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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2004)

Date Item
Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)
Bob Downing reports that chief Bush advisor on environmental quality, Jim Connaughton, compared Cuyahoga Valley to "a really good soup...and I mean that as a compliment."
Detroit Free Press
Rochelle Riley describes Al Sharpton, following his acid remarks on Bush at the Democratic convention, as "a bug in the President's soup."
The Express
New BBC Director-General Mark Thompson prepared cucumber soup, inter alia, for his neighbor, Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc.
Lowell Sun (Massachusetts)
Local Boston paper monitors home town coverage of the Boston Democratic convention site, including the Idaho State Journal's assessment: "The soup is delicious, police are everywhere, and Bostonians are extremely helpful with directions."
Africa News
Political prisoners in Kenya describe the horrors of prison fare: badly cooked ugali drenched in sukuma wiki soup for lunch.
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Anita Kumar reports on Republican contender Doug Gallagher, campaigning for the Senate with a 15-minute video, America How Great We Can Make it," that shows politicians eating soup with forks and other stupid tricks.
Soupsong Newsfeed
Soupsong on vacation in Japan visiting adorable grandbabies
AAP Newsfeed
Mariza Fiamengo reports that Fijian 3-year-old whose face burned off from boiling soup is healing nicely through surgery.
Associated Press
Olympic chef Jim Butsacos features chickpea and olive oil soup as healthful on his menu for Olympic athletes.
International Herald Tribune
James Brooke reports that Mongolia's election featured a display of bribes by opposition candidates intended to influence the election, including white porcelain soup bowls painted with the image of the revered Genghis Khan.
Broadcaset Interview Source
Dr. Meg Jordan, in examining the starving/obesity conundrum, notes the role of traditional fermented foods in a culture's digestive wellness, including Japan's miso soup.
Channel News Asia
Singapore "tom yum" soup King has been crowned after drinking the spiciest bowl of all, and lots of it--leaving with his stomach on fire and a prize of holiday tickets to Bangkok.
AP Online
Liz Sidoti reports that Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry celebrated his choice of John Edwards as VP running mate with a dinner of fish soup with a tomato base.
The Mercury (Australia)
Christopher Bantick reports on the issue of obesity in children, citing a Roy Morgan Research poll that finds soup is a fave food of only 56% of 1,853 Australian children, vice 90% favoring hot chips and 87%, pizza.
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jay Cridlin reports that Spin magazine recently named Sam Beam one of the top rock stars it'd least like to see eat soup.
Sun Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Dave Joseph reports that a minor league intern for the Expo's Manatees, subsisting in a tent on Space Coast Stadium's left-center field, has received gifts of soup and other things to help him survive the summer.
Thai Press Reports
Oxtail soup is touted as a favorite Muslim dish in Thailand.
Broadcast Interview Source
A North Korean defector describes prison abuses there, including 3 meals a day of less than 100 grams of tasteless noodle soup.