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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: September 2003)

Date Item
Associated Press
Jim Fitzgerald reports on futuristic "smart carts" in groceries that will interact with shelves and with the shopper's buying history to suggest buying a fave soup and to remind the shopper to take advantage of his soup coupons. Ack.
Washington Post
Blaine Haiden reports on the standoff in Alaska between National Park officials and recalcitrant "Papa Pilgrim" with his 15 children, pictured with potato soup bubbling on the stove.
Times of India
Amit Benjamin reports on the sad state of ailing Rupesh, the white tiger with mouth cancer at the Lucknow zoo, who is refusing to eat meat and is subsisting only on soup.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Nora Koch reports on Jews worldwide celebrating the high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with chicken soup.
Miami Herald
David Ovalle reports on the protest against the city appropriating $35K for a bicentennial Haitian New Year celebration with free Soupe Joumou while no city funding is being made available for the annual 4th of July celebration.
Agence France Presse
19-year-old Matthew Scott, who escaped his Columbian guerilla captors by throwing himself off a cliff into a river, was rescued by Kogui Indians after he'd wandered 12 days without food in the jungle, and they fed him soup made with beans, a little salt, and 3 oranges.
After 7 days in the dark, Soupsong.com emerged from the wrath of Hurricane Isabel with the only casualties her DSL line and her flooded basement.
Miami Herald
Michael A. W. Ottey reports that Joe DiMaggio was a regular in Booth 16 at the Deli Den Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida--sipping matzo ball soup three or 4 times a week.
Washington Post
Brigid Schulte reports on metropolitan Washington DC food stockpiling in anticipation of Hurricane Isalbel, with 3-pound cans of vegetable soup a real favorite.
The Times of India
Artist and filmmaker M F Husain, hospitalized in Mumbai for acute exhaustion, has been sent a flavored broth soup by friends to celebrate his 88th birthday.
The Bulletin's Frontrunner
Jay Leno notes Bill Clinton has just come out--no really!--with an all celebrity cookbook called How, How About A Little Pork, featuring recipes like "Wonton for the One-Ton Intern." Badaboom.
Time Out
Malcolm Hay reports that stand-up Scottish comic Alan Cochrane will be addressing himself to "my vocabulary, beards, torches, fights, soup, girlfriends, and driving" in his upcoming shows.
Xinhua General News Service
Hongo, the world's oldest person, turns 116 this week in Japan--still thriving on rice and miso soup and sometimes "dancing" with her hands to the traditional music of herTokuhoshima Island.
Times Union (Albany, New York)
Breea Willingham reports on the 25th anniversary of Paul Westheimer's annual Carrot Festival, which now draws thousands of people, raises big money for Congregation Agudat Achim, and offers a menu that includes carrot-chicken-and matzo ball soup.
Insight on the News
Stephen Goode reports on Anne Applebaum's account of the Soviet "gulag," or Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei ("Main Camp Administration"), where camp cooks made soup from rotting cabbage and potatoes and occasionally threw in fish heads.
Nelson D. Schwartz reports on the departure of Exxon's CEO Lee Raymond--and on his fabled lunches of things like butternut-squash ginger soup in the Dallas' HQ Rockefeller Room.
Boston Globe
Sean P. Murphy reports on inmate complains at Concord Prison, including a charge that one of the guards blew his nose into a bowl of soup in the chow line.
San Jose Mercury News
Elbridge Gerry Kelley, head cook on the USS Phoenix in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is remembered for making soup on the ship when the Japanese bombing of the Harbor began.
Sydney Morning Herald
Darren Goodsir profiles Bali bombing mastermind Imam Samudra, noting that hours after the bombing he visited his favorite Muslim food staff, ordered chicken soup, and expressionlessly watched the horrific aftermath of the bombing on television.
Chicago Daily Herald
Russell Lissau reports on how local school cafeteria are fighting obesity in the students: Chicken nuggets are out; hot soup is in.
The Advertiser
A Singapore protest against the rising consumption of shark's fin soup featured students in shark costumes marking a 10K walk...and at the end, a fellow student dressed as a chef chopped off their fins.
Life Science Weekly
Purdue University scientists report on osteoporosis in laying hens, noting its severity in recent years has caused old laying hens not to be sold to soup manufacturers at the end of their lives because the bone splinters in their meat make them unfit for human consumption.
National Public Radio
Karen Grigsby Bates reports on David Chang's new board game "Ghettopoly," which features as a property an Asian restaurant that serves dog soup.
New York Times
Max Boot reports on John S. D. Eisenhower's personal reminiscence of his father "General Ike," noting that Ike reacted to the news of Pearl Harbor by making vegetable soup--"his invariable response to periods of 'excessive stress'."
Birmingham Post
Richard McComb reports on Veronica Owen, member of the British Women's Royal Naval Service during World War II, who worked underground as a "wren" in a military secret operations center, coding and decoding ships' messages, subsisting on orange-brown soup and corned beef sandwiches that turned up at the edges because of the dry air.
Entertainment Weekly
The exhaustive Merchant-Ivory film Le Divorce apparently omits only one subplot from the 1997 story on which it's based--concerning the theft of a soup tureen.
Women's Health Weekly
Dr. Hamerman of the Center for Bone Health indicates that prepared soup, with their heavy salt content, can interfere with calcium absorption and exacerbate osteoporsis in senior citizens.
The Advertiser
In China's Guangdong Province, 3 children and their cousin died 2 hours after eating toad soup, which the mother had prepared thinking that it was good for digestion.
Edmonton Journal
Larry Johnsrude reports that the University of Alberta has awarded its top mathematician the University Cup, a sterling silver soup tureen, for extraordinary research and teaching over his 30-year career.
The Korea Herald
Kim Jin reports on the new film "My Wife is a Gangster 2," which features a woman who devours snake soup...among other misadventures.
The Evening Standard (London)
Valentine Low reports on the grief stricken aftermath of the car bomb murder of Shi'ite Ayatollah Mohammed Baquer al-Hakim in Iraq, at whose funeral cooks made soup in black cauldrons over huge charcoal fires to feed the mourners.
Africa News
Accra Mail reports on the Ga tribe, now commemorating with kpoikpoi (maize) and palm soup the famine in their very early history when they first migrated to Ghana.