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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: July 2005)

Date Item
Agence France Presse
Gersende Rambourg reports from his live interviews that Chechen rebels eat mainly instant soups and canned food to stay alive.
Bangor Daily News
Toni-Lynn Robbins reports on a protest by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that featured a woman in lacy black underwear, her skin labeled with animal body part names, including "soup bone meat' on her legs.
Japan Corporation News Network
Aki Tsukioka reports on "Space Ram," Nissin's contribution to food in outer space: this ramen--in soy, miso, curry, and pork bone flavors--is made of extra viscous soup powder to be edible in weightless conditions.
Daily Telegraph
Tom Leonard reports on Zimbabwean Roy Bennett, local folk hero sent to jail by Mugabe for 8-months hard labor for pushing a fellow Member of Parliament. His prison diet? Three cups of gruel and vegetable soup a day.
USA Today
Greg Toppo reports on J. T. Petty's hobgoblin, in Clemency Pogue: Fairy Killer, who says when his identity is revealed, "I'll be a laughingstock. Add some potatoes, I'll be a laughing soup."
Agence France Presse
During the Moscow reunion of the 1975 U.S.-Soviet space mission, the "Russian vodka can incident" was recalled: Soviets had offered these labeled cans to U.S. astronauts saying, "It is a Russian tradition--we should drink before eating." When they opened the cans, however, they found them filled with beet soup."
New Statesman
Christopher Bracy discusses Russian director Lev Kuleshov who set out to prove that editing, not acting was the soul of film in a short film that spliced objects--a child at play, a woman's corpse, and a bowl of soup--with an actor's face reacting to them. Audiences agreed taht the actor was happy looking at the child; sad, at the corpse; and hungry at the soup. In fact, the actor's expression never changed in all three--the audience was simply projecting.
Sean Smith reports on the new Johnny Depp film Willie Wonka, about Charlie Bucket from a family so poor it lived on cabbage soup.