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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: February 2004)

Date Item
New York Sun
Jordana Lewis reports that "the best chicken soup in America" is made by Rosely Himmelstein of New York City, following a chicken soup challenge sponsored by the National Jewish Outreach program. She beat out over 5,000 other recipe submissions.
New York Times
Jeffrey Gettleman reports on imprisoned members of the militant Iraqi Ansar organization, who detail the suicide missions they were groomed for: For 3 days before his mission one had been locked in a room with an Ansar mullah who talked about Paradise and fed him a special soup to make him feel strong.
the universe of press
Dust off your Lenten soup recipes--it's that time of year.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Bob Deans reports on preparations for the upcoming G-8 summit at Sea Island, Georgia, this June. Governor Perdue notes that he is funding some $16+M of the costs from private contributions raised at a tomato soup and sandwich luncheon at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC.
Marc Gunther reports that Jay Leno has publicly come out against soup: "if it doesn't have ice in it, I don't drink it."
Edmonton Journal
Allyson Jeffs reports on the "Kortebaan Race" of the Winter Triathalon and Silver Skate Festival, of Dutch village origin and concluding with traditional Dutch foods like snert, the great Dutch pea soup.
L.A. Times
Patrick Day reports that Michelle Tractenberg (aka, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's sister) says she loves to eat miso soup "always."
Prague Post
Margot Buff reports that Czech Mardi Gras (Masopust) "turns the world upside down" with, among other delicacies, a blood-based soup served outside Prague's town hall.
Malaysia National News Agency
Deputy Prime Minister Najik chaired his first cabinet meeting on February 18 then joined the Agriculture Minister for a sumptuous public luncheon of chicken, including chicken soup with quail eggs, to demonstrate his conviction that bird flu is not a problem.
The Age (Melbourne)
Jane Faulker repoorts that Skillgalee creek, in the Australian Clare Valley vineyard, got its name from 1840's pioneer John Horrocksnamed who named it after skilligalee or skilly, the celtic soup that he ate to survive whilst on a harsh expedition near that creek.
The Age (Melbourne)
U.S. liberal Sidney Blumenthal reports that, according to former CIA official Ray McGovern, Vice President Dick Cheney has intruded so many times in the precincts of CIA that "he likes the soup in the CIA cafeteria."
Xinhua News Agency
Shanghai vice mayor Yang Xiaodu publicly consumed chicken soup and other chicken products as an example that people should not worry about bird flu.
Bradenton Herald (Florida)
Barry Koltnow reports on actor Ashton Kutcher, star of The Butterfly Effect, who recalls the days when, as a starving New York fashion model, he existed on instant soup.
Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Daryl Timms reports that Aussie golfer Aaron Baddeley's biggest pet peeve is "people slurping when they eat soup or noodles."
The Nation (Thailand)
To allay fears about bird flu, the Thai government is planning to set the record for preparing the world's largest pot of khai phalo, boiled egg soup.
Sports Illustrated
Franz Lidz reports on Maine's national toboggan championships, with sleds decked out as soup spoons and other fanciful things.