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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: November 2004)

Date Item
Publishers Weekly
Soupsong's Exaltation of Soups given a fine review!
The Advertiser
Prisoner Douglas Robinson is his book Warts & All reveals all the details of his cellmate's double murder: Matthew Wales poisoned his socialite mother and her husband by lacing their minestrone with sleeping pill paste.
San Francisco Chronicle
Heather Knight reports on a Lowell choral group dining on alligator soup during its musical tour through China.
Africa News
Zimbabwean Member of Parliament Roy Bennett, sentenced to hard labor for giving the Justice Minister a shove in Parliament, is being fed only small portions of sazda, cabbage soup, and bean soup in prison.
Associated Press State & Local
Wendi Andriano was found guilty in Phoenix of poisoning her husband sodium azide-laced soup then slashing his throat, though she claimed he inadvertently killed himself in the struggle for the knife.
The Guardian
Sophi Arie reports on Marco Bellochio's film "Buongiorno Notte," dramatizing the kidnapping and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and showing Moro eating soup in a dark cupboard, contemplating his fate and writing letters to the Pope.
International Herald Tribune
Mike Zwerin reports on the life and times of singer Marianne Faithful who at one point, addicted to morphine, nodded off with her face in her soup at a dinner party given by the earl of Warwick at his castle.
New York Daily News
David Biancutti reports the true story of the film The Great Escape--even more heroic a POW escape in 1944 than shown, including the prisoners skimming soup of its fat to make candles that would light the escape tunnel.
Deutsche Press-Agentur
An 11-year-old Cambodian boy was axed in the head 3 times by his 19-year-old cousin when he refused to forsake his homework to leave the house and buy his cousin some noodle soup.
AP Worldstream
Cain Burdeau reports on the U.S. exhorting other nations to protect sharks that are severely overfished because their fins are popularly used to make the delicacy shark fin soup.
Associated Press
A shoplifter in Phoenix who'd stolen canned soup fled by bicycle, was tracked by helicopter, then shocked with a taser gun while being apprehended.
Financial Times
New York subway photographer Bruce Davidson talks about filling up on matzo-ball soup at Katz' deli on the lower east side before going out for shoots.
Chicago Lawyer
Julian Franzin reviews Annie Reiner's new play "The Family Gold," saying it's really about a bowl of split pea soup--which opens the play and is never removed.
AP Online
Nedra Pickler reports that Senator Kerry followed a nap with a meal of vegetable soup before awaiting election results.
St. Petersburg Times
Bill Adair reports that President Bush followed election results with family and friends in the White House over bowls of squash soup.
The Australian
Valerie Elliot reports on a British warnings against eating manwater, Jamaican goat's head soup, for fear of mad-goat disease.
Contra Costa Times
Chuck Barney reports on Dan Rather's election analysis: "Kerry's lead is as thin a turnip soup."
Moscow News
Austrian film director Torsten Johnson reports that 7 weeks in Russian has taught him to eat soup every day.
AP Online
Lara Sukhtian reports that Arafat is improving in Paris, eating vegetable soup.