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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: June 2004)

Date Item
American Diabetes Association
Marcia Levine Mazur reports on singer Della Reese's career breakthrough--sitting at the Horn & Hardarts automat, so poor that she was making "ketchup soup" out of the free ketchup soup and hot water it offered, when she overheard a conversation at the next table that led to her first job as a singer.
Dominion Post (New Zealand)
Kristina Greene reports on New Zealanders becoming avid gamblers: "someone I know returned a 20 cent soup pack to the supermarket to use the moneh on a slot machine."
Edmonton Journal
Nathan Vanderklippe reports on an election official in Kakisa eating Canada goose soup while waiting for people to show up at the polls.
Kalgoorlie Miner (Australia)
Keren Holland reports than an unexpected Department for Community Development grant has sustained the existence of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder's Red Cross Soup Patrol, which feeds soup to some 8000 children and adults a year.
New York Daily News
Helen Peterson reports on East Village Daniel Rakowitz, who made soup out of his girlfriend in 1989 and fed her to the homeless. His psychiatrist announced that he's turning into an overeater who hungers for control.
Tallahassee Democrat
Diane Hirth reports on Joe Montana's soup bowl and spoon being put in the College Football Hall of Fame for helping Joe recoup from sickness at half time to win the 1979 Cotton Bowl .
Broadcast Interview Source
Radio Free Asia reports it has just learned that Lao democracy movement leader Khamphouvieng Sisa-at died of maltreatment in the infamous Samkhe prison in 2001, where he was starved on a diet of sticky rice and vegetable soup.
The Sun
Multimillionairess and teenage star Mary-Kate Olsen is fighting reported anorexia, dining on soup at Hollywood cafes.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tim Lister reports on 200 restaurants in China's Guizhou province that were caught lacing their soups with opium, prompting raids and shut downs.
Russian President Vladimir Putin joined troops in the Maritime Territory for a lunch of borscht, lard, and onion after reviewing them in an army exercise.
Pharma Investments, Ventures, and Law Weekly
A new study of Buffalo, NY, inner city clinics shows that doctors support using alternative medicines like chicken soup for colds for patients who can't afford costly medicines.
The Advertiser
Deborah Bogle reports on Bubba-Cinno, a new "baby friendly" café that serves Thai pumpkin soup and other healthy, low fat foods.
AP Worldstream
Shawn Pogatchnik reflects on Leopold Bloom's "thick giblet soup" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of James Joyce publishing his seminal Ulysses.
The Guardian
Jonathan Myerson reports that tomato and red pepper soup followed a therapeutic performance of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty for mental health patients at Lambeth Hospital in London.
The Independent
Dr. Dorothy Rowe, psychologist and author of Depression, advises she'd serve Tony Blair for lunch a piece of her mind (to set him straight) and chicken soup (for comfort) if she had a chance.