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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: December 2003)

Date Item
New York Times
Jim Yardley discusses new SARS concerns, picturing an herbalist in Hangzhou ladling out bowls of special anti-SARS broth from a giant community soup kettle.
Time magazine
Brian Bennett, et al., report on Iraqi insurgents who fearlessly invite U.S. reporters to listen in on their plans over a dinner of chicken, bean soup, rice, and vegetables.
Agence France Presse
It's official: Venezuela has broken the Guiness record for the largest pot of soup ever--2,998 gallons of vegetable-chicken-beef soup seasoned with 44 pounds of salt and served to 2,000 villagers from Capaya in Miranda state.
Associated Press
Marco Vasini reports that opera great Lucianno Pavarotti celebrated his marriage to Nicoletta Mantovani by serving his 500+ guests cream of potato soup with truffles to start the wedding feast.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Tanya Barrientos reports on a South Jersey contest on the oddest food drive contribution of the season. In contention: carbonated milk and moose soup.
Business Week
Filipinos celebrate the opening of a park where geothermal power has been harnessed, recalling the days when the natural hot springs were used by locals to boil eggs and cook chicken soup.
The Record (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Richard Cowen, et al., report on New Jersey's first bear hunt since 1970, which netted 61 bears to thin out the population. One hunter declared he would make soup from his prey...and possibly a rug.
What does actor Billy Bob Thornton, playing Kris Kringle in Bad Santa, want for Christmas this year? "A good pencil and a bowl of soup."
Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Lisa Riley Roche reports on the acquittal of Tom Welch in the government's Olympic bribery case, noting that Welch is currently living with his daughter because when he was making soup in his own house during the trial, he inadvertently started a fire that made his house uninhabitable from smoke damage.
New York Times
Richard Scholem reports on waiters' pet peeves, to include the customer with diet restrictions--for example the one at the retired teachers' dinner who ordered onion soup without the onions....
Associated Press Online
Min Lee reports that citizens of Hong Kong are unhappy about the negative impact of SARS on its snake industry, which traditionally supplies the main ingredient for snake soup that corrects winter maladies.
Charlotte (NC) Observer
John Bordsen reports on Charlotte native Brooke Montgomery's experiences in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, including traditional liver soup for breakfast, yellow with pieces of liver in it. "I don't eat it," she says.