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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: August 2004)

Date Item
Business Today
Arnab Mitra reports on the boxwallah culture still alive in Kolkata clubs, including Calcutta Club which serves "consomm soup"--a soup of "non-vegetable extracts", still the best in India.
Africa News
Britney Spears is reported to have gone on the cabbage soup diet after her painful breakup with Justin Timberlake, fainting on the stage from hunger in front of "a million fans."
The Connecticut Post
Barefoot Japanese marcher for Peace Kenichi Kato eats only brown rice and miso soup on his 700-mile "stonewalk" from Boston to New York City.
Contra Costa Times (California)
Judith Priere reports on an early 1900 Broadway version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves whre the Queen demands Snow White's heart so she can make soup that will prolong her happiness. When the huntsman pities S.N. and brings back a pig's heart for the soup, the Queen takes a sip and immediately breaks out in pigtails.
The Mirror (London)
Tanith Carey reports on 78-year-old Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner's secret to keeping 3 blonde bunnies happy: chicken soup on a tray in bed every afternoon at 4.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Julia Child is reported to have supped a bowl of French Onion Soup as her last meal before her death on 8/13/04. Rest in peace, Julia!
Good Morning America
Diane Sawyer et al. report on the tiny food portion movement of dieting, including testing on the show "tubes of soup."
The Times (London)
Adam Sage reports that French President and Mme. Chirac dined on scallop soup during their beach holiday at Reunion while French cabinet ministers were ordered to labor in Paris through their holidays.
Gareth Harding reports that a communist "theme park" in southern Lithuania features a restaurant where waitresses dressed as Pioneers serve cabbage soup "nostalgia"
Broadcast News
New Canadian Prime Minister Martin has caribou soup on the menu for his first trip to the Arctic regions, extending 5 days.
Gold Coast Bulletin
Rolling Stone Keith Richards reported for reprimanding Counting Crow's lead singer Adam Duritz for sipping chicken soup for a cold, handing him a Guiness beer instead.
Irish News
Darran McCann reports on pilgrims to Lough Berg, the bleak Irish island, also know as St. Patrick's purgatory, who sometimes fast on "St. Patrick's Soup"--hot water, salt, and pepper--during their pilgrimage.
Associated Press
Stephanie Hoo reports on the Chinese resolve to make its athletes drug free by the time it hosts the 2008 Olympics, nothing that Chines view food itself as drugs, including using melon soup to cool the body.
Hamilton Spectator (Canada)
Daniel Nolan reports that marathon swimmer Paula Jongardon is giving up potato soup breaks in her new venture across Lake Erie, opting in favor of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead.
South China Morning Post
Nicole Tsang reports on a Hong Kong ACNeilson poll that shows women and teenagers there prefer fast food hamburgers and sandwiches, while city professionals, who tend to be more health conscious, eat more soup.
Washington Post
Patricia Sullivan reports the death of journalist Gloria Emerson, recalling she spent many hours with Vietnamese political exiles in the 1960s over countless bowls of noodle soup.
Canada AM TV
Michael Kane reports that Kentucky Fried Chicken plans to market spinach, egg, and tomato suop in China in the immediate future.
Newsday (New York)
Verne Gay reports on an exchange between shock jock Howard Stern and Channel 4 Ti-Hua Chang--"Do you like Chinese food?" "Do you like matzo ball soup?"--that got Chang reprimanded and, perhaps, ultimately fired.
Sun Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Suzanne Jones reports that a late 19th-century preacher in Texas disapproved the creation of chili so strongly that he labeled it "the devil's soup."
UK Newsquest
British mum Iris Baker is campaigning to have her son released from a 14-year drug smuggling sentence in Japan, saying he is fed only tiny portions of spinach bread and soup.
The Advertiser
Italians are reported to have been fond of using forks to eat soup in the early days of eating utensils.
The Cairns Post (Australia)
An Italian couple are reported to have gotten married in a shark tank, wearing bubble-helmet immersion soups, in order to discourage shark "finning," an Asian industry for the making of shark fin soup.
The Mirror
Jim Shlley's exaggeration of the week: Interpreting DNA profiles from a multioccupancy house is like rebuilding a potato out of vegetable soup.