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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: December 2004)

Date Item
The National Review
W. H. von Dreele versifies "Yushchenko, Poisoned,"invoking "Dioxin: was it eyedropped in/The chicken soup?" to capture the controversy of the bitter Ukrainian election.
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Joyce Gemperlein reports on soup for New Year's Eve parties, widely citing "soup expert and creator extraordinaire of www.soupsong.com.
Rocky Mountain News
A specialty of Laos cuisine? Fire ant soup.
Albuquerque Journal
Greg Archuleta reports that Governor Bill Richardson has bet a case of salsa against Navy Secretary Gordon England's Navy Bean Soup that the University of New Mexico football team will beat Navy's in the Emerald Bowl.
The New Straits Times
Janagi Morugan reports on the play "Krismus in Kulim," which features a big bowl of steamed herbal frogs soup.
The Advertiser
Quarantine officers at Australian airports have confiscated tiger penises from arriving passengers who intend to make them into soup.
Nicole LaPorte remembers Cecil B. DeMille holding court in the Paramount studio luncheon, to the point that its split pea soup was named after him.
Associated Press
Mara Bellaby reports on supporters of Yushchenko in the ongoing Ukrainian election sitting around campfires and dishing out bowls of soup.
Britons are reported to slurp over one millions pounds worth of soup every day--a 2.4% rise over 2003...with tomato and chicken still top favorites.
The Sunday Telegraph
James Delingpole reports on pop star/art prankster Bill Drummond most recently making soup for anyone who lived on a straight line between Belfast and Nottingham.
The Washington Post
Sunday Source features Kwanzaa recipes from you-know-who's Exaltation of Soup cookbook!
The Express
Scottish police on foot patrols brought hot soup and tea to miles-long back ups of motorists stranded by the tragic truck accident that closed the highway for over a day.
The Express
Sally Oliver reports on Prime Minister First Lady Cherie Blair's diet guru, Elizabeth Gray Gibaud, who exists on a diet of homemade seven grain bread and vegetable soup.
Los Angeles Times
Mark Saachs reports on the world's premiere lady boxer, Dutch-born Lucia Rijker, a mostly raw food/health conscious food devotee of miso soup and brown rice.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A 105-year-old woman, known for her 90-year smoking habit and for putting sugar in her soup, was remembered by her nurses with a large floral cigarette on her coffin.
Scottish Daily Record
Peterhead footballer Mark Perry admits he loves Tattie Soup best of all.
Detroit Free Press
Chinese businessman Hu Mao Yuan uses a soup parable to discuss his relationship with General Motors.
Agence France Presse
Recent Indonesian election was complicated when traces of arsenic were found in the soup of candidate Yusuf Kalla, who went on toi secure the nomination for Vice President against incumbent Akbar Tanjung.
Independent (London)
Peter Corrigan reports on an upset at the annual Snakes and Ladders golf competition--a bowl of tomato soup right into the President's lap.
Kansas City Star
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman reports that Justice Antonin Scalia has put duck soup on his Christmas list for Santa.
Sunday Mail
A purported live interview with Santa reveals his least favorite foods are Brussels sprouts and pumpkin soup.
The Guardian
Former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner, slated to monitor Ukrainian elections, vows "I want to know what's in the drink. I want to know what's in the soup."
New York Times
Juliet Macur reports on the Mets pitcher from the Dominican Republic, Pedro Martinez, who tells his countrymen that he would love to share sancocho, their traditional meat soup, with fellow Dominicans in New York.
National Post
Randy Boswell reports that children's author Roald Dahl's macabre centipede's ode to disgusting things to eat derived from his boyhood trip to Newfoundland when he was given "hooch" to eat: a thick soup of pemmican (fat-meat-berries), lentils, and "a little mud and weeds," as recorded in his 1934 diary.
Nagua Metropolis News
A waiter in a Haikou, Hainan Province, restaurant calmed an upset diner who found a bug in his soup by calmly plucking out the bug and eating it.
Detroit News
Shantee Woodards reports that the Henry Ford estate in Dearborn is sponsoring a Santa's workshop featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoying a cup of hot snowflake soup.
The Independent
Jan McGirk reports on a Khmer family who fled Pol Pot 25 years ago returning from their isolated hideout and being feasted on rice wine, pork soup, and ripe papaya by their relatives to celebrate.
Calgary Herald
Barbara Balfour reports that "Soup of the Emperor of 1,000 Mistresses"--a fabulously expensive elixir made from the rare, wild reishi mushrooms of old growth Asian forests--is now affordable, being farmed and harvested commercially and marketed for its reputed health benefits.
Daily Telegraph
Queen Elizabeth served pheasant consomme with tortellini at her state banquet for South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun.
ANSA English Media Service
The world's first restaurant for anorexic women has opened in Berlin, featuring Heulsuse, or crybaby (onion) soup.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Lateef Mungin reports on a 28-year-old man arrested for throwing soup all over his Mother's Korean restaurant in Duluth, Minnesota.
Belfast News Letter
Liz Kennedy reports that advertisers swear by incorporating the African strains of Ladysmith Black Mambaso in their soup advertisements.
Contra Costa Times
On the December "To-Do" list: make a pot of pagan soup on December 21, Winter Solstice, and invite the neighbors over for a little moondancing.
Financial Times
Robert Shrimsley reports on Micro-man's adventures with soup healing, Micro-man being the supposed alter ego of Chancellor Gordon Brown.