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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: October 2004)

Date Item
Ottawa Citizen
Hugh Adami reports that Montreal Canadien Pierre Dagenair explained his modest willingness to accept a salary cap during the National Hockey League lockout: "Do I have a say in this? I'm just a noodle in a bowl of soup."
The Australian
Some 250 stories on this so-called "Soupgate"! Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was assaulted with a mug of pea soup after Sunday's match by an unidentified Arsenal player in full view of police...no one charged in the incident.
Fitness and Wellness
The Center for Consumer Freedom is airing an anti-obesity television ad featuring Soup Nazi Larry Thomas as "food cop," ordering customers to weigh in and to get in the healthy salad line.
Pyongyang Radio reports on the Korean custom, North and South, of cooking red bean soup on the Winter Solstice Day--demonstrating solidarity between the nations.
AII Data Processing
AC Neilsen reports that Argentina soup consumption rose 30% year-on-year for the first half of 2004.
Associated Press Worldstream
Amnesty International, denouncing "illegal and arbitrary arrests" in Haiti, considers making priest Gerard Jean-Juste a prisoner of conscience, following his arrest when police stormed into his presbytery while he was dishing out soup to scores of children.
The Express
An 87-year-old Berlin man who applied for a patent to open a restaurant serving soup laced with urine has now applied for a patent on a banana-straightening device.
Vancouver Sun
Hannah Milman describes Halloween eyeball soup: several small, round scoops of mozzarella decorated with olive-slice eyes served in a steaming bowl of tomato soup.
London Evening Standard
David Spittles reports on unusual food demands at Hyatt hotels--including a Chinese diplomat who asked for his favorite soup make from a snake's heart.
Associated Press
Esquire magazine has selected its annual "Weirdest Dish": smoked watermelon soup with mango and olive emulsion, served at Chicago's Moto restaurant.
Associated Press
Marian Betancourt reports that the national soup of South Africa is butternut squash soup.
Washington Post
Joshua Partlow reports that the winner of St. Mary's National Oyster Cook-Off prepared a cramy oyster jalapeno soup.
Jerusalem Post
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich reports on the obesity research of 2 Israeli scientists that hypothesizes that Bush won the 2000 election based on his diet before the first debate: Al Gore was nervous from the ketosis process of his Atkins diet while Bush was calm and happy from eating Laura's high-carb potato soup.
The Advertiser
Owen J. Pinkerton reports on the piranha soup eating of an Earthwatch volunteer in Brazil's remote Pantanal region.
The People
Tiania Stevens reports on television trivia, including that the vomit on the tv drama Casualty is made form Weetabix, fruit salad, applejuice, and soup.