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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2003)

Date Item
Kansas City Star
Derek Prater reports that a local college student swam the English Channel with the shortest time of the season and celebrated with soup and kitkat bars.
The Independent (London)
Rupert Cornwell reports on the personality of Teresa Kerry, "loose cannon" current wife of Senator Kerry (D-MA) and former wife of deceased Senator Heinz (R-PA), saying that her first husband introduced himself to her when she was a translator in Geneva by saying, "My family makes soup."
The Spectator
Miranda Seymour reviews Midge Gillies' biography of English Amy Johnson who wowed the world in the 1930s when she flew a Moth from Croydon airport to Darwin, Australia, setting off a rage for "Creme Croydon" soup.
Denver Post
William Porter reports that Senator Hillary Clinton responded that her preference between "Senate filibuster or Senate bean soup" was "The bean soup is always part of our lives."
The Nation
Chris and Wayne Barrett report on the controversial 1930s Catholic activist Dorothy Day who created an anarchistic lay community that celebrated Mass with bread as the Eucharist and soup as the wine.
AP Worldstream
Juliane Von Reppert-Bismark reports on the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, noting the San Fermin bulls slide from their moment of glory right into the soup bowl, selling for the equivalent of $2-$4/pound for use in the city's famous stewed beef and wine soup.
The Telegraph
Compay Segundo, Cuban musician extraordinaire, has died at age 95--attributing his longtime vigor to a lamb meat soup (but he preferred Coquetaro soup for hangovers, according to his testimony in Wim Wender's film Buena Vista Social Club).
Carrie Mason-Draffen despairs about the overuse of "code red" in today's post-9/11 world, including expressions like "Waiter, there's a Code Red in My Soup."
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Lia S. Bernardo answers the burning question: Is it ethical to drink your soup from a soupbowl with handles? (Answer: it's not an ethical dilemma, but rather a possible breach of etiquette, depending on your location and the occasion.)
The Californian
Glenn Cravens reports that 60 high-security inmates of the Monterrey County Jail have gone on a hunger strike, demanding they be given the option of eating soup at lunch.
Cancer Weekly
A recent study published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicates that frequent eating of miso soup and other isoflavons (abundant in soy) may be associated with reduced risk of breast cancer. Dr. Yamamota and colleagues surveyed 21,852 Japanese women over a 10-year period for the study.
Associated Press
Alison Mutler reports on the despair in the Romanian hospital Odobesti, which has few drug supplies for patients and is forced to serve them lunches of pasta soup from an iron bucket.
The Guardian
Andrew Soltis, in his new book Soviet Chess 1917-1991, recalls that Soviet team members in their first meagre championship ate only herring soup and tails.
The Seattle Times
On 7/4 the European Union voted on a regulation to ban the harvesting of shark fins for use in the gourmet Asian soup. The regulation applies to all EU ships and to any vessel operating in EU waters and becomes effective in 60 days. The regulation permits, however, the harvesting of the fin if the entire shark is landed and used.
The Daily Telegraph
Englishwoman Rachel Millet, recently dead at 89, is remembered for serving as nurse to the Free French in North Africa during WWII, for importing Connemara ponies into England, and for mistakenly serving soup with ping pong balls floating in it to her guests in Bangkok when she mispronounced the Thai word for "dinner roll" to her cook.
The Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK)
Gordon Bair reports that 60's sensation Twiggy is currently touring in a production of George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession, sustained only by soup before each performance.
The Australian
Sean Macaulay reports that actress Jennifer Anniston takes two hours to eat a bowl of soup and can't stand to be alone in a restaurant.
Chicago Tribune
Jon Anderson reports that snobby Lake Forest private club Onwentsia has renamed French Onion Soup "Coalition Onion Soup" on its menu.
Countryside and Small Stock Journal
Donald Stenson reports that pre-European Native Americans liked best to pop corn in gourds and eat it in a popcorn soup.
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Sarah Standing reports on the death of her friend actress Katherine Hepburn, recalling that her lunch was always prepared by her housekeeper Nora and always began with beet or zucchini soup.
PR Newswire
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty goes public: Minnesota Wild Rice Soup is his very favorite.