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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: January 2005)

Date Item
The Evening Standard
What's a good Welsh restaurant to offer on Valentine's Day? Love apple soup, of course.
The Independent
Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs reports on his NME music tour, nothing that Brandon Flowers of the Killers band dipped his guitarist's tie into his soup, on purpose and for no reason.
The New York Sun
Luiza ch. Savage reports on the Tort Reform debate, quoting American Trial Lawyer Association's Carlton Carl's assessment of a compromise: "It's not even soup bones, much less soup yet."
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Steve Twedt reports on holocaust remembrances, including an Auschwitz main meal at noon of soup with cabbage and potato peels. This was one of hundreds of media remembrances of starvation diets in concentration camps from that time.
Sixth Long Island Chowder contest to be held on 2/5 with prizes for best Manhattan chowder, best New England chowder, and best seafood bisque.
The Edmonton Journal, Alberta, Canada
Joanne Sasvari reports on soupsong's new book, Exaltation of Soups, and its chicken soup recipes.
The Guardian
Fiachra Gibbons reports on Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulous, who says one of his few original images, of the thousands of scenes he has shot, was recalling his father's return after Greece's civil war: "there was nothing for supper, we had some thin soup, and we couldn't talk. That is the first sequence in Reconstruction, my first film."
Washington Post
Ken Ringle reports on inaugural soups through history: Lincoln's mock turtle at the Willard luncheon; Harrison's green turtle soup; Kennedy's crab gumbo; and LBJ's vegetable soup and crackers aboard Air Force One in Dallas after being sworn in on 11/22/63.
Italian chef Stefano Grandi is recreating Allegri's fashion line in the kitchen to celebrate Allegri's 40th anniversary bash in Milan, including making sweaters out of rice croquettes with veggie soup and using oysters as buttons.
Orlando Sun-Sentinel
Eric Rosenberg reports on the upcoming inaugural dinner at the National Building Museum, which will serve autumn wild mushroom soup.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Christopher Leonard reports on Marshallese immigrants and their traditional fish and "yew" soup, dough balls cooked with coconut juice.
Ottawa Sun
Pat Harris reoorts on Manuel Cuevas, reknowned rhinestone fashion designer to the likes of Elvis, Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, who describes himself: "As a kid I was always the white bean in the black bean soup."
Life Magzine
Caitlin Costin reports on Soupsong's Baked Potato Soup
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Michelle Hiskey reports on the wife of Falcon's coach Jim Mora, who forgot to buy potatoes for her dinner soup.
Baltimore Sun
Mike Klingaman reports on Raven's guard Edwin Mulitalo, who superstitiously eats cream of crab soup and a turkey club sandwich the night before every game.
Leader Post (Regina, Canada)
Hal Quinn reports from Shenzhen, China, on golf traditions there, including oxtail soup with a dash of peppered sherry at the (formerly "Royal") Hong Kong Golf Club.
Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
Joan Reminick reports on New York City's B.E.D. restaurant that serves food to people in its 23 beds, though "soups are a problem, as you can imagine."
National Post
Rebecca Eckler reports on supermodel Cindy Crawford's classic lunch: California sushi roll, edamame, and miso soup.
Library Journal
Bonnie Poquette reviews Soupsong's An Exaltation of Soups, and highly recommends it for all public libraries.
Charlotte Observer
Kathleen Purvis reports on chicken soup, featuring Soupsong and her book's recipe for Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls.
St. Petersburg Times
Janet Keeler reports on soup, featuring Soupsong and two recipes from her newly published Exaltation of Soups: Wedding Harira and Saffroned Tomato-Fennel soup.
AP State and Local
Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has bet sausage and cheese against Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's wild rice soup and fish that the Packers will beat the Vikings on Sunday.
Chicago Tribune
Michael Lev and Stephen Hodges report that there's plenty of dried chicken soup for tsunami relief in Indonesia, but logistical woes are keeping it from getting to where it's needed.
Courier Mail (Queensland)
Three elderly Japanese died and 22 others were hospitalized after choking on the sticky rice in the traditional ozoni New Year's soup.
AP Online
Denis Gray reports on 2 U.S. helicopters dropping 1,800 pounds of soup and biscuits over Indonesia to relieve tsunami victims, donated by schools in Singapore that said, "Our deepest condolences to the brothers and sisters in Aceh. May God be with them."
London Free Press
Alex Yazdani reports on the traditional Ukrainian Christmas soup--barley-honey soup--eaten with varying degrees of enthusiasm on the Orthodox day of celebration, January 7.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Sally Downey reports on the death of Samuel Bookbinder, restauranteur who made sherry-laced snapper soup famous at his 15th street restaurant in Philadelphia (my old home town--I vouch for it).