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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: November 2005)

Date Item
London Daily Mail
Shoshana Goldberg credits Madonna's latest reinvention to her morning regimen of Ashtanga yoga, miso soup,and fresh vegetable juice.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Sharon Eberson reports on a Cornell study that shows women go for cake and ice cream under stress while men opt for soups, pastas, and meat.
LA Times
Barbara Demick reports on "our precious unification baby," born to a South Korean in North Korea and hailed as a mystical sign of national reunion. Mom is doing fine, eating 2-weeks worth of traditional seaweed soup.
Sunday London Times
Colin McDowell recalls the free-spirited Princess Margaret, as when she called for the "loyal toast" to be made directly after the soup course so she could correctly take a drag from her elegant cigarette holder.
Sunday London times
Bruce Millar recalls Chinese Olympic training shenanigans, including coach Ma Junren's discredited claim of feeding his athletes turtle blood soup with caterpillar fungus instead of treating them with illegal drugs.
Yonhhap News Agency
Korean President Roh is to propose a toast at the banquet of 1000 Pacific Rim leaders following a special meal featuring "sinsunno," a traditional royal court soup.
The Standard
Doug Crets and Mimi Lau report that Hong Kong University and other institutions attempt to ban shark fin soup but the finning for specialty markets continues apace.
/Bath Chronicle
Bath Spa University helps African and Asian tsunami and other victims with a university-wide soup charity.
Guardian Unlimited
Former diplomat Vyacheslav Koakikov fumes "we're being stuffed full of patriotic surrogates to cover up the shortage of meat in people's soup."
Star Phoenix, Saskatchewan
Daniel Junwirth reports on Remembrance Day and Powwow, featuring soup and bannock in the city's celebration.
Statesman Journal, Salem,Oregon
Governor Ted Kulongoski officiated the Lewis and Clark expedition reenactment in Chinookthat featured soup and sandwiches in the rain.
AP Online
Robert Reid and Sally Buzbee report on Iraqi citizens seeking normalcy in their families with meals of soup, rice, and bread.
Health Insurance Week
Hong Kong University survey shows 90% of pre-operative Chinese patients use Chinese herbs in traditional soups on a daily basis.
The Hindu
D. Sreenivasulu reports on the declining population of sloth bears, harvested by poachers for reasons like making their paws into a highly prized soup.
The Tonight Show
Jay Leno cracks, "I tell you, this bird flu is pretty scary. See, this shows you how times have changed. Remember when you'd give someone with the flu chicken soup? Well, now the chicken in the soup can give you the flu."
Agence France Presse
A Czech court sentenced 2 Chinese human traffickers to prison on charges that they imprisoned 15 people at a time in dark, unheated cellars and fed them only occasional toast and noodle soup.
The Independent
Andrew Buncombe reports from Washington that Prince Charles and Camilla were treated to celery and shrimp soup at the White House gala in their honor.
The Daily Telegraph
Caroline Davies reports from Washington that Prince Charles and Camilla dined on watercress soup with applewood smoked bacon at an intimate Bush family lunch at the White House.