news), but the terms are confidential.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Andrew Yeh reports on the SARS food environment from Guangzhou, China, noting residents believe turtle soup is good for the brain, cat hot pot for colds, and scorpions can be booiled into soup with pork and turnips for a sweet flavor and medical benefit.
Post & Courier (Charleston, South Carolina)
Cellist Yo-Yo Ma notes, "Charleston is the place where Jill, my bride of two days, and I were introduced to mint juleps, she-crab soup and okra."
The Age
Protestors on Nauru, an island off the coast of Australia, broke their month long fast, on behalf of Afghan asylum seekers, with beef soup. Four of the protestors had sewn their lips shut on December 10.
Radio France Internationale
Moroccan journalist Ali Lmrabet said his first reaction to his pardon by King Mohammed VI was to ask for a little soup to break his hunger strike.
Author Peter Maas illuminated U.S. problems with Iraqi insurgents with a T.E. Lawrence quote about 19th century mideast unrest: "War upon rebellion is messy and slow, like trying to eat soup with a knife."
The Nation (Thailand)
Katherine Muir reports on notable deaths in 2003, including Englishwoman Rachel Millet, war hero and wife of a French diplomat, who famously served VIPs in Bangkok soup garnished with ping pong balls as a result of mispronouncing the Thai word for toast to her cook.
Kansas City Star
Jonah Goldberg analyzes the Howard Dean candidacy as "he's like a guy who spills soup on himself then thinks he's covering himself by saying 'I meant to do that.'"
Roanoke Times and World News
Michael Sluss reports on Operation SOUP ("Special Operation to Uncover Poaching"), a 3-year undercover operation that indicted over 100 people for illegal trafficking in bear parts, of which the paws are famously used in Asia for a special medicinal soup.
The Herald (Glasgow)
Piranha soup is reported to be a sure-fire aphrodisiac, a delicacy in the Amazon region.
San Jose Mercury News
Seven restaurants in California had their beef soup bones recalled, in an abundance of caution, as they'd been in a shipment of cow parts that tested positive for mad cow disease. The disease lodges in the spine, brain, and small intestines of cows, not in bones used for soup.
AP Online
University of Illinois researcher Brian Wansink ended his 2-year obesity study, which used automatically refilling bowls of tomato soup to show that subjects ate 40% more than subjects with regular bolws--concluding that obesity is strongly linked to food portion size.
London Times
Nicholas Wapsott reports that President Bush currently favors pea soup as a favorite "healthy" dish.
AAP Newsfeed
Kylie Walker reports on new Australian flu research that leads Professor Del mar to claim that chicken soup may do more harm than good--reducing symptoms but not the bug itself.
Africa News
South Afriman President Mbeki reportedly did not attend Haiti's 200 anniversary celebration in Gonaive after his advance security detail was fired upon while inspecting the site of its traditional "Soupe Joumou ceremony."
Associated Press
Archbishop O'Malley celebrated Creole Mass in Boston to honor Haiti's 200th anniversary celebration, saying "we do not want to come together for a few hours and have Soup Joumou and return to business as usual."
CNN Crossfire
Robert Novak evicerates James Carville's new book Had Enough? A Handbook for Fighting Back, but likes "Momma's" red bean soup recipe that Carville includes on page 200.