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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: October 2003)

Date Item
Asis Pulse
Taiwan's agriculture chairman, Lee Chin-Lung, traveled south to taste a bowl of the delicacy milkfish soup to show solidarity with the nation's aquaculture fishery products, following rejection of 30 tons of it by the European Union because of alleged chemical residues.
The London Independent
Fiona Sturges reports on Marc Almond, former "Soft Cell" rocker, and his new love affair with Russian music, including his first meeting with septuagenarian Lyudmila Zynkina, fave singer of Soviet leaders and now Putin, when she immediately began forcefeeding him soup.
Moscow Times
Carl Schreck reports that Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky, imprisoned in Matrosskaya Tishina, begins his day with fish sou and lunches on a meat-and-rice soup, "not of restaurant quality," according to Justice ministry spokesman Boris Kalyagin.
London Times
Philip Webster reports that Iain Duncan Smith's last sober meal as Tory leader was soup and a sandwich...which he spooned up while preparing what turned out to be his final address.
Associated Press State and Local Wire
A man in Swissdale, Pennsylvania, reported that his girlfriend, who believed him to be unfaithful, knocked him over the head with a crowbar, then chained him to a pole in the basement for four days, only feeding him one small bowl of soup through the ordeal.
Arizona Republic
Michael Clancy reports, at the approach of Ramadan, on lentil soupmaking as a tradition so that Muslim families can break the fast each night with this sustaining soup.
Boston Herald
Andrew Miga and others report on U.S. campaign politicking, including Senator Kerry (D-Massachusetts) making good on a Red Sox bet with Howard Dean, sending him upon the loss a "case" of Legal Seafood Chowder...except that it was just one quart in a bag...and 3 days old upon delivery.
Copley News Service
Lisa Messinger reports that Merriweather Lewis bought 32 tin canisters of soup (weighing 193 pounds, total) in Philadelphia as provisions for Lewis & Clark's trek west.
A milestone for Soup Goes to the Movies: Beverly, Steve, and Trevor McMullen of California have on this day, as a family, contributed a total of 50 cites of soup scenes in the wild world of Hollywood films. What was #50? Ernst Lubitsch's 1940 The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. Many thanks to you, officially charter members of soupsong and long distance friends for life!
Associated Press State and Local Wire
Bob Shaw reports on the Cambodian Buddhist temple rising out of the cornfields of Minnesota, each monk with his portion of fruit, bread, spices, and pot of rice soup.
Associated Press Worldstream
Denmark's princess to be, Australian Mary Donaldson, has made her royal debut in Copenhagen with champagne soup.
Anne Marie Curz reports that actress Drew Barrymore perfected the appearance of vomiting over Ben Stiller in the film Duplex by putting cream of mushroom soup way back in her throat til it gagged her and gave her a projectile cough.
The Weekly Standard
Matt Labash reports on Governor Schwarzenegger being a big hit in Japan--known as Schwa-Chan ("childish boy")--where he markets cup o'noodles soup.
The Daily Telegraph
Sam Leith reflects on the final act of David Blaine, suspended for 42 days in a box over the Thames, noting that many continue to believe the professional illusionist somehow was secretly sipping soup through his feeding pipe.
Economic Times of India
Chidanand Rajghatta reports that one of the top 5 reasons why it's great to be a frog is that flies in your soup are a bonus.
Agence France Presse
Henry Orrego reports on political unrest, daily paralysis and starvation in Bolivia where soup cauldrons are set up in La Paz streets to cook dry tubers and chairo into soup to feed the people.
Associated Press Worldstream
Veteran British rower Jim Shekhdar has packed 900 packets of soup for his solo ocean voyage from New Zealand, past South America, to South Africa, in a 26-foot ocean rowboat.
O'Reilly Factorl
Bill O'Reilly interviews comedian David Brennan on his new book "I think there's a terrorist in my soup."
Miami Heraldl
David Pearlman reports on an 82-year-old reader insulted by columnist Jim DeFede calling Senator Bob Graham a "grandpa" whose dentures fall in his soup.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Jan Uebelherr reports that Prevention magazine cites Penn State University researchers as saying that eating soup before a meal can shave up to 100 calories off a meal...resulting in a weight loss of 10 pounds over a year.
AAP Newsfeed
Peter Mitchell reports on L.A. Times reviews of Australia's Ryan 2000 Free Run Chardonnay: "it has a 'wonton soup' nose."
The Record (Bergen, New Jersey)
The recently deceased oldest man in the world--Yukichi Chuganji, 114-year-old retired silkworm breeder--is remembered for eating beef and pork with his meals of rice and miso soup, no alcohol.